Is the new Kia Niro EV as good as the old E Niro ? | 4K

Is the new as excellent as the old e-Niro? I spent a great deal of time in the old Niro and it was a that I really liked. Exceptional value for money and an EV that you might truly deal with. So is the latest variation, the , better. I just recently had the automobile for a week and did over 500 miles in it to find out.


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Video Contents
00:00 – Intro
00:32 – 2000 miles in the old e-Niro
03:01 – Digital Tiger Face
03:36 – Boot Space
04:07 – Rear Seats
04:35 – Front seats and rate!
06:24 – A close call with range!
12:28 – What's it like to drive?
13:44 – Why just charge to 80%?
17:22 – My final impressions

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23 responses to “Is the new Kia Niro EV as good as the old E Niro ? | 4K”

  1. @garrymatthews4430 Avatar

    Great one Pete, love the charging discription 😁

  2. @Adalicia_Falke Avatar

    i think it’s truly the best video i’ve ever seen before, this content is GOAT🍋🍋🍋

  3. @jcflippen1552 Avatar

    Good video and opinions. A used or pre reg one in a years time is very tempting.

  4. @colin.d Avatar

    I got one of these last year (with trim level 3) and really enjoy it. GOM shows about 280 miles range in the summer and about 260 currently. What that is in reality don’t know as I have never let it go below 20% A great EV though and I recommend it.

  5. @ianroper2812 Avatar

    God you could have popped in for a coffee and a wee! I’ve a new Niro Hybrid and find it great. Actually slightly more room internally than the old one, I agree the tech (I’ve a 4) is very good. But the back of the car isn’t as great to look at, but it obviously has an aero aspect that only its mother can love. 😂

  6. @marklocke5486 Avatar

    the problem i find is that kia made a mistake by not including the 800v charging technology of the ev6 but also the version you are driving is touch 44k so would it be better to go for the EV6air which is around the same price

  7. @chasf3433 Avatar

    Just a shame they made it bigger and more SUV like than the old one, which was a good Golf/Focus size car. Will wait for the EV3.

  8. @Lucy-us4re Avatar

    Hello Petrol Ped, I have the 2021 e-Niro 3 fully electric, my range during the summer is 260-280 mile range dropping to 220 in the winter, slightly less if I pre heat the cabin before use, i.e activate the cabin heater, window demister, heated steering wheel , heated mirrors and rear window for the 10 minute timer by phone app. Ive really enjoyed the car and I’ve extended the lease by a further 12 months. overall a really good fully electric car experience. I use a 7kw home charger, using the cheaper overnight tariffs so the charging costs are very cheap.

    1. @stevezodiac491 Avatar

      My 15 year old E Class diesel has a range that is three times that of the ENiro. In fact, I can tow a 7.5 metre, 4 berth, fixed bed caravan more than 1 1/2 times the solo range of the E Niro lol

  9. @leeavison7895 Avatar

    Glad to see you returned Pete and you I hope you recharged your own batteries , No punt intended! Kia have some very handsome and impressive cars with all that being said …. Missed ya mate 🙏🙏

  10. @johnbrown3951 Avatar

    That was a very interesting film and the analogy about electrons and cars was genius. I guess that teaching job you had in a previous life never leaves you.

    1. @k.miller8917 Avatar

      Do you think so ! Electrons moving around a battery pack to find somewhere to charge, is that what happens ? The static battery cells are connected in series, so they flow from one, to the next until they’re all fully charged in turn, not randomly, like cars finding a parking space. Think about a one of those champagne glass fountains, you fill the top glass, which when full flows into the next glass and so on until all are full or a bit like filling a petrol tank. Unfortunately 20% of your guests won’t be able to toast the guest of honour, as someone didn’t bring enough champagne to complete the task of filling all the glasses.

  11. @solentbum Avatar

    Two points:- 1. Many Motorway chargers are now 350Kwh max. Esp at charging hubs such as Rugby on the M6 and the new hub at Gatwick Airport. Gridserve are installing many new points, whilst Tesla is opening up many of its newest chargers to all comers.
    2. If you are doing the booking always ask about charge points on site. I have several times not booked at hotels that do not have a charge point. And have had a pleasant time at a couple that did, in Wales and the Lake district.

  12. @martinpickard100 Avatar

    Interesting range you were getting. Summer l get 300 plus and at the moment in the cold 250. This is on a 100mile a day motorway commute.

  13. @otleybull Avatar

    I have the 4 with heat pump.

    I’ve had 250 miles in winter and just over 300 in summer.

    Excellent car

  14. @paulroper4847 Avatar

    I have the Niro EV 4 – Overall I think it is excellent – I wished the DC charging was faster.

  15. @UKRenna Avatar

    As an EV owner, even rapid chargers will not charge fully to 100% in an hour. The rate of charge at 80% drops so considerably to preserve the battery that, as a rule of thumb the time it takes to charge from 10-80 will take about the same time from 80-100. So, always charge on public chargers to 80% maximum, and be on your way.

    1. @paulscott1759 Avatar

      Yes that is the way to do it just charge to 80% and move on towards your destination saves time and effort

  16. @Bin-The-L-Plates Avatar

    I’m a driving instructor and it’s on my radar to replace my Hyundai Ioniq 38kWh. Surprised about the range and efficiency as the previous Nero was close to a 300 mile car, I can’t imagine the tech has got worse in the new model. Is it a case of the car using the historical driving style of the previous driver, and they’ve ragged it, so it’ll take a while to ‘reset’ and show a better range in the GOM.

  17. @baccattack Avatar

    Refreshing to see it on sensibly sized wheels and tyres 👍

  18. @simonsinclair3784 Avatar

    I never owned the old version but have had the trim level 3 Niro EV for just over a year and really pleased with it. It’s everything I was expecting. I don’t do long journeys so don’t need to worry about fast charging.

  19. @robertmillar180 Avatar

    I love the car park analogy for the battery charging – very clever!

  20. @kiae-nirodiariesencore4270 Avatar

    Thanks for an interesting and entertaining review of the Niro EV. I am almost 5 years and 100,000 km into owning an e-Niro here in France and it has been pretty much faultless, only the 12v battery needing replacement. Servicing costs have been half what the Niro hybrid would be and I reckon to have saved €8,000 on fuel as compared to a fossil fuel car doing 50 mpg. We have done long hauls to Switzerland, Germany and Spain as well as our regular annual trip back to the UK and some long trips within France. Efficiency is 14.1 kWh/100 km…about 4.2 miles/kWh winter/summer average. Worst ever real world range was a winter trip on autoroute averaging 110 kph where the range dropped to 350 km….In summer on local driving we see over 500 km at 100% SOC. The problem as you point out is price…these cars are still about €8,000 more expensive than a similarly equipped hybrid version….but I think for me it’s paid for itself now and the resale prices here in France are about €5k better than the hybrid.

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