How can a Mini be THAT FAST ?! – Mini Legend Nick Swift shows me how ! | 4K

I have actually seen and his race prepared Minis wow the crowds at Revival and Members Fulfilling. He even surpassed me on a test day when … on three wheels! I had the opportunity to meet Nick, have him talk about one of his most renowned race automobiles and after that experience the most unbelievable laps I have ever experienced around the Goodwood Motor Circuit. If you like your Minis then this one is for you!

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Video Contents
00:00 – Making me yell!
00:24 – and his
05:03 – Hot Laps!
09:56 – What just happend?!

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26 responses to “How can a Mini be THAT FAST ?! – Mini Legend Nick Swift shows me how ! | 4K”

  1. LazzaBoyMan Avatar

    Thank you, this brings back memories of hill climbing in a ex-works mini which I loved despite being a bit rubbish!

    1. LazzaBoyMan Avatar

      Me not the car!

    2. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Russell G Avatar
    Russell G

    Nick Swift never disappoints, absolutely excellent video, thanks Pete!!!

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      Glad you enjoyed it

    2. Lee Avison Avatar
      Lee Avison

      Epic Driver

    3. Russell G Avatar
      Russell G

      @Petrol Ped Hell yeah, lets have some more!

  3. Neal Harper Avatar
    Neal Harper

    In car cam watching Nick work at the wheel into the corners is awesome 👍🔥

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      Yep 👍

    2. François G Avatar
      François G

      @Petrol Ped Would love to see a pedal cam!

  4. Jon Camilleri Avatar
    Jon Camilleri

    Epic upload, what a machine…. and the driver, Legend.

  5. Doppeltag Avatar

    Your face as you went through the chicane at the end of the 1st lap!! 🤣🤣🤣 And the 2nd and 3rd too! Looked like a whole heap of fun! Perhaps one day I’ll make it Goodwood when you’re giving your hot lap rides and you can pretend to be Mr Swift (so aptly named!) and I’ll pull faces like you did!! 😉

  6. TheSylentknyte Avatar

    It’s the sound. So visceral, and proper fast, love it…

  7. Fishtigua Avatar

    What a trip. What a Master Class. Loved every second of that.

  8. Mark Rhodes Avatar
    Mark Rhodes

    Absolutely first class, little Mini, really impressive for the age. It’s a great classic car. Loved the video.

  9. Mike Hughes Avatar
    Mike Hughes

    Wow a Goodwood hero, only Swiftly can drive a mini like that, LEGEND!

  10. B Road Kamikaze Avatar
    B Road Kamikaze

    What a special video 👍 The entry speed into the chicane was amazing! Let the faster cars pass on the straights and hunt them down in the corners… Epic! 😂

  11. Kevin Martin Avatar
    Kevin Martin

    OMG ❤ I was glued to the screen, what a an amazing video that was! Peds face was a picture, mini grin throughout 🚗💥💥

  12. Dave Hayes Avatar
    Dave Hayes

    What an incredible insight to Nicks talent hustling a mini on track. Another great video Pete, all smiles per miles.👍

  13. Tristan Bird Avatar
    Tristan Bird

    Good evening petrolped I thoroughly enjoyed that video. Brilliant thank you so much for the way you took the corners like it was on the rails absolutely sensational. Hope you are doing well. Thank you again for a fantastic video


  14. HRCVF750 Avatar

    I would have loved to see a walk around of the car!

  15. Sandman Avatar

    “You drive it like you stole it.” That about sums up that ride. Wonderful!

  16. David Pegg Avatar
    David Pegg

    What a machine! And great driving too!

  17. Paul's Yard UK Avatar
    Paul’s Yard UK

    Got a funny feeling this could make it into the top 3 videos of the year and its only March! Loved this old school 👍🍺🇬🇧

  18. Reuben Pieterse Avatar
    Reuben Pieterse

    I would have loved to see under the bonnet and have a nice walk around of this awesome classic mini and what an amazing sound track this racing car makes just got to love that lovely winning of the gearbox.. What a machine mate thanks for sharing more classic mini content please.

  19. Gothic pagan Avatar
    Gothic pagan

    Swifty is a very clever guy, good engineer and more than a bit handy behind the wheel.

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