Gordon Murray T.50S and T.33 – could be the best sounding cars EVER ?

The T. 50S and T. 33 made their vibrant launchings at Goodwood last weekend during the 81st Members Meeting and by did they sound incredible!

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21 responses to “Gordon Murray T.50S and T.33 – could be the best sounding cars EVER ?”

  1. @paulmead8438 Avatar

    Evening all!

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    Evening Ped.

  3. @benhigginson9763 Avatar

    Hi all 👋

    1. @francoisg3500 Avatar

      @benhigginson9763 Well done ! 👍🏻

  4. @michaelkember8102 Avatar

    Evening all hope everyone is all good.

  5. @francoisg3500 Avatar

    Evening all! Hope everyone is doing well and having a great week so far. The two rules of Can Am were actually that all cars had to have closed wheel body and space in the cockpit for two seats.

  6. @matthewlaberge Avatar

    Good Afternoon Everyone!!!

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    Glad your on the mend👍

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    The level of intellectual curiosity in this community is invigorating. It’s a joy to be surrounded by such inquisitive minds.😚

  9. @Alvara_Lochmann49 Avatar

    your videos are really stunning, this video made my day❣️❣️❣️

  10. @Emmy_Gilcher13 Avatar

    That was very interesting, thank you very much!💪💪

  11. @gullrock14 Avatar

    My Acura MDX shows the Apple Car Play maps on the heads up display.

  12. @johnbrown3951 Avatar

    I’m glad you are feeling better. I follow you on Instagram but I am not on any other socials.

  13. @lazzaboyman8003 Avatar

    This week I was listening in but preparing to ride my new mountain bike that has replaced my stolen one!

  14. @denisspratt926 Avatar

    You have a race series in Norway & Sweden called Gatebil Extreme that has almost no rules.
    Think the only rules you have there is that you have to have a FIA approved cage and a fire extinguish system.
    You can come with any engine, aero and weight that you can build your car to.

  15. @gtsussex3467 Avatar

    I follow you in Insta and FB. Weren’t we lucky with the weather for MM?! Got sunburnt on Saturday! Brilliant day/night (fireworks were amazing). Back Sunday alone in Caterham with 6.30am blast across Sussex 😊. Those Cam Am were awesome and the side cars were just mental. Shoot out on Sunday morning was bonkers – watched as they hung on for deal life round Lavant!! Glad you’re in the mend.

  16. @lewishunter Avatar

    Evening all, hope all is well with everybody, I am a follower of all platforms forms 😂

  17. @harrycummings6501 Avatar

    Following on from your new long termer reveal, I went over to Autotrader to see how much a low mileage Emira would be. I was amazed to see how much money they’d lost and there were plenty of cars under £70k, so pleased that I never chased a new one when they first came out.

  18. @cameronfooter5256 Avatar

    Glad you are on the mend Peter, Covid?

  19. @guylambrechts2303 Avatar

    Got very sick last year and had to stop my business. Became a teacher (at age 52, can you imagine?) but stopped all socials so only youtube for the time being. Cheers!

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    Glad your feeling better, I follow you on Facebook.

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