FIRST DRIVE – Renault Scenic E-Tech – Car of the Year 2024 !

I have had a very first drive in the all brand-new Scenic E-Tech, just recently crowned Automobile of the Year 2024. This brand-new from has lots of some creative tech and innovative functions. Can it provide on it's class prominent range and take the game to Tesla?


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22 responses to “FIRST DRIVE – Renault Scenic E-Tech – Car of the Year 2024 !”

  1. @philipmichaelhughes5719 Avatar

    Best EV in terms of practicality that I’ve seen thus far Ped. Thanks for the update.

  2. @stevecarter5084 Avatar

    Another great review, good info on specification and overall vehicle but it’s a shame that they only produce EV’s rather than hybrids, would be a great vehicle and probably several thousands cheaper.

  3. @johns14a Avatar

    I’d really like to see what the real world range at 70mph is on the motorway. If it’s around 250, then this car becomes interesting. I don’t think the price is outrageous either. Great review Ped and tell Hendy to get you in one of these pronto…

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      That’s actually what Renault reckon. 250 miles at motorway speeds 👍

  4. @garrymatthews4430 Avatar

    That roof is very Star Trek ish, have to say it all looks a good thought through car

  5. @Grant.G.Simpson Avatar

    I’m looking to replace my current EV in december for another 3 yr lease, this range is great and charge speed (although on the low end of acceptable) makes it a strong contender, now i need to go research it more, thanks PP

  6. @chrisjgill75 Avatar

    Good review. Hope you can check out the alpine trim

  7. @12alocin Avatar

    What car has the easiest way to switch off all driver assist?

    1. @harry7384 Avatar

      this one! One physical button to press on your right to turn everything off at once!

  8. @global_nomad. Avatar

    all looks very promising – the ev market is changing so quickly, with so much knowledge and experience coming back into new models. Still wish they had used a new name, but gettign used to that now. A lot of contemporary car design is also making it increasingly difficult to judge the size of a new vehicle when its seen alone – would be great if you could more often show a car near something more familiar.

  9. @grahaminkpen5436 Avatar

    Not an EV person really but i like that car and the forthcoming 5. Rrnault seem to be knocking it out the park. 👏👏

  10. @davelawrence594 Avatar

    Well again another EV that could be very interesting as I love what Renault are doing right now & i agree with basically everything you have said about it!! But again its an EV & for me even if I was to consider an EV it would at the moment be the IONIQ 5 N as the review videos of this absolutely amazing technological marvel is quite something special!! And I’m hoping you will be getting one on your channel for you to be let lose in & let us all know what an absolutely amazing car it is apart from the price!!!😬 Kind regards Dave 👍🏻 Great video Pete!!👌🏻👍🏻

  11. @alansheard553 Avatar

    Getting into an electric car and saying ‘let’s FIRE it up’ could be tempting fate 😂

  12. @barrymurton8988 Avatar

    Love your reviews of EVs as a petro head!

  13. @barrymurton8988 Avatar

    Love the white.

  14. @briangriffiths114 Avatar

    The base model at £37.5K is well-equipped and probably all that most families would need, with a real-life range of about 200 miles while avoiding the premium road fund licence. Attractive all-rounder that has a premium look.

  15. @jonmorris1999 Avatar

    It’s crazy now the price of cars. 46k for a Renault. Was only a couple of years ago you could get a new rsq3 for that sort of money

  16. @ronchaloner Avatar

    Great review. Going to test drive this car tomorrow and will probably be ordering the Iconic too! 🙂

  17. @KennethPaul Avatar

    Renault are smashing it recently. Had the opportunity to test drive this over the weekend and it’s really nice, android automotive just works plus the solarbay roof is some party trick

  18. @bshah4831 Avatar

    The issue with chargering information in the route planning is that after 18 months of EV ownership I now know UK hubs with low cost charging such as 41, 52 and 61p per kwh. In car systems are not tuned to costs.

  19. @oldcodger1781 Avatar

    Could you confirm if the strip along the door turns red as well, when in sport mode.

  20. @timrothwell33 Avatar

    I managed to get a test drive of that exact model at Gridserve Braintree. I had it for 1 hour and mainly drove it in sport mode. My daughters loved the space in the back. The youngest (she gets the middle seat!) was impressed by the flat floor. It’s probably the one we will go for next summer unless the Kia EV3 messes with that plan

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