Coolest Restomod so far – The TWR V12 ‘Supercat’ (The Legend Returns !)

Two legendary V12 GT and trucks for you today. The first needs to be the coolest restomod up until now. The V12 Supercat is a 600 horsepower manual Jaguar XJS with the heritage of the legendardy . Directed by Fergus Walkinshaw. The other V12 today originates from . The replacement to the 812 Superfast … the 12Cilindri!

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21 responses to “Coolest Restomod so far – The TWR V12 ‘Supercat’ (The Legend Returns !)”

  1. @stephenspink6072 Avatar

    Evening all !!

  2. @Jake.Warren Avatar

    Good evening everyone!
    Glad to hear that you’re feeling better Peter and good luck with the garage build.
    Good to see fellow Bristolian Lando doing well, thankfully he hasn’t been afflicted by the local accent, unlike myself!

  3. @garrymatthews4430 Avatar

    Great to hear you are feeling better always a good sign

  4. @Russell_G Avatar

    Woohoo a garage build, perfect timing as Shmee has just about finished his 🙂 Also loved Lando getting his 1st win,. so happy for him!

    1. @spandel100 Avatar

      Tim will never be finished his lol.

  5. @jamiep61 Avatar

    Thank you for talking about your plans for your new Garage and Office 😊

  6. @matthewlaberge Avatar

    Good Afternoon Everyone!

  7. @jimcabezola3051 Avatar

    Glad to hear and see that you’re leaving that head cold behind, mate. Recovery is at hand!
    This TWR V12 Supercat get’s the “chef’s kiss.” Such a beautiful and respectful last gasp for the car manufacturers I used to adore back in my day.
    These times remind me of the waning days of film cameras. Nikon, Leica, Hasselblad and many others built the loveliest and best-crafted cameras for film…just when they and everyone else were going digital. Now, even obtaining repair service, film and processing for these cameras is a tall order.
    This Jaguar and those of its ilk will also face challenges in the 2030s and beyond.
    This makes them more admirable in my eye. I give them all a smile and a tear…

  8. @MiniEggs1999 Avatar

    You should put a pit or a ramp in. The ramp having the obvious advantage of extra storage but also allows inspection and talking about the oily bits of the car.

  9. @daggidding4478 Avatar

    Wow, great plans for the garage, Pete! Nice 👍

  10. @BMW7series251 Avatar

    Hi Pete. That Supercat looks amazing! Just watched the IOM lap!! OMG, amazing!! Cheers, John.

  11. @matthawkins6875 Avatar

    It’s great that the XJS is getting some attention… and it does look like a great project. 600bhp and wide arches was done a little more elegantly by Lister in the eighties but modern tech should elevate this to new levels.

  12. @mark_just_mark Avatar

    Best of luck with the garage build, looking forward to the work videos and outcome 👍

  13. @oesterga Avatar

    Interesting garage project. Looking forward to see the progress and the final results

  14. @s10lucky Avatar

    Can’t wait for the garage series 👍 I often watch Obsessed garage wishing I had a garage that size 😂

  15. @jasonshaw1628 Avatar

    Glad you’re feeling better Pete. I like the colour of the TWR ‘XJS-on-steroids’ & that Ferrari is very nice

  16. @alasdairwilson4806 Avatar

    Great result for Lando.Thoroughly well deserved.The Supercat looks fantastic.

  17. @laurencemoore5737 Avatar

    Garage – my dream you lucky bugger! Well deserved and super excited to see the progress.

    Gotta get some motoring glitz in the Ped Parlour when it’s done.

  18. @mickblizzard1408 Avatar

    The new garage is going to be great 👍 congratulations 🥳
    For me the GP that always tugs on the heart strings is Monza 🏁 This year will be the 46th since the death of Ronnie Peterson.
    Stunning driver and a great bloke. Never forgotten here ❤

  19. @paultucker1272 Avatar

    Very much looking forward to anything related to the TWR Supercat. I live just a 5 minute drive from Podium Place, so it’s exciting to know this is being built there. There was a very cool red TWR XJR-S parked around the back at the weekend, too 😎

  20. @trev8591 Avatar

    Pleased you’re also feeling much better, Pete (I am, too – back out on the motorbike). Looking forward to updates on the garage upgrade.

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