Big changes to my Mini will make her AWESOME 🔥 | 4K

In this video I take my to my mate Darren at and begin the work to transform her. She's getting some Magic at last!

New Bilstein coil-overs, new calipers and discs and I speak to Darren about the work he is going to finish with the map to eliminate the pops and bangs!

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Video Contents
00:00 – Introduction
01:00 – The parts we are fitting
05:13 – Suspension and Brakes go on
08:01 – Correct De-Chrome at last!
09:57 – Rear suspension goes on
11:45 – Getting rid of Pop and Bang Mode!
18:30 – It's a wrap!

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23 responses to “Big changes to my Mini will make her AWESOME 🔥 | 4K”

  1. @francoisg3500 Avatar

    Evening all! Hope everyone is doing well and have a great weekend.

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      You too!

  2. @AmandaSanchez19 Avatar

    How do you capture such vivid emotions? Your talent is astonishing!👍👍👍 # 🥊

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      Wow, thank you!

  3. @jimcabezola3051 Avatar

    Like you…we’re all looking forward to seeing and hearing how your Mulgari machine gets up to on the road!

    1. @PetrolPed Avatar

      You and me both!

  4. @gmpbuilder Avatar

    Gratifying that you have matured beyond your pop/bang phase.

  5. @Russell_G Avatar

    Excellent video Ped, you and Darren play well together :)!

  6. @kevinDG7 Avatar

    Always great video when seeing the r59 on the channel. Can’t wait to hear how the car drives with the upgrades

  7. @jamespadbury4302 Avatar

    Those brakes look the nuts 👍

  8. @HQBProductions Avatar

    Hello Peter…Thank goodness for getting rid of those awful pops etc….when I was young, that was always the result of incorrect engine timing and we did lots of careful setting to stop it happening! In racing, that was a different reason and Alfa Romeo etc were well known for it but then it was in a good way. If you want your 948cc Morris Minor to do it, just advance the ignition miles over and it will pop and bang easily but be undriveable! Now it’s that suspension I’m most interested in…ride quality THEN handling is my goal…a smooth car is so much easier to drive quickly than a tea trolley on casters!! Keep enjoying that sun…😃😃😃😎😎😎😎😎

  9. @garrymatthews4430 Avatar

    Man that is going to an epic change for the good. Another great vid trust the holiday went well

  10. @kenroyal3527 Avatar

    Love this car. Happy you’re cleaning her up a bit. We’d all like to drive her when done. She doesn’t need pops and bangs.

  11. @bch7447 Avatar

    Fantastic to see Ruby back on the channel, can’t wait to see to the next video 😅

  12. @boboc155 Avatar

    Definitely looking forward to seeing the results! I’m currently looking at what to do next on my F57, so keep the inspiration coming, please!

  13. @johnbrown3951 Avatar

    I too am looking forward to the conclusion of the pairing back to road focused car. I can’t believe you would take a car to a garage let a lone Mulgari when the car looks like that i.e. wheel arches and engine bay. I always have my car and engine bay pristine for any schedule garage visit and even my sons car gets the works before a visit to my local garage. Mind you until I bought my eMTB my cars were spotless all the time now not so much as I would rather be out on my bike unless it’s raining of course.

  14. @paulbetesta Avatar

    Looking forward to next video of ruby being completed per loving the content as always keep on smashing it

  15. @nickrendell4300 Avatar

    one thing you could do in the engine bay is change the colour of the rocker cover to red with the petrol ped logo on it.brighten up the engine bay, great video on getting the mini back to road spec.

  16. @Yorkshiremadmick Avatar

    TF the pops n bangs will be gone.
    Can’t wait to your thoughts driving her for the first time

  17. @brendenburt6021 Avatar

    Nice to see Ruby back on the channel, and I’m looking forward to seeing the transformation back to a road car

  18. @vedelcarby773 Avatar

    Great video ped. Good to see your mini back on the channel

  19. @alasdairwilson4806 Avatar

    It’s going to be so much better when the work is done.Really liked the talk about the power curve on the engine.

  20. @GRfourfun Avatar

    Loved the squeaky max power beginning but what I love more is where you’ve brought it and what you’re doing mate.

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