Alfa Romeo Tonale PHEV – EV Range Test – Is 37 miles possible ? | 4K

In this video I put the PHEV to the supreme test. Is it possible to the specified 37 miles of electric only variety? The PHEV has one of the biggest EV just varies on the marketplace. I am a big Plug-In Hybrid fan and if 37 miles is possible this make the a real competitor as a to cope with. Excellent EV variety and piece de resistance when running the electric motor and gas engine.


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20 responses to “Alfa Romeo Tonale PHEV – EV Range Test – Is 37 miles possible ? | 4K”

  1. Bizzie1956 Avatar

    Another very interesting video Pete 👍🏻

  2. Nigel W Avatar
    Nigel W

    The ‘average’ commute there and back can be done on 34 miles of range. Of course it’s summer range, so I assume in winter the range would be significantly reduced. However, I think it’s probably just good enough for most people to do their errands, even if in winter the commute may be in question. Anyway, in the next few years technological advances will probably mean the range with at least double. IMO, we also need the technology to advance to the point when PHEVs will be ULEZ/CAZ compliant by automatically engaging EV mode on entering said zones…

  3. Michael Staunton Avatar
    Michael Staunton

    Enjoying the videos on the channel well done 👍👍

  4. Malph Avatar

    I think the published range for the Tonale is well over 40 miles. i’ve got a brand new Audi A3 Tfsi e (Plug-in Hybrid) as a loaner while my car is in getting a few bits sorted. It’s a pretty horrible thing to drive, probably because it’s a small car with an extra battery, a load of electrical gubbins, an electric motor AND a 1.4 petrol engine to lug about. So I thought I’d have look at the specs of the petrol only equivalent A3. The petrol only version costs about £5.5k less new and weighs over 200 kgs less. The battery, electrical gubbins and the electric motor will give you…….wait for it………around 25/30 miles of electric only driving. 200kgs of weight and £5.5K to be able to drive 25/30 miles without using any petrol. Just ridiculous.

    Oh, and the boot is smaller because of the electric motor and it’s full of various charging cables!

  5. Howard Lake Avatar
    Howard Lake

    As a dyed in the wool Alfa lover, the concept of EV, and auto box, blows all my circuits. But I would not mind betting that is the closest to a claimed range, any vehicle has EVer got. One interesting point I would like to know is how long it actually takes…to plug in charge. So, what I am thinking about is a plug in hybrid you could theoretically use in almost…. Only electric, for a long journey, with short stops, thus making actual MPG very high indeed 😀

  6. John Rochford Avatar
    John Rochford

    Decent review – but I hope theres another one to show how long the battery charges just from the engine!!! On that future review I hope you do a comparison re how the battery is lasting – ie it may get mid 30 m now but its brand new and all batteries lose ability to charge fully and quickly after x time

  7. Sam Pegnall Avatar
    Sam Pegnall

    I think that’s quite a good range for a plug in hybrid, only thing is that it’s doubtful to do that in the winter? I like the car myself but not having a big boot is kind of missing the mark for the sort of people that would buy that car in my opinion

  8. Kevin Cross Avatar
    Kevin Cross

    Saw a Tonale in the local leisure centre the other evening, and in that colour. Looks so good in the flesh, but did strike me as smaller than I visualised from your videos 👍🏻

  9. MrFatknacker Avatar

    Just spent 3 weeks in a Mini Countryman PHEV doing a Lakes, Scotland, Orkney and Shetland road trip. Original 7.5kWh battery so max of 15 miles EV range. Watching the battery %, in SAVE mode the Mini seems to only charge from regeneration rather than normal driving. EV mode is not too bad performance wise, but got caught out mistakenly trying to pull out from a side turn while in MaxEV mode and flooring it… took an age (and an understandably annoyed motorist who I pulled out in front of) to kick the petrol motor in and actually accelerate hard. Having both a hot hatch and an EV, I think you need the right journey profile mix (where you can recharge on a frequent basis) to make the most of a PHEV, and a 1500 mile road trip is not what they were designed for!

  10. S Wisby Avatar
    S Wisby

    You should try the new Volvo XC60 T6 Recharge as it has a range of over 40miles in electric only. Had mine since Jan and have been monitoring performance and the range does vary depending on ambient temp. Best I’ve got to date is 44miles when at 22C

  11. Alasdair Wilson Avatar
    Alasdair Wilson

    Very interesting vid.I do like the thought of PHEV.I also like the look of the Tonale.More on this subject please.

  12. Charlie Button Avatar
    Charlie Button

    Great video and good to see it got pretty close to the claimed range.
    The polestar 1 is a plug in and has around 80 miles of ev range, with a pretty peppy electric motor. Would be great to see that tech filter down to other cars

  13. reinmansmith Avatar

    It is a usable EV range which would cover most people’s daily mileage, however you do pay an awful lot for the privilege in terms of the higher list price! ……. Still, my idea of an economy run is driving my SL500 from Petersfield back to Cornwall (230mls) with an average speed of 65mph and 30mpg! Now that’s efficiency lol 😆

  14. Tim Martin Avatar
    Tim Martin

    Used to ride those roads on my GPZ600R back in the late 80’s. Well balanced piece Ped, thank you.

  15. Lee & Jan cruise Avatar
    Lee & Jan cruise

    I like the look of the Tonale and considered one last December but for me the performance lets it down, as I wanted performance and looks I went for the Cupra Formentor VZ2.

  16. 23Piccolina Avatar

    Great vehicle, very cool, another fine vehicle from Alfa Romeo!

  17. LazzaBoyMan Avatar

    I ran a BMW 330e for 9 months and did 7,250 miles with 5,000 on pure electric as my daily commute was just within the range on electric only. I was very impressed with the car except for the small boot!

  18. Discovery Dad Avatar
    Discovery Dad

    The West Sussex stretch of A272 is a great driving road, sadly the Hampshire stretch from Petersfield to Winchester is lined with freshly installed average speed cameras now… On the subject of warming up ICE engines, try googling ‘PHEV oil dilution’. The results are surprising, and would suggest that perhaps they don’t. I know some cars when they reach a specific % stop allowing EV only mode to try and presumably get some of the fuel evaporated. I think the state of engines in PHEV’s could end up being worse than some EU6 diesels with poor designs. It’s going to be interesting as logically a PHEV with good range seems like the ideal compromise, however I think we’re still very much in Gen 1.0 territory on them. Good review, and also good to see a car get close to a claimed figure!

  19. Travel_Day_Dreams Avatar

    Having 4 years experience of driving a PHEV (BMW) I would say that using the engine to charge the battery (e-save) is madness, it hammers the mpg. You’re better off leaving the battery empty and using just the ICE, you will still benefit from energy recovery during coasting and braking, then charge the battery when you get back home. The ability to charge the battery pack at a max of 7.4kW is a positive for the Alfa.

  20. John Brown Avatar
    John Brown

    That is a very interesting car that I did consider two cars ago but the heritage of Alfa didn’t outweigh my love of JLR so it lost out but as PHEV against the equivalent Evoque or Disco Sport maybe something to look into as I am not sure we would go pure Electric next time as it does not meet our needs but that may change in the near future.

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