Will the National Grid be able to cope with EVs?

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If all of us change to , will there suffice electricity in the system to power them or will the grid go 'pop' when all of us plug in at the very same time?

Next up in our series of misconception busting pieces we've dealt with @_ is this: '" Will the National Grid be able to manage the boost in "'


6 responses to “Will the National Grid be able to cope with EVs?”

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    Each video is not just information but a flow of inspiration. You know exactly how to ignite a spark within us!👌🏾 № ⚱️

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    I just love your content! Your ideas are so original and your execution is flawless. I look forward to seeing more videos!🧲🥏🌶

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    your videos are really creative, i want to rewatch it🌸🌸🌸

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    Incredible how each new episode becomes even more interesting! Looking forward to the next one with anticipation.🍒 ” 🧉

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    What a lovely Quartet of bottoms commenting 😅

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    Say nothing about all the electricity used to get and produce gasoline

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