This car drives us mad… Lexus RZ450e Long Term Report | Electrifying

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RZ450e Long Term :

After running a bZ4X for three months, has had an upgrade to the Lexus version. The RZ450e has the very same battery and front motor, but the rear motor is more effective. The appearances are various and it's less of a rufty-tufty off-roader too. However a few of the 's flaws have been rollovered, it appears, as wonders where all his electricity is going.

Being a Lexus, the RZ is beautifully constructed and has great deals of fascinating innovation. You also understand it will work all of the time and that the dealer will be great to you. That suffices to persuade a great deal of individuals– specifically those who have been driving rivals previously and hung out waiting on healing truck, or been handed the secrets to their ₤ 70,000 automobile in a camping tent and been informed to utilize Google to see how it works. It truly occurs.

The claimed range is 252 miles, but in three months of running the Lexus, Tom has never ever seen a number beginning with a two. Except when it's decreased to twenty, which is does typically. And when it's gone down to simply two, which has happened a couple of times … That's the real concern with this car. It has 65kWh of functional battery capability, which implies the performance is 2.5 miles per kWh. That's at least 1 mile per kWh less than cars and trucks we have actually attempted in the real world with similar size and efficiency. That suggests Tom is charging regularly and it's costing a lot more too. If you went back to the old days, it's like having a vehicle which does 23mpg rather than 33.

Which implies Tom is a little split. Does he enjoy or hate his 'leccy Lexus?

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32 responses to “This car drives us mad… Lexus RZ450e Long Term Report | Electrifying”

  1. @mikadavies660 Avatar

    2.5kwh….!! Nearly the same as a Ford F150 BEV…. Totally dreadful.

    1. @toyotaprius79 Avatar

      It’s abysmal

  2. @richardjohnson7900 Avatar

    I think it’s a beautiful looking car and test drove it a few months ago. I currently have a Lexus UX300e but I know what he is talking about regarding the range and efficiency, I love driving our UX300 but the range/efficiency is pathetic and it ruins the driving experience because it creates massive range anxiety. You’ll be able to get the RZ for next to nothing soon because it simply won’t sell at the list price. I think they’ll struggle to sell even at a heavily discounted price, unless of course the buyer is an EV novice, as I was when I got the UX300e.

    1. @Electrifyingcom Avatar

      Strangely enough Richard, I’ve just swapped into a UX300e. It feels much older but the efficiency is much better. I prefer it all round really. TB

    2. @i6power30 Avatar

      I actually think Lexus are ugliest of all cars, especially the new infotainment screen that looks so cheaply put together with bulky corners and lacking harmony.

    3. @richardjohnson7900 Avatar

      @@Electrifyingcom Maybe the efficiency has been improved since they changed the battery, I have the older, smaller battery – about 54kWh and that gives me about 130-140miles in the real world but on paper should be 196 (have never come close to that and always drive in eco). The new battery is supposed to have increase the range by up to 40%

    4. @richardjohnson7900 Avatar

      @@i6power30 I disagree about them being ugly but beauty is in the eye of the beholder! 😉

  3. @rogerwilliams7234 Avatar

    Good piece. Thanks Tom!

  4. @Mike-qu6fp Avatar

    I’m not easily suede, because I have dust mite allergy, so it’s leather or nothing, I need to know if leather is an option in every car review.

  5. @joey-pn3xe Avatar

    This car was built to tick a box. Toyota has said they’re not interested in EV’s

    1. @badboy250984 Avatar

      We all thought with Toyota hybrid tech, they can easily build a nice and efficient EV. They in fact build the worse EV ever out of all brands. Yeah, like you said they only doing it for box ticking and no bother trying.

  6. @Mobile_Dom Avatar

    “i dont know how they got it so wrong” at this point it has to be intentional, malicious compliance ” we need an EV, so we made an EV” instead of “how can we make a good electric lexus”

    1. @judebrown4103 Avatar

      Ooh it really isn’t just me then…tell you what if Toyota/Lexus built a super duper economical EV tomorrow I still wouldn’t buy it with all they’ve done to slow down the uptake of EVs.

  7. @stephenodonohue9876 Avatar

    Love the Suede joke Tom (perfect timing).

  8. @shroomyesc Avatar

    With Toyota’s history of anti-EV lobbying i wouldnt be surprised if they made subpar products intentionally so they could go “see? No-one wants evs” when they dont sell

    1. @judebrown4103 Avatar

      I came here to say just that, glad I’m not the only Toyota cynic!

    2. @richardjohnson7900 Avatar

      I get that impression too, how does one of the biggest auto brands mess up this badly when it comes to EV’s

    3. @i6power30 Avatar

      Toyota is getting lazy with innovation simple as that.

  9. @michaelfields8981 Avatar

    Not easily swayed, by suede. Fabulous! Unlike the car, with inferior range and battery tech! As many have said before me, just a “tick box” exercise. Avoid.

  10. @Noah_E Avatar

    I checked out a Subaru Solterra, which is essentially the same thing, and was astounded by how bad it was. It is within 1% of almost every dimension for a Forester, but the Forester is so much better packaged and sorted. Heck, the Solterra doesn’t even have a glove box orr rear wiper. My Forester XT has 94k miles and will likely be replaced with a RAV4 Prime, because they obviously don’t want to build competitive EVs.

  11. @granfersteve3815 Avatar

    Isn’t the Bz4x from Toyota also slated for it’s range inefficiency ? In which case as you say they need to do better especially as our winters are much longer than our summers. 😕😕

  12. @rolan2dr Avatar

    Compliance vehicle. They didn’t even try.

  13. @dcvariousvids8082 Avatar

    “… is there a big group of pixies, smelting aluminium in the boot when I’m not look?” Has got to be one of the best efficiency questions, probably the best.

  14. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    Afternoon mate it’s a Toyota bz4x

    1. @Noah_E Avatar

      And Subaru Solterra. Different flavors of the same vehicle like GM uses the same platforms for Chevy, GMC, and Cadillac.

    2. @hermesliteratus882 Avatar

      Yes, it’s a bz4x sold for the price of a Lexus.

  15. @davidgillham6847 Avatar

    I’m absolutely stunned that the crappy and cheap feeling charging flap made it passed the Lexus quality assurance. Both Toyota and Lexus are in danger of slipping on their best USP (i.e. reliability and build quality), shame…

  16. @zenortheartof Avatar

    We thought Toyota would nail EVs because they had so much experience doing hybrid powertrains but maybe they optimised those too much in the direction of maximising profit. Now that efficiency is more important they find themselves in a local minimum which is hard to get out of.

  17. @alangravy27 Avatar

    I like some aspects of the look and I have seen some great lease deals but as an EV it appears to be very poor. Some people have suggested Toyota have made it poor on purpose. Is it a compliance vehicle for the USA?

  18. @davidkeller1040 Avatar

    I purchased an Rz450e in January, live in Ohio, USA. In mixed temperatures and urban/highway driving, I have averaged 3.8 miles/Kwh since delivery. I use the regen paddles religiously for coasting and regen braking- find that it helps keep you focused on the road ahead, much like a manual shift car that you are trying to maximize mpg from. Rather enjoy that aspect, but might not be for everyone. I also favor the radiant heaters over the central climate control, found that I need leather shoes and good socks to keep my feet from getting cold. Bought the Lexus pop-in roof shades which help a lot above 75 degrees to reduce A/C load. Drive ECO mode in the city and relaxed country driving, Normal mode for our highways for the superior passing and maneuvering. Best car that I have ever owned, hands down. I think that the Toyota engineers actually designed a fine car IF you want to learn the nuances and are willing to adapt your settings and interactions with the machine to maximize performance and efficiency. If you want to “set it and forget it” and want maximum convenience, you will most likely be disappointed in efficiency/range. I also believe that the EV space is too new to value longevity and the few cars with enough miles (say>100k miles)to judge battery health are limited to Tesla models and the early ones at that with questionable build quality. I do think the RZ is conservatively designed to last 10 years as a quality car, but of course only time will tell and technology could always leapfrog everything. My 2 pence worth- no offense intended but I think there are very much 2 sides to the RZ story. In the U.S. the capitalized lease cost gets discounted from $64k to $46k so the MSRP is not only not realistic but actually misleading- Lexus should just reprice to a more realistic level to help people judge the true value proposition. Happy motoring to all.

  19. @anthonystevens8683 Avatar

    Well done Tom, not all that glitters is gold. A great spot on the sun tan, I nearly destroyed my keyboard. Not to self, pause the video if having a quick drink. A great balanced review and thanks for sharing.

  20. @nannyoggsally Avatar

    “I’m easily suade” is the best pun I heard today 😂
    Thank you! Love it!

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