Still the ultimate driving machine? BMW i5 long term review | Electrifying

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Having actually spent a long time in the wilderness, is very much back constructing electrical cars. In a short space of time, has actually launched its polarising iX range-topping SUV, a posh i7 limousine and an entry-level model in the shape of the iX1 SUV. There's likewise an favourite, the i4, which has set brand-new requirements for premium EVs and revealed electric saloons can use a long electric driving variety, however likewise be enjoyable and engaging to drive.

For BMW the is the big one. Why? It's easy– the 5 Series is the most crucial car the Bavarian carmaker constructs. It has actually produced more than 10 countless them over 50 years, and is very much its all-rounder– the BMW that has to cover all bases and exhibit precisely what the BMW brand is all about.

Much like the i4, the isn't a bespoke, ground-up electric automobile. Instead, BMW prefers to develop one platform and utilize it for combustion engined designs, hybrids and pure-electrics. BMW's method of doing things is very various from Audi's or Mercedes' as these brands tend to construct a different, custom electrical version of a model; think Mercedes E-Class and the EQE and you'll comprehend what we suggest.

In this extended review, Ginny finds what the i5 is like to cope with over a longer time period. Is it actually as excellent as we initially thought?

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35 responses to “Still the ultimate driving machine? BMW i5 long term review | Electrifying”

  1. @hagestad Avatar

    what’s the point of talking about led grill when its illegal almost everywhere?

  2. @KatrinBauer1 Avatar

    Thank you for your creativity! Your videos are always enjoyable and offer interesting perspectives on topics.🔳🐬👏🏻

  3. @musicchap Avatar

    Brilliant machine – that back end, though 😵‍💫

    1. @hagestad Avatar

      its not even a real electric car. Its basically a conversion. Lol @ that middle tunnel for drive shaft and gearbox.

    2. @musicchap Avatar

      @@hagestad yeah, thus the machine 😅

  4. @DarinaBolton18t Avatar

    I never cease to be amazed by your editing technique. The video turned out great, thank you for your hard work!🌺🐡🐵

  5. @riaz8783 Avatar

    300 quid for iPad holders… What is BMW smoking

    1. @osm6435 Avatar

      Yes Ginny, other tablets (and phone brands) are available.

    2. @IXISSV Avatar

      “what is BMW smoking”
      Your rolled up fifty dollar bills! 🤣😂🤣😂

  6. @mattym8038 Avatar

    Now you’ve finished with the test drive maybe you can send it back to BMW so they can finish painting it 😅

  7. @torrhthc4103 Avatar

    Yes finally proper review of a bmw i5 soft M car. Lots of people troll it when comparing with an M5. 😂

  8. @jeremydavies4620 Avatar

    Good video. Seems a shame that BMW made the i3 over 10 years can’t create a bespoke EV platform for the 5 series. They have almost gone backwards in some respects.

    1. @andrewcharles5575 Avatar

      Agree, look at all that wasted space taken up by having a bonnet that length, it’s like driving your dining table

    2. @bullshitbingo2259 Avatar

      They literally made the right move. First of all the i3 was very expensive to manufacture and also not cheap to buy for the city car it was. Second, they used the shared platform design to bring down manufacturing costs while at the same time being able to offer a wide variety of motor options for the customers. BMW’s EVs sell well while they also rake in money from their combustion engines or hybrid options. EV customers were mainly enthusiasts who were willing to pay more money for a new technology. Until now. The market just happens to shift into mass adoption and practicability like range, charging speed, weight and an ergonomic infotainment for a decent price become more important than acceleration or a single touchscreen slapped in the middle without much ergonomic and interior quality. New battery tech and the lessons learned from the shared platform models as well as the competition made the “Neue Klasse” possible. This is the third aspect.
      The “Neue Klasse”-platform, which is coming to the market in 2025, is an EV-only platform and will underpin the most important EVs for BMW, the iX3 + i3 sedan variants. Since the platform is modular it is also possible that they will use the platform for the next generation 5 series as well as an X1/X2. I think for the 7series and IX they will use a second EV-only platform base (the IX is already based on its own EV only platform!). This is the right time for such a versatile EV-only platform. The tech is finally there to meet customers expectations. Think about it, the electric Mercedes CLA will drive further and charger faster than a Tesla Model S but for 20-25k less.
      I don’t think BMW made any bigger mistakes (unlike Mercedes, because their EV-only platform for the S- and E-Class are too expensive.for what they offer, the MMA platform of the CLA, as well as the MB.EA platform of the C-Class will change that).

      The only problem is the less advanced battery technology compared to chinese manufacturers, something which haunts every single western manufacturer, including Tesla and even Hyundai/Kia.
      Battery tech, and therefore charging speeds will most likely stay behind chinese competitors, however the range, which is also linked to battery tech but not solely, will be at least on-par with the chinese competition due to great research in field of aerodynamics, drivetrain and electric motors, EV optimized tires, and lightweight materials.

    3. @bhendrikabel Avatar

      Nope, this is exactly what i want. No weird looking spaceship, but a good looking electric car

    4. @markbennett6658 Avatar

      Perhaps the Neue Klasse BMWs will be game changing and silence the critics if they are launched next year? They certainly look promising.

    5. @musicchap Avatar


  9. @malcolmbennett4325 Avatar

    I noticed the full price wasn’t mentioned. Maybe some European car manufacturers want to price themselves out of the everyday good value for money EV’s , or perhaps they will convince the EU to band cheaper imports. Please let’s see more everyday EV’s full featured at £23k.

  10. @Yanquetino Avatar

    Affluent consumers would definitely take this over a Tesla. Good!

    1. @bullshitbingo2259 Avatar

      100%. The EVs based on the “Neue Klasse” platform will be even better, starting with the iX3 in 2025, even a Model Y “Juniper”, if it ever arrives, will have no chance against it. And Mercedes introduces the electric CLA at the end of this year, the Model 3 will just look cheaply build and outdated against it. The C-Class follows right afterwards with a projected range of at least 500miles. Nobody should buy outdated Teslas at this point.

    2. @Alantj22 Avatar

      This affluent customer wouldn’t. I am still waiting for a reason to replace my 2019 Model S Performance and this isn’t it.

    3. @Aztasu Avatar

      @@Alantj22 Model S looks and feels cheap inside and out. Only gullible/naive customers would buy it.

    4. @Alantj22 Avatar

      @@Aztasu But still more impressive than the M5 it replaced.

  11. @jamiep61 Avatar

    I enjoyed watching the video. The New i5 Touring has a larger boot 😊

  12. @alangravy27 Avatar

    How is launch and boost mode for rear seat passengers?

  13. @tshikosiphathutshedzotshik1396 Avatar

    Good motoring journalism

  14. @robsmith1a Avatar

    I still struggle with the styling of the i5. Something awkward about it to my eyes. Gives me the urge to swipe left

  15. @martinedwards7360 Avatar

    Stop dropping your voice and whispering during reviews. Can hardly hear you especially when sat in the car.

  16. @sevensixtysteve8662 Avatar

    It’s interesting you don’t mention the price. In the UK it’s the thick end of £100K before you get into options. Add the packs to get the extras you expect were standard on a £100K car and the price climbs further. I wouldn’t spend that kind of money for this car even if I could afford it but if I did, I certainly wouldn’t want one with shiny black plastic, tasteless ‘crystal’ controls and tacky LED lighting. The screen UI looks a confusing mess as well. I love a saloon but this looks like an expensive dinosaur to me.

    1. @simonsays911 Avatar

      I have one on a business lease which was only £90 more a month than a Tesla model 3 highland LR, and mine is an ultimate spec. The funny bit is the insurance is £200 less than the Tesla too. Wouldn’t dream of buying it personally but BMW have some excellent lease deals.

    2. @rjmacf0015 Avatar

      @@simonsays911 I guess the point most would like to hear is how much are you (or your employer) is paying to rent this car from BMW? These reviews aren’t helpful when the reviewer doesn’t address the critical issue for 99% of buyers.

  17. @rchatte100 Avatar

    Total waste of money, previous gen 530d for a fraction of the price, much better.

  18. @Crisman111 Avatar

    Compared to the I4 M50, who is the target market? Why would I choose this over the I4 given the extra cost? I know it gets more mileage, but what else?

  19. @edwinng2046 Avatar

    EV comes with big transmission tunnel !!

  20. @IXISSV Avatar

    Really looking forward to the M5 touring 🥳😁

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