NEW VW ID 3 facelift review! – is it fixed?? | What Car?

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In this new VW ID 3 review, we go through all the brand-new modifications with VW's electric hatch and tell you if the issues from before have actually been fixed. Or are the Cupra Born and MG 4 still much better electric alternatives?

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35 responses to “NEW VW ID 3 facelift review! – is it fixed?? | What Car?”

  1. 10mbc Avatar

    ’cause, you know, rushing things out worked really well for them last time.

  2. Cristian Seres Avatar
    Cristian Seres

    It is always a pleasure to watch a review by Doug Revolta. VW should reduce the price.

    1. Bavarian Car Enthusiast Avatar
      Bavarian Car Enthusiast

      Yes they should and put the new drive train into it which is coming now for all other ID´s

  3. Chyld Studios Avatar
    Chyld Studios

    VW should be embarrassed by this car. No worries VW – Tesla and the Chinese OEMs will gladly take your customers.

    1. NeilMick Avatar


    2. Dany Rizo Avatar
      Dany Rizo

      Why? Apart from the price is a good car.

    3. Bavarian Car Enthusiast Avatar
      Bavarian Car Enthusiast

      Did you ever drive it? Its a great car and I really enjoyed driving it – but the price is too high for now

  4. DeanoC Avatar

    Model 3 is a similar price, and it’s faster, nicer to drive, has better efficiency, is more practical, has a better warranty, and has a better charging network. The German/China built ones are also probably just as well built as this VW and with far better material quality. The only reasons for getting one of these over the Tesla is needing a hatch, preferring the looks or brand loyalty.

    1. Bavarian Car Enthusiast Avatar
      Bavarian Car Enthusiast

      Yep agreed – if you like hatches and many of us do – you look somewhere else

    2. A Nemeth Avatar
      A Nemeth

      Also, Model 3 is a bigger car

    3. DeanoC Avatar

      @A Nemeth exactly. More metal for the money. No brainer

  5. TL Avatar

    The ID3 is actually more expensive than a Tesla 3 when you include the essential options.

    1. Bavarian Car Enthusiast Avatar
      Bavarian Car Enthusiast

      Well if you take an ID3 you want a hatch, or a hot hatch. The M3 is not. If you purely focus on value for money – you take an MG. If you want a Tesla you take a Tesla. Good to have choices.

    2. Bullshit Bingo Avatar
      Bullshit Bingo

      Nah, most people and even companies lease or finance cars, most of them for a limited period of time. Teslas are much more expensive here.

    3. DeanoC Avatar

      @Bullshit Bingo the Model 3 out-sold (not out-leased) the VW ID3 by more than double in the UK in 2022. Can’t be that much more expensive unless everyone is loaded?

  6. Johny Verstegen Avatar
    Johny Verstegen

    I do like the design of the iD3 and i never scratch on plastics below my knees 😉 But for less than 40K you buy a BYD Seal. Instead of fixing this VW is lobbying at the EU to blocks the Chinees brands and isn’t improving their line-up

  7. moose56 Avatar

    Gah, love the look of this car but I need the bigger battery one and 5 seats

    1. Malph Avatar

      Battery size is limited by the size of the car.

    2. Bavarian Car Enthusiast Avatar
      Bavarian Car Enthusiast

      Well you should take an ID4 then 🙂

    3. James Paul Avatar
      James Paul

      ​@bavariancarenthusiast2722 there’s no reason why an ID3 shouldn’t carry 5 people

  8. Whatshisname Avatar

    It goes to show that the market doesn’t really want ‘techy’ solutions for normal car functions. VW thought they were doing the right thing, developing those silly controls to attract tech savvy people but the reality is most people just want solid buttons and simple controls for basic features.

    I think the basis for the car is pretty good given what Cupra and Skoda have made from the same platform. The only reason why I’m rooting for it is I want to see more electric hatchbacks instead of SUVs and the MG4 is ridiculously overstyled. Let’s hope the ID2 is better.

    1. Adrian Nelson Avatar
      Adrian Nelson

      You’ve summed it up nicely!

  9. Dany Rizo Avatar
    Dany Rizo

    The car is good, its just a pricing issue. They need to reduce by 8k the price across the board to start with.

    1. Ricky Avatar

      Pretty much. The pro needs to be below £30k probably around £28k ie matching the top spec of MG4 then they stand a chance of selling some of these. Otherwise no one in the right might would buy this car

  10. Toby Bushnell Avatar
    Toby Bushnell

    I really want VW to succeed, but this update feels pointless when it still has touch buttons on the wheel and the heating controls aren’t backlit.

  11. Shay Whelan Avatar
    Shay Whelan

    Why is it so hard for VW to change the climate controls? They used to set the benchmark for cabin high quality, but in many car reviews now, on any platform, the reviewer will compare the climate controls to VW’s awful system

  12. Daniil Rusanau Avatar
    Daniil Rusanau

    Beautifully shot video! Lovely footage and editing! Great review too, thanks!

  13. San S Avatar
    San S

    Always nice to see a review by Doug.

  14. Roland Bones Avatar
    Roland Bones

    The VW comment regarding the four-seat only option when using the 77kWh battery being down to weight (mass) overload, is highly dubious, since an extended MEB platform is used for the larger, heavier, ID.4 / Skoda Enyaq / Audi SUV series vehicles with the same motor, none of which have this restriction. It’s likely more to do with packaging, as the addition batteries have to be fitted into the central rear seat space on the ID.3 (as far as I know?). Which is also why the ID.3 cost is so high for a mid-range vehicle, it’s main cost element is the same heavy-duty platform designed for the bigger higher-price-point vehicles, and why they had to cut costs on the interior to make it remotely affordable.

  15. Mr T Avatar
    Mr T

    I like my ID3. I commute long distances, no problem. The software isn’t perfect, but I can live with that considering the massive changes VW undertook to develop the ID range. It can only improve. The drive is really good. I understand the frustration of touch buttons not being illuminated, but I do get sick of hearing negative reviews about the touch concept in general. I don’t have any problems using them. I don’t think it should be underestimated what a big shift it is for a massive legacy auto maker to change how it designs and builds future mobility.

  16. ALFA ROME0 Avatar

    Insane prices for the ID3.Brave purchase.

  17. Conn Clissmann Avatar
    Conn Clissmann

    My daughter has an ID.3, now 2 years old. Asked the dealer for a software update appointment in April 2023 and was given one in October 2023. This from a company that promised OTA updates. VW, please kick your dealers into action. Your early adopters deserve better than this!

  18. John Mull Avatar
    John Mull

    £10k of options, isn’t that just a waste of money when it comes to resale? Also, lookswise I do think it looks bland compared to the Seat and Renault offerings…not to mention the new offerings from Smart and Polestar.

  19. Eric Rouvière Avatar
    Eric Rouvière

    9:58 German car makers are very good at that… charge absolute fortune for extras which are included in many other similar cars.

  20. Y0U DEFEATED Avatar

    I’ve had a Cupra Born since October 22 and can clearly see the improvements still don’t fully close the gap. The overall look is subjective and I appreciate some will prefer the ID3 but I’m still happy with my choice.

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