NEW Volvo EX30 review – best new EV? | What Car?

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In this brand-new we inform you whatever you require to understand about 's brand-new fully electrical SUV.

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Video chapters:.
0:00 's new .
1:08 The brand-new tech.
2:20 Interior review.
3:43 How to open the EX30.
4:21 Minimalist or inexpensive?
5:32 Interior quality.
6:58 Storage.
7:29 Rear seats.
8:49 Boot area and practicality.
10:59 Batteries and variety.
12:03 Driving impressions.
13:40 Charging speeds.
14:11 Performance.
15:41 Prices and trims.
17:03 Verdict and outro.


40 responses to “NEW Volvo EX30 review – best new EV? | What Car?”

  1. The Big Cheese Avatar
    The Big Cheese

    Dashboard looks like someone’s flick a paint brush. Still a nice looking car.

    1. stace303 Avatar

      Hospital toilet floor.

    2. Steve Voller Avatar
      Steve Voller

      Yep that particular finish is the least desirable for sure, nicer looking cloth trim choices that don’t cost more look way nicer.

    3. Pascal Scheir Avatar
      Pascal Scheir

      Not on the inside!

    4. Benjamin Smith Avatar
      Benjamin Smith

      @Steve Voller I think that’s a matter of opinion. I like both the speckled material and the flax cloth.

  2. Taqi Tahmid Avatar
    Taqi Tahmid

    Looks like Tesla is setting the example for lots of these design choices (for better or worse):

    1. No driver display. Everything is controlled via touchscreen.
    2. No physical glovebox button.
    3. Instead of key fob, you get a key card.
    4. No start/stop button which I love TBH.

    1. Dagh Avatar

      The last two are fine by me, but the first one made me drop waiting for the local dealer to get this in so I could test drive it and go for something else instead.

    2. BlackPaw Avatar

      welcome to the future maybe? lol

    3. Dagh Avatar

      @BlackPaw does the future need to be worse for driver attention?

    4. MrAbletospeak Avatar

      @Dagh That stupid screen control is probably illegal. No different than using your phone.

  3. Brian Allan Avatar
    Brian Allan

    Nice car. Informative presentation.

  4. Mr D Avatar
    Mr D

    £33,000 – think my car buying days are over…who is paying this much!

    1. Jonathan Paxman Avatar
      Jonathan Paxman

      When’s the last time you could buy a Volvo for £33k?

    2. DeanoEVRRS Avatar

      Eh!? For the type of car, spec, performance etc that’s cracking value in current times.

    3. androo4519 Avatar

      When they’re on a leasing deal, the full asking price doesn’t register for most people. They just see a monthly cost they can afford and ignore the true cost. It’s only those of a certain generation that save the money and stump up the full cash and see £33K as an outrage.

    4. Mr D Avatar
      Mr D

      I bought many Volvos on PCP and previously HP. I dont recall paying over £25,000 for a small car like this. I like Volvo’s but the prices seem to me to be crazy. I think I need a time machine to go back to the 2000’s! (This, of course, is jeaoulsy as I just cannot fathom modern car prices).

  5. OlzFoRealz Avatar

    This is a winner!

  6. No hay camino para la verdad La verdad es el camino Avatar
    No hay camino para la verdad La verdad es el camino

    Subtítulos en español por favor

  7. J EA Avatar
    J EA

    No HVAC buttons make this a no-buy.

    1. BlackPaw Avatar

      in my 20 years of driving, I just turn on my Car A/C and it stay like that until my car stops at destination…. I adjust my a/c speed like less than 10 times in all those years. 😀

  8. Air Rifles. Range and HFT Shooting Avatar
    Air Rifles. Range and HFT Shooting

    It has amazed me that car manufacturers, put big touch screens, that control absolutely everything in these cars. If police catch you sending texts on your phone, you are in big trouble. Yet it seems perfectly fine to try and navigate your way through an iPad type device. You even have to take your eyes off the road to see if you are breaking the speed limit. Who the hell thinks this is a good idea? 😂

    1. Julian Guffogg Avatar
      Julian Guffogg

      My old citroen picasso had a central speedo years ago! And you dont need to touch the screen very often at all.

    2. Air Rifles. Range and HFT Shooting Avatar
      Air Rifles. Range and HFT Shooting

      @Julian Guffogg Yes, but that Speedo in the Picasso is at eyelevel. You have to look down and to the side in this Volvo. You literally have to take your eyes off the road.

    3. Metric Avatar

      You take your eyes off the road now to see if you are breaking the speed limit unless you have a HUD

    4. androo4519 Avatar

      In a 1959 Mini or indeed a Morris Minor you had to take your eyes off the road to see the speed. People managed. And this Volvo has voice control for many functions. I suspect you might just be able to get used to most things. Maybe not the dopey electronic latch for the glovebox, but most things.

    5. Air Rifles. Range and HFT Shooting Avatar
      Air Rifles. Range and HFT Shooting

      @androo4519 Just because they had it before, doesn’t make it a good idea. Obviously people managed, but I also wonder how many people had accidents checking their speed, instead of looking at the road.

  9. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    EV’s work out to be cheaper in the long run

  10. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Great review mate

  11. Phunk Avatar

    lets not call it SUV, its a hatchback.

  12. Hupotewas Xareawqa Avatar
    Hupotewas Xareawqa

    You’re a true master of your craft.

  13. androo4519 Avatar

    Doug – would be good if you could start mentioning when cars have or don’t have rear air vents. VERY important for dog owners, and many child owners too 🙂

    1. Flashback Avatar

      Tesla has rear vents. Also A/C in rear. We have a Jack Russell. Tesla ‘dog mode’ has been absolutely brilliant.

  14. androo4519 Avatar

    Vauxhall must be wondering if they’ll sell another electric Astra after seeing this.

  15. Robert Smith Avatar
    Robert Smith

    All that power is ludicrous in an age of speed limits being reduced and effectively policed. I like power but these days I’m thinking something that feels good at low speeds a better option. There’s also the problem than in general EVs seem quite expensive to insure so making them Ferrari fast in terms of acceleration probably means the high performance models will be rare and fast depreciating too. Having said that the EX30 does look like an attractive option.

  16. matthew hall Avatar
    matthew hall

    I have not seen any research that the subtraction of the driver display behind the wheel reduces safety. Ideally the driver’s eyes are always toward the road. The touchscreen is positioned higher toward the front windshield than what a standard infotainment screen. Will have to drive this soon to see how it feels!

  17. karlInSanDiego Avatar

    Heat pump is NOT standard on base model, according to other reviewers. Probably should be standard, but it’s another way they save on production costs. It will be standard in USA, because they’re not bringing the base model here at all(??)

    1. rmjngamez Avatar

      Base model is available in the Netherlands and it is without heat pomp

  18. Zubair Sheikh Avatar
    Zubair Sheikh

    this car made me feel really old. kids we use to have four buttons for four windows and an odometre too, in cars said uncle “zubi” …..

  19. William A-D Avatar
    William A-D

    nice and the Mose lo I was wondering how you was going to fit one

  20. Mike P Avatar
    Mike P

    That is one great looking car and i would probably buy one.
    Only one problem, i live in a flat.

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