NEW Volvo EX30 revealed! – better than a Smart #1? | What Car?

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The brand-new has actually been exposed! It's an electrical SUV that offer an excellent range, RAPID performance and a competitive rate– but will it be better than the Smart # 1? Watch to learn whatever you require to understand.

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23 responses to “NEW Volvo EX30 revealed! – better than a Smart #1? | What Car?”

  1. Colin Renfrew Avatar
    Colin Renfrew

    A great looking car, inside and out. Way better than the #1. Good job.

  2. Filipe Paninho Avatar
    Filipe Paninho

    The EX30 or the Smart #3 👌

  3. sevensixtysteve Avatar

    Love it, way better than the Smart. I think the EX30 #won that contest pretty easily 😊

  4. David Ho Avatar
    David Ho

    I’d be interested in picking up one of these.

  5. Jason77 Avatar

    I love that EX30. I’m a person that wants everything sci fi and futuristic technology. Robocop will like to drive the EX30 police car. M3GAN, Robocop, and Terminator will like to drive the EX30s and any EV cars. I’ll like to be like the people in the sci fi movies with futuristic technology.

  6. Ragingsilver Avatar

    Looks more Polestar than Volvo (I know Polestar are part of them). Just saying design wise

  7. Ian Phillip Avatar
    Ian Phillip

    Nice. This’ll be on my shopping list as a next car. I’ll be interested to see if the Zeekr X appears in the UK (again, same underpinnings) but I’d certainly take the Volvo over the Smart, just on looks and interior.

  8. M Fons Avatar
    M Fons

    Much more beautiful than the Smart but with such a high price it will never be an option for me.

  9. A L Avatar
    A L

    Wait until they announce much cheaper prices in other regions.

  10. Angela Matthes Avatar
    Angela Matthes

    Looks very nice and the best, I didn’t see an annoying fox walking around the user interface.

  11. DC Various Vids Avatar
    DC Various Vids

    The Volvo is smarter looking than the Smart. Pity about no real buttons.

  12. DC Various Vids Avatar
    DC Various Vids

    If the prices remain at actual time of launch, it’ll wipe the smile of many faces.

  13. Alex Lepre Avatar
    Alex Lepre

    The Volvo looks better than the Smart in my opinion


    No air con vents for the back seats?

  15. Ian Burgess Avatar
    Ian Burgess

    How much does it cost?

  16. chris penn Avatar
    chris penn

    This is much better looking than the #1

  17. Christopher Martin Avatar
    Christopher Martin

    If only this was available as a T5 with a petrol 5-cylinder engine…..

    1. Dubnoreix Avatar

      Why? So it could be less energy efficient and more polluting?

    2. Christopher Martin Avatar
      Christopher Martin

      @Dubnoreix  Do you know just how much energy goes into making battery packs, and the pollution caused? I need a vehicle that can travel over 400 miles between refills and can also sit for 5 weeks or more, and still have as much range after that wait as it had before it was parked up. Battery powered cars can’t do that yet

    3. Dubnoreix Avatar

      @Christopher Martin, I do. And it’s less than petrol of diesel. And you don’t drive for 400 miles on end, do you?

  18. GF Avatar

    It seems strange to put the Swedish flag on the front seat and on the bonnet of the cross country version when I understand the EX30 will be built in China.

  19. christopher newton Avatar
    christopher newton

    Looks great new small suv for Volvo. Still think they should back off the power to get more range to be honest. Do we need over 400hp in this type of car?

  20. Paul Clayton Avatar
    Paul Clayton

    Looks fabulous hope the price doesn’t get to high before launch 😮

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