New Renault Megane vs MG4 Extended Range vs Jeep Avenger. Family electric SHOWDOWN | Electrifying

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Jeep Avenger complete evaluation:.
MG4 full evaluation:.
Renault Megane e-tech complete review:.

If you wish to purchase a brand-new electric automobile in 2024, you have a great deal of choice. Method more than ever, in reality. That's an ADVANTAGE, due to the fact that we do not all like the very same thing. That would be boring, right?.

In this three-way and truck shoot-out, we have three competitors on test – all of which provide roughly the very same range, efficiency and space as one another … But they are available in different bundles. If you enjoy an SUV, we have the brand-new Jeep Avenger … and if you expensive an old-skool hatchback, might we present you to the brand-new MG4 Extended Range … And if you can't make your mind up and fancy a bit of both, we have the Renault Megane e-TECH …

Join Nicola, Ms Hume and Lady Nicola of Electricville as they put all 3 vehicles to the test. Which of them would you choose? Or would you select something else entirely? Let us understand in the comments listed below.

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Take a look at our full video library:. 00:00 Introduction.
01:06 Jeep Avenger. 07:17 It has some off-road abilities too. 07:39 MG4.

14:14 Renault Megane.

19:36 The Decision.


31 responses to “New Renault Megane vs MG4 Extended Range vs Jeep Avenger. Family electric SHOWDOWN | Electrifying”

  1. @Tibelde_Klumb26 Avatar

    Thanks for the great video😁

  2. @DumitraOprea-jt5ux Avatar

    0:50 this is the best moment! Keep making your amazing videos!!!👁👁

  3. @patriotbarrow Avatar

    Stellantis EV pricing is shocking.

    1. @harimadhavan1712 Avatar

      Very true and the depreciation shows that. Also, the old Corsa-E is now available new for around £20k, down about £10k.

    2. @DanielEarlester Avatar

      It’s like when Manos bends over the Jeep bonnet.

    3. @ISuperTed Avatar

      Absolutely and the huge discounts you can get show it. they are absolutely the worst for this – £40k+ for a 308 EV? They’re just trying to catch a few gullible souls whilst giving fleets 20%+ discounts.

    4. @fathippy Avatar

      They are no worse than VAG. Overpriced and all of them are finding out that nobody has any interest in these vehicles at these pricepoints. The prices need to come down substantially. The Chinese manufacturers are much closer to reality in terms of affordability.

    5. @nomoreheroes93 Avatar

      It’s intentional – they do it, point to low sales and then justify still making PHEVs for as long as possible

  4. @mev202 Avatar

    Man, that was one of the trippiest videos I’ve watched in a while. Lol

  5. @Groaznic Avatar

    This kind of video would be substantial if it also had a long drive test resulting in the real world numbers for consumption and hence range.

  6. @ISuperTed Avatar

    Why didn’t they use the MG4 Trophy 64KwH? It has the same range as others and is a lot cheaper. Feels a bit manufactured TBH although do agree with the conclusion that the Megane is the winner at this price.

  7. @taomahNEGEV Avatar

    You should have included the Volvo EX30.

    1. @RobertDodge Avatar

      They have a serious software issue currently (as in they don’t have working software) all preorders have been delayed until the future

  8. @madmikejohn Avatar

    It’s possible to turn down the volume of the indicator on the MG.

  9. @simonstock2526 Avatar

    Had my Megane for two months and love it. I went for the Techno+ trim which does without the digital rear view mirror and the somewhat gaudy gold flashes on the front.

    1. @shuttayerface503 Avatar

      Love having the Gold and digi mirror in the dearer model

    2. @michals1108 Avatar

      Good decision great car

  10. @mikaelchristensen9249 Avatar

    I have an MG4 Trophy standard range, but my absolute favourite EV has to be the Renault Megane 😁

  11. @cliffs5027 Avatar

    Good review. I wish the WLTP range estimates could be thrown out of the window and a real world range be quoted instead.

    1. @montanax8127 Avatar

      Too many variables. Ideal would be a standardized web tool where you can enter temperature, height difference driving, airconditioning and wheel setup etc etc

    2. @cliffs5027 Avatar

      @@montanax8127 I’m not sure it needs to be that complicated. The EV database does a fairly good job of estimating real world range under various conditions.

    3. @ObiePaddles Avatar

      All range estimates are wrong, even real world range as we all drive differently etc.

      WLTP gives a standardised comparison.

  12. @jeremyrogers5103 Avatar

    Well done Nicola – fun and informative!

  13. @badbasic Avatar

    Justice for Manos, give it to him Jeep!

  14. @ChrisKing-oi4qt Avatar

    I have a Megane and i’m delighted with it

  15. @BMWHP2 Avatar

    Thanks for the review. Today we did a test drive in the BYD Dolphin (Design) 60kW version, with 204bph and 310 Nm.
    Everything standard, even panoramic roof with electric sunscreen.
    We liked it a lot better than the MG4 extended range. But we will wait until we had a ride in the Citroën ë-C3 before we decide.
    The Citroën is a smaller EV with less range and less features, but he, around €10.000 cheaper, that counts also.

  16. @scott135 Avatar

    Nicola, you’re utterly brilliant – wonderfully entertaining – and so informative!

  17. @avtomad722 Avatar

    Lovely presentation, they are all still vehicles that are similar shape, suv/hatchback/crossover, they all do exactly the same thing. Jeep Avenger for me, just for the price point and look

  18. @helipeek2736 Avatar

    Moved up from an eUP! to the MG4 Extended Range, very happy with my choice, good price to function ratio. Not managed 4 kW/m so far but…… And it does handle quite well.

  19. @winfriedtheis5767 Avatar

    This video was one of the most fun comparing car reviews! Thank you!

  20. @menacemenupat9667 Avatar

    Ive done 2,000 miles in my Megane Iconic and it drives like a hot hatch. Reminds me a bit of a A class but drive is sharp and really sporty. Even on 20″ rims and a bit heavy the suspension is tuned very well and you’d never no its a fairly heavy EV.

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