NEW Porsche Cayenne revealed + first details on electric SUV! | What Car?

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The has been exposed with changes inside, outside and under the bonnet. However what's brand-new? Watch to learn AND get the first information on the next electrical .

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Video chapters:
0:00 Intro
0:33 Background
1:02 Make over
1:45 New interior
2:59 Brand-new engines
4:17 E-Hybrid
5:11 Suspension upgrades
5:50 Coupe
6:08 More equipment
6:38 Rates


14 responses to “NEW Porsche Cayenne revealed + first details on electric SUV! | What Car?”

  1. What Car? Avatar
    What Car?


    Would you buy this Cayenne or wait for the fully electric one??

    1. ciyber sal Avatar
      ciyber sal

      Kia EV6 GT is as fast, cleaner, greener, more modern design and better built, most important much better value.

  2. T Sul Avatar
    T Sul

    The final ICE cayenne huh so it’s virtually a collectors item I guess?

  3. Pradeep Magan Avatar
    Pradeep Magan

    to much digital displays – prefer more buttons

    1. Health is wealth Avatar
      Health is wealth

      My 2015 has to many buttons 😂

  4. Tünde Eszlári Avatar
    Tünde Eszlári

    Good video.

  5. first name last name Avatar
    first name last name

    Another review-by-brochure?

    1. savedfaves Avatar

      The video never mentioned this was a review, it said first details. The car isn’t out yet.

    2. first name last name Avatar
      first name last name

      @savedfaves Other reviewers managed to sit in the car and even drive it around, albeit a pre-production vehicle. Enough said.

  6. Beaver 314 Avatar
    Beaver 314


  7. cabottaxi Avatar

    That is one hell of a load of cash to put out for an average family man.
    What’s it going to worth in 2 years time.

  8. ciyber sal Avatar
    ciyber sal

    Kia EV6 is equally fast, fresher design and better value w no emissions

  9. skap 7309 Avatar
    skap 7309

    After a few years of very mundane, overpriced, uninspiring cars from nearly all the car manufacturers, this looks incredibly exciting.

  10. Iver Knackerov Avatar
    Iver Knackerov

    It’s Cayenne….not Kiyenne 😖😖😖

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