New Peugeot e5008: FIRST LOOK at Peugeot’s supersized SUV |

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has actually been pushing itself upmarket for quite a while now, with models like its E-3008 edging into premium price area where the similarity Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Tesla and Volvo usually combat it out.

Now it's the turn of the Peugeot E-5008. This is the all-new follower to Peugeot's popular, seven-seat household SUV, and it rests on an extended version of the STLA platform that likewise hides below the 3008. At 4.8 m long, 1.9 m broad and 1.7 m high it's a bit bigger than a Mercedes EQB however smaller than the Kia 9, which are (apart from the left-hand drive only Tesla Design X) the just other electric seven-seaters you can presently purchase.

When it comes to the looks? The high waist and pronounced shoulders of the E-5008 offer it an existence which says you are an amazing parent who does interesting things at the weekend, so that you can feel great about yourself even while you do the inescapable tiresome taxi runs that parenting mostly consists of.

The 73kWh battery in the E-5008 is offered with two powertrains; a single, 211bhp motor that drives the front wheels, or a double motor, four-wheel drive design with 318bhp. Both handle a WLTP range of as much as 311 miles, although that figure for the all-wheel drive model is still waiting for approval. The 98kWh battery is only offered with that single motor, front-wheel drive setup, for a claimed variety of 410 miles.

Charging is up to 160kW at a quick charger, which benefits a 62-mile top-up in 10 minutes or an 80% charge in around thirty minutes. Air conditioning charging peaks at 11kW as basic, or can optionally be enhanced to 22kW, although most owners will charge in your home utilizing a 7kW battery charger (the fastest charge that you can support at the majority of domestic homes in the UK), which will handle a complete charge in around 11- to 15 hours depending upon the battery size. You need to pay extra for an efficiency-boosting heat pump, however.

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28 responses to “New Peugeot e5008: FIRST LOOK at Peugeot’s supersized SUV |”

  1. @ObiePaddles Avatar

    Great to hear the time to add 60 miles.

    20-80% is not comparable across cars and frustrating.

    Thank you. 🎉

    1. @timrothwell33 Avatar

      Yes, the constant use of the 20-80% is frustrating given it varies so much on the size of the battery pack

    2. @ObiePaddles Avatar

      @@timrothwell33 the same car can have different battery sizes, different cars have different efficiency (miles/kwh) etc. It’s an almost meaningless measure.

    3. @sIightIybored Avatar

      Charging speeds should be quoted as mph between 20%-80% on different chargers. “ev-database” does this down the page a bit.

  2. @tochukwuezinwa2122 Avatar

    Impressive design
    It looks better than new 3008 at the back

    1. @BrateTebra123 Avatar

      Haven’t you seen the review?? The lady said it is full of faults and pretty bad car !!!

    2. @FGGiskard Avatar

      @@BrateTebra123 ¿?

  3. @jeffreyt02 Avatar

    And the Volkswagen ID Buzz, don’t forget that for people movers! 😊

    1. @toyotaprius79 Avatar

      A 5 seater luxury SUV competitor an MPV does not make

  4. @jefflarson4221 Avatar

    Excellent review Ginny 🇺🇲

  5. @alonze2005 Avatar


  6. @arjunprashad8846 Avatar


  7. @MithunOnTheNet Avatar

    The French are killing it with EVs!

  8. @trthib Avatar

    That cup holder obsession again….

    1. @alanwayte432 Avatar

      What.? Really

  9. @timrothwell33 Avatar

    We had the MPV version of the 5008 and that was because it had 3 equal size seats with isofix in the second row. We don’t need that now but I am still disappointed they no longer have that set up. I know it would be expensive from an engineering point of view but why not allow people to specify a different “3 isofix/equal seats” layout for the second row?

  10. @MegaRetr Avatar


  11. @richard63 Avatar

    The screen on the dash, directly in-front of the driver looks somewhat high. Not that I’d be looking at the road if Ginny was sat next to me. Look forward to the next presentation.

  12. @leonlondon5026 Avatar

    Price ?

  13. @AppleUK2000 Avatar

    Another impressive car from Peugeot! Bravo Peugeot for giving us alluring cars!

  14. @andreasostberg4837 Avatar

    Don’t you get the BYD Tang or the Hongqi over in the UK?

    1. @sIightIybored Avatar

      No Tang, I think the older BYD cars aren’t being converted to RHD. Nothing by Hongqi here either, no idea why though, I presume RHD is part of the problem but that’s not all over Europe either.

  15. @tshikosiphathutshedzotshik1396 Avatar

    Kudos to Peugeot designers. I love this new design language

  16. @bykez Avatar

    Does the seat come up a bit? It looks like shorter people will struggle to see over that curved screen…Perhaps we could get your view once you drive it?

  17. @sonstnichtszutun1383 Avatar

    Please dont forget the Mercedes EQV. Especially because there is a new one now. I know Its expencive but very very lovely. Please do a review of it 😭🙌

  18. @granfersteve3815 Avatar

    Looks like it will be better just as a 5 seat variant

  19. @granfersteve3815 Avatar

    Lots of new car releases but no real in-depth testing as yet. Looking forward to that so you can all be honest about what the cars are really like.

  20. @davidvestey6014 Avatar

    Great, I can store my cables UNDER 750 litres of stuff😂

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