NEW Nissan X-Trail review – better than a Qashqai? | What Car?

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The brand-new X-Trail is an electric cars and truck that burns petrol. Baffled? Do not stress– we explain all in this review, and choose if its much better than a Qashqai.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Introduction
0:30 What is the X-Trail?
1:21 Rivals
1:51 Interior
3:43 Functionality
6:26 Engines
6:53 E-Power
7:55 E-Power driving impressions
9:14 E-Power – the NEGATIVES
10:08 Rates
11:21 Best and worst thing
11:34 Decision


37 responses to “NEW Nissan X-Trail review – better than a Qashqai? | What Car?”

  1. Lozzy E Avatar
    Lozzy E

    What a waste of a battery and motor(s)

    1. Reece Collison Avatar
      Reece Collison

      And a hybrid that produces 148g/CO2 per km what’s the point 😂😂😂

    2. Be Low Below Avatar
      Be Low Below

      That’s the benefit of plugin hybrids,

      They’re objectively better than regular hybrids but that’s not profitable enough for short sighted businesses.

    3. Silver Stone Avatar
      Silver Stone

      What a waste of our time reposting old videos m un subscribing lazy what car recycling on steroids. 2 past vids all done 7 months ago😢

    4. Oliver Stemp Avatar
      Oliver Stemp

      @Reece Collisonthat’s still low for a car this big.

    5. Reece Collison Avatar
      Reece Collison

      @Oliver Stemp none when you consider the plug in hybrids of this size have figures of around 30-40g/km, I know those figures are highly liberal with the truth but still

  2. Pradeep Magan Avatar
    Pradeep Magan

    Thought it was summer in Uk

  3. Stan Sadler Avatar
    Stan Sadler

    Hi I have a new e power one and I get between 40 and 48 mpg , on runs, and around town between 55 and 75 mpg, but you must use the e power pedal.

  4. Tünde Eszlári Avatar
    Tünde Eszlári

    Awesome video.

  5. Barry Crump Avatar
    Barry Crump

    Stopped watching at “fuzzy”.

  6. Nikola Milovanovic Avatar
    Nikola Milovanovic

    Opel Ampera was one of series hybrid on market. ePower is full hybrid, series configuration

  7. TL Avatar

    Nissan should accept that they are not good at hybrids and suck up to Toyota to use their technology instead.

    1. Be Low Below Avatar
      Be Low Below

      Maybe you don’t know your hybrids too well. Not all hybrids are created equal.

      Nissan’s is a series hybrid, Toyota’s is a series/parallel planetary gear set hybrid (that’s also patent protected…)

      But both Nissan and Toyota have been doing something wrong. Advertising that not plugging in is some sort of benefit when it’s the damned opposite.

      Toyota or Nissan’s hybrids would be objectively better if simply offered as a plug in

    2. Oliver Stemp Avatar
      Oliver Stemp

      This ePower seems pretty good.

    3. TL Avatar

      @Be Low Below I drive a Hyundai hybrid and a Nissan EV, so I know what I’m talking about. I get over 70 mpg on my hybrid mainly used for long distance high speed motorway journeys. EVs are inefficient and very expensive to charge for long distance high speed driving, so my EV is used only for urban and short regional commutes.

  8. Be Low Below Avatar
    Be Low Below

    Seriously unimpressed by the blatant PR misinformation going on, similar to Toyota’s “self charging” hybrids.

    It’s not a benefit to not plug in. It’s a limitation. How Nissan has been advertising e-Power is antithetical to the LEAF and auto journalists are helping them …

    Prius drivers since the mid 2000s have long DIYed plugin batteries because of how much better it made the hybrid drive.

    And it must be said, Nissan had the e-Power introduced in the Note in Japan since 2016.
    Why is it that we in Europe only have large vehicles shoved in our faces with this not-so-new hybrid?

  9. template16 Avatar

    A good calm review. No hysterics or histrionics. The car seems a normal offering from Nissan, a decent car but not something I would look at buying.

  10. Anakinskywalker Avatar

    Seriously who is bothered with the base models in 2023. Bugger all that! Just get the best version you can afford.

    1. Oliver Stemp Avatar
      Oliver Stemp

      Old people would love its all button layout

  11. Oliver Stemp Avatar
    Oliver Stemp

    So of you get the 5 seater, it’s a big, spacious comfortable car. Sounds great to me. I think it looks great too.

  12. cabottaxi Avatar

    As nice as they are why are manufacturers making cars bigger and bigger. Just leads to more congestion on the road. These cars are just not built for supermarket car parks, new home garages or parking spaces.

  13. Empire Morris Avatar
    Empire Morris

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    1. Starr Wilson Avatar
      Starr Wilson

      HOW! I would really appreciate if you show me how to go about it. Please can you list the platforms?

    2. Simone Avatar

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    3. Susan Lett Avatar
      Susan Lett

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    4. Carolina Smith Avatar
      Carolina Smith

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    5. Sammi Rodgers Avatar
      Sammi Rodgers

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  14. Jonathan Cullen Avatar
    Jonathan Cullen

    100% agree.

    In 2013 this would have been a reasonable option. In 2023 there’s no excuse in pedelling ANY type of hybrid.

    If you’re not ready for full BEV (and there are now only a few remaining use cases where this is not justified) then stick with petrol (but not diesel!).

  15. TheDANYLUK Avatar

    The interior graphic you used to compare with the Qashqai is that of the 2021 Qashqai. It had a mild facelift in 2022 and has the same infotainment screen as the X-Trail. I sat in both a few weeks ago and the interiors are pretty on par quality wise since the facelift. Have my Qashqai on order.

  16. Meni Fo Avatar
    Meni Fo

    I’m trying really hard to understand Nissan’s philosophy behind this odd configuration. What’s the point if it ends up consuming more fuel that it would with a 1.6lt engine for instance. On top of that, you have two different systems to maintain instead of one.

    1. Gerry Bailey Avatar
      Gerry Bailey

      How else can you get 213 bhp and 525 Nm torque from a 1.5 litre turbo petrol engine without putting it under so much stress it would be really unreliable. A 4 litre normally aspirated Porsche flat 6 puts out less torque than that. So 40 mpg from a powerful 4×4 that can easily move 7 people around, it makes sense to me.

    2. Meni Fo Avatar
      Meni Fo

      @Gerry Bailey You have a point there, but what’s the point of all that torque if you only get a very mediocre off-road ability. Do we really need that much power for everyday commune?

    3. Gerry Bailey Avatar
      Gerry Bailey

      @Meni Fo A couple with five kids or someone with six friends might appreciate it. 😆

  17. Steven Jones Avatar
    Steven Jones

    Are there gears or not ? @8:02 The graphic says it is an 8 speed automatic yet @8:08 the presenter says there are no gears.

  18. J Avatar

    4:10 not sure why but the second row seats are so low it feels like you are almost sitting on the floor. Compared to my 2015 X Trail which has a fantastic second even a 6’5 person can sit very comfortably not sure a 5’7 person would be comfortable travelling any distance with out the support.

  19. Rallymos M Avatar
    Rallymos M

    beautiful interior
    beautiful Engine Car

  20. Colin Hopkins Avatar
    Colin Hopkins

    Who is going to be carrying full sized adults in the third row of an XTrail..😕

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