NEW Hyundai Kona Electric review – better than a Kia Niro EV? | What Car?

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In this new Electric , we take a look at whether a makeover inside and out is enough to make this electrical SUV a class leader.

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28 responses to “NEW Hyundai Kona Electric review – better than a Kia Niro EV? | What Car?”

  1. Gary Barham Avatar
    Gary Barham

    Looks are subjective. I like it.

  2. Roger Randall Avatar
    Roger Randall

    Looks sharp. Wish the charging port was centred. Can’t stand the nasty low grade plasticy materials & buttons. Still much prefer my Kia Niro EV4 for it’s plusher interior.

    1. Hisham G Avatar
      Hisham G

      I like them both, the Kona has the advantage that the heat pump is standard, where as you have to pay extra for it in the Niro EV. I prefer the smaller 17 inch wheels in the Niro EV, bigger wheels in the higher spec Konas means less comfortable ride and less range (the basic spec Kona does have the 17 inch wheels). I still haven’t decided which one I prefer.

  3. Pedro Teixeira Avatar
    Pedro Teixeira

    Looks like a 90s Hyundai…. that’s not a good thing!
    And I own an i30 fastback… meaning I have sympathy for the brand.

  4. The Zanzibarbarian Avatar
    The Zanzibarbarian

    K what? BT who? Still never heard of either of them. But I’m very much OK with that 8-))…
    As for the car itself. It looks _interesting_ to say the least. I don’t dislike it. But I’m not sure if I do like it.

  5. Chas F Avatar
    Chas F

    The position of the large light clusters on corners of the bumpers is going to make parking scrapes expensive. Someone needs to tell Hyundai designers what bumpers are supposed to do namely prevent expensive damage from small impacts.

    1. Mike Walters Avatar
      Mike Walters

      It’s a fair point, although I reckon they might be tougher than they look.

    2. Frog Avatar

      I own the 1.6t petrol model of this Kona in South Korea. I have the front and rear parking sensors. This makes it impossible for me to even scrape my bumpers anywhere. Before I used to own a car without any sensors so I also worrried before buying. Now I realize I was just ignorant with my worries. Cars and technology evolves and improves. Don’t judge a car based on past experiences. The electric Kona you buy will come with parking sensors.

  6. 666JGNotts Avatar

    Although that charging point at the front looks very handy, I am wondering if it could also be an issue. A small front end shunt could turn into a very expensive repair and mean the car won’t charge until it is fixed.

    1. DC Various Vids Avatar
      DC Various Vids

      I reckon not charging would be the least of worries. As there’s a trend in the auto insurance companies, that heads toward claim adjusters not knowing if the battery pack and or high voltage system is damaged. Then not willing to accept any risk and writing-off EVs with minor damage.

  7. David Avatar

    I think using simple plastic on areas that are not toched often if durable, is actually pretty clever. It lets u get more features for your money. And as u said they did make important parts like the steering wheel and the silver colored buttons feel good. So no real complaints

  8. Colin Renfrew Avatar
    Colin Renfrew

    Well balanced review.

  9. mjt Avatar

    I get some people will hate it, im fine with the design myself and it ticks most of the boxes i need, a lot of EV’s are massive, this a good size compromise with OK range for me.

    1. Mike Walters Avatar
      Mike Walters

      ‘OK range’ ?
      There aren’t too many EVs today with over 300 miles as a range!!

    2. mjt Avatar

      @Mike Walters well I’m very likely to buy one so ok decent range especially for the size of the vehicle. I stand corrected.

  10. Mark Sanders Avatar
    Mark Sanders

    I really dislike this trend that manufacturers are using to describe ‘faux leather’ – Vegan leather, eco leather etc – in most cases it’s plastic, so let’s call it what it is and not make out that it’s a green alternative in any form.

  11. Dave Lock Avatar
    Dave Lock

    I have the 2021 model and I love it, my first electric car , this summer I was averaging 6.5 miles per klw, even in eco mode its fast! Love it!

  12. RiverGlades Garden Railroad Avatar
    RiverGlades Garden Railroad

    Its nearly perfect me thinks, waiting to get my order in when released in Australia.

  13. Graeme Radtke Avatar
    Graeme Radtke

    I have a 2020 Kona and this looks like a great upgrade. Hyundai have been listening to their customers.

  14. David Brookes Avatar
    David Brookes

    Why don’t you move the steering wheel so you CAN see the speedo?

  15. NEALY Avatar

    Still can’t decide if I like the look of the car. Could be like the MG4 didn’t look great on screen but is very nice in reality.

  16. Henry Ludlow Avatar
    Henry Ludlow

    I’m in the queue for a long range Volvo EX30… it’s infinitely better in every way.

    1. Mike Walters Avatar
      Mike Walters

      Have you seen one in the flesh?
      We have….albeit the ‘shell’ that is touring the UK – weren’t allowed to open the bonnet!

      Range of the EX30 will likely be lower. Boot is certainly smaller – as small as our v1 Kona. Dash is very…..marmite. Spartan with a hint of ‘corian’ running across!
      Moon roof was nice, & seats fairly comfy.

      After watching this, I prefer the Kona.
      Each to their own!

  17. Mike Walters Avatar
    Mike Walters

    Nice review!

    Any detail on some of the functions that re-set on shutting down the v1 car?
    I have to have a pre-drive routine of turning on the auto-handbrake and turning off the lane departure – they always reset themselves!

    Also: any memory seats available now?

    1. Bjørn Aage Brygmann Avatar
      Bjørn Aage Brygmann

      On the highest trim level you get the lounge seats with memory function now.

  18. Daniel Ho Avatar
    Daniel Ho

    Seems like a nice car, probably a bit overpriced compare to rivals

  19. Sean S Avatar
    Sean S

    seems to be priced a bit on the high side, for a compact car

  20. K B Avatar
    K B

    Love the buttons on the inside. The charge port on the front is a major fail. They should hide the charge port.

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