NEW Hyundai Ioniq 6 review – better than a Tesla Model 3? | What Car?

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In this new we look at the Korean manufacturer's head-turning electrical saloon and see how it compares to all of its rivals.

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Video chapters:.
0:00 Introduction.
0:41 The Ioniq 6.
1:30 Interior design.
3:49 Tech and quality.
4:38 Rear seats.
5:54 Boot space.
6:47 Batteries and variety.
7:50 Charging speeds.
8:11 Efficiency.
9:13 Driving impressions.
10:18 Prices.
11:20 Decision.


23 responses to “NEW Hyundai Ioniq 6 review – better than a Tesla Model 3? | What Car?”

  1. Alan Cobbin Avatar
    Alan Cobbin

    It’s a very good attempt by Hyundai,Tesla model 3 is still more efficient,brand new Tesla model 3 is coming very soon which is supposedly to be mind blowing,great video Doug 👍😉💪

  2. David Hayes Avatar
    David Hayes

    I am always surprised at how and even why car makers don’t nail down the obvious things. The need to fit two normal build six foot plus adults in the back comfortably should be a given in a full size saloon.

    1. thorpeman Avatar

      People that are 6’ tall are too heavy and effect performance and range they want anorexic dwarfs so they don’t impact on range

  3. alex135789 Avatar

    Great honest review. For my money I’d still buy the Tesla model 3

  4. Noel Insua Avatar
    Noel Insua

    This car should have a sliding rear seat. Why have so much legroom and so little headroom? Other than that this car is great.

  5. Ray Emre TUFEKCI Avatar
    Ray Emre TUFEKCI

    This makes me appreciate how good an overall package Model 3 is. But the competition only makes things better.

  6. Piner5074 Avatar

    Most people I think don’t care how quick it gets to 60mph, I care a lot more how quickly it gets from 10-80% charge…. WAY more important

    1. INDIGO Avatar

      I completely agree! Because who has time to wait 6-8hrs to fully charge an EV!

  7. Tony Powell Avatar
    Tony Powell

    The question that has to be answered with any EV review — Is this a better option than the MG (fill in blank) or Tesla (fill in blank) in terms of price, warranty, range or supercharger network. The answer is always no

  8. Silvio Marfia Avatar
    Silvio Marfia

    The design is unique, I would not compare it to anything. Regarding the head room in the rear, most families carry kids around not adults bar from a few occasions. It is a great car by Hyundai.

    1. Rob Small Avatar
      Rob Small

      Can’t be unique. Borrows from Porsche and Saab

  9. Chas F Avatar
    Chas F

    A huge missed opportunity here to make a true Model 3 or Polestar 2 rival but they just went too far with the styling and ended up with a compromised marmite car. Not great efficiency maybe partly down to excessive weight compared to the 3 and poorer thermal management. Probably won’t sell that well the smart money going on the Ioniq 5 or new Kona EVs

  10. Megapangolin Avatar

    Interesting, helpful video of a compromised, expensive car, the same length and width as an SUV, but less space- what a great idea?

  11. Gareth Talbot Avatar
    Gareth Talbot

    You guys shoot the perfect videos not too short,not too long, full of detail, with screenshots so the viewer can see physical stats. An honest point of view. Thank you.

  12. Rickie Khosla Avatar
    Rickie Khosla

    Even if nothing else is outstanding about it, it still is a gorgeous looking car!
    Great review, as always!

  13. Obie Paddles Avatar
    Obie Paddles

    Love the styling. Disappointed with price and particularly efficiency vs model 3.

  14. alan jenkins Avatar
    alan jenkins

    So, according to your figures, the Ioniq 6 has a maximum range of 230 miles?

  15. Michael Collier Avatar
    Michael Collier

    Our AWD Ioniq 6 with 18″ wheels gets 14 – 14.5 kWh/100km highway summer driving here in mountainous BC, Canada. I have driven the Tesla Model 3 (2021) and the Ioniq drives better, smoother, quieter and I like the console better. That being said, the Tesla seems quicker and the software and the charging network are better. The Ioniq 6 drives better and has very good efficiency.

  16. Dolph Avatar

    This caw will be perfect if paired with Porsche 3.6l flat six engine, with 350bhp ……oh dreams.

  17. Orca Flotta Avatar
    Orca Flotta

    Love the roofline.

  18. gene978 Avatar

    How can you compare the MODEL 3 that rides hard, is harsh and loud when traveling, has No easy buttons for quick operations no drivers display and reliability issues?

  19. tony n Avatar
    tony n

    It’s nice but for price standard model 3 just wins hands down anytime

  20. Ryan Laffan Avatar
    Ryan Laffan

    It doesn’t do it for me. EV6 still gets my vote

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