NEW Honda e:Ny1 revealed – more than a fully electric Honda HR-V? | What Car?

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The new e: Ny1 has actually been revealed! Is it more than simply a fully electric HR-V? And could it truly measure up to the Tesla Design Y? Enjoy to learn.

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27 responses to “NEW Honda e:Ny1 revealed – more than a fully electric Honda HR-V? | What Car?”

  1. The Big Cheese Avatar
    The Big Cheese

    Seems like Honda is kicking and screaming in to electric. As they are not keen on building new designs.

  2. What Car? Avatar
    What Car?

    Would you buy the Honda e:Ny1 or the Tesla Model Y? 👇

    1. Bmw F800r Avatar
      Bmw F800r

      Model Y

    2. Vladimir Nešić Avatar
      Vladimir Nešić


    3. The Big Cheese Avatar
      The Big Cheese


    4. Derek Conway Avatar
      Derek Conway

      I think they want people to pronounce e:Ny1 as “anyone”

    5. Andrew Dwyer Avatar
      Andrew Dwyer

      @Derek Conway as in “ e:Ny1 want to buy this car ? ………. e:Ny1 ? e:Ny1 ? ……..please !! “

  3. threeleafshamrock Avatar

    Not for me! They’re are too many negatives. In fact (as a Honda advocate) I can’t find ANY good reason for buying one. If I were ‘going all electric’, in the SUV class, I’d definitely be looking elsewhere.
    All-in-all, looks like a bit of a missed opportunity by Honda. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Roozs Avatar

    Honda well beaten by it’s rivals, particulalry the Koreans. Most Honda buyers are quite old, dunno how much longer Honda will last.

  5. Deuteross Avatar

    I have to say, Doug is now my favourite car reviewer on YouTube. I like his elegant and understated style.

  6. Dreador Avatar

    Again the range. Millions of drivers simply do not do 200 mile, heck even 100 mile trips regularly enough to need a car to do that. It’s same as saying everyone only buy a Van as you will sometimes need the space.

    Saying that it’s too expensive for what it is especially if it’s underpinnings are a HRV as little R&D cost to recover in that case.

  7. Richard Johnson Avatar
    Richard Johnson

    I think Honda should put a much bigger battery in the Honda E because i think they would sell a lot of them, i would buy one.

    1. TL Avatar

      I doubt if they can squeeze in another kWh of battery capacity into that car. Anyway, would you buy it if they charge another £10,000 extra? It is already more expensive than EVs in the class above it.

  8. Chas F Avatar
    Chas F

    Nice car for £35k apart from that hideous touch screen, but I can’t see them selling many at £45k plus.

  9. Forsdyke Montague Avatar
    Forsdyke Montague

    EV’s tend to be £10k more than ICE so I’m guessing this will start at £42k. The new Jazz hybrid is just shy of £30k so they are no longer a reasonable priced car.

    1. TL Avatar

      It is now clear why Honda closed the Swindon plant. They have clearly decided to move much higher up the price and premium car market space to maximise profits at the expense of volume. Toyota is doing exactly the same as the Japanese car manufacturers have all decided that they will not fight in the volume and value end against the Chinese manufacturers.

  10. Harry Bartlett Avatar
    Harry Bartlett

    Seems over priced compared to the competitors.

  11. D Motors Reviews Avatar
    D Motors Reviews

    Honda is making pretty great car designs. I like the hrv, the new crv, the new civic is lovely and this e ny1 is good too. KEEP IT UP HONDA! 👍

  12. shani Avatar

    Honestly really sad to see them abandon the cool style from the e

  13. Joram O Avatar
    Joram O

    A note on the battery… if the reviewer here is correct in saying that you can charge it from 10-80% in X minutes, does that mean this car does not have an LFP battery? That would make it even less interesting, aside from the price, charging speed, smaller space and lack of buttons for the AC. The BYD Atto 3 has a lot of similarities, but is quite a bit cheaper and offers much more.

  14. San S Avatar
    San S

    Superb review as always Doug

  15. Ben Paul Avatar
    Ben Paul

    Finally, a decent interior!

  16. Zoltán Boros Avatar
    Zoltán Boros

    Honda’s quality cannot be described by numbers. If they keep it, then it’s ok. And I hope they can.

  17. Paul Day Avatar
    Paul Day

    Thanks for the very informative review. Nice car but I don’t think they would sell many at £45K especially when rivals offer more car for less cash. If that’s the best Honda can do on price then I fear for their future.

  18. rkgooner89 Avatar

    The projected prices their new HONDA cars are slated for will push many buyers to the competitors unless the new honda cars offer better specs, but as mentioned the rivals offer more for less, so its a obvious where the majority will go, only Honda loyal owners will stick to honda, to be honest, Honda new prices seem a bit aloof and a big hike for the new range of cars.

  19. Sam Janko Avatar
    Sam Janko

    If only model E had 300miles range from the start, tremendous opportunity lost there. Still amazing compact design and futuristic interior. What a car, perhaps could be reimagined as a PHEV.

  20. Supersonic79 Avatar

    Good effort Honda… must do better. C+

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