NEW Bentley Flying Spur review – fit for a KING?? | What Car?

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In our new evaluation, we look at whether this hybrid high-end automobile is suitabled for a – and if it's really worth ₤ 200,000.

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Video chapters:
0:00 The
0:48 Exterior style
2:12 Engines and plug-in hybrid
3:41 Prices and options
4:51 Sitting in the back
6:25 Boot area
6:51 Interior evaluation
9:03 Efficiency
11:55 Driving impressions
12:30 Decision and outro


19 responses to “NEW Bentley Flying Spur review – fit for a KING?? | What Car?”

  1. John Cooke Avatar
    John Cooke

    An unsavoury Prince owns one.

    1. Degou Avatar


  2. Marcofabio Carosi Avatar
    Marcofabio Carosi

    Not my taste of car. The old mulsanne R was a joy for eyes and ears.

  3. PETER LLOYD Avatar

    Love it!

  4. Jonty B Avatar
    Jonty B

    Can’t help thinking it’s just a super expensive VW Phaeton

    1. 80Y3R Avatar

      Not for the last 7 years 😢

  5. Advance Last Avatar
    Advance Last

    My next car

  6. Graham Woliter Avatar
    Graham Woliter

    Why don’t you show cars that are attainable to the common man not the chosen few.

    1. BF31 Avatar

      You mean like the Clio, Fabia, MG3, Kona, Corolla? All of which was reviewed on this channel in the past two months?

  7. Big pants Avatar
    Big pants

    side windows look a bit on the small side.

  8. 80Y3R Avatar

    Ffs how is adaptive cruise not just standard?

  9. cabottaxi Avatar

    Think I’ll go out and order 2.

  10. Tünde Eszlári Avatar
    Tünde Eszlári

    Wonderful video.

  11. Wolfgang Ezeh Avatar
    Wolfgang Ezeh

    Better than an S Class? Nope! Bentley bejewels it’s interiors and one can’t luxuriate as in an S Class. It all boils down to preference.

    1. Degou Avatar

      fine, have your preference but the fact is, yes, Bentley is way more luxurious than an S Class

  12. nigel brett Avatar
    nigel brett

    An awful lot of compromises need to be accepted for a £200,000 plus car. S Class all day long for me.

  13. Mihai Mihaescu Avatar
    Mihai Mihaescu

    At 11:21 I noticed the check engine light on. I guess that’s inherited from VW😂

  14. Martin Hutchinson Avatar
    Martin Hutchinson

    While I appreciate the engineering, I’d buy something else for that money

  15. LoadOShite Avatar

    Can I order one of these wee fartboxes with a diesel engine and a tow bar?

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