LEXUS RZ450e REVIEWED: Is this some kind of yoke, Lexus?

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Check Out the RZ450e review:

Initially glance, it's simple to believe that the Lexus RZ450e is bit more than rebadged and posher variation of the Toyota bZ4X, which isn't an automobile which has excessively satisfied us..

However while the Lexus does share a great deal of its big bits with the Toyota, it likewise provides a lot more innovation, high-end, performance and refinement. In specific it has two fascinating features which are set to be seen on all the vehicles we will be driving in the future.

However there's one big talking point that we can't overlook. The RZ doesn't have a part which has actually been considered vital because the development of the cars and truck– a steering column. There is no mechanical connection at all in between the driver and the wheels. This is the very first vehicle to have that.
Lexus calls it One Motion Grip, or (appropriately) OMG for brief. It's going to be offered as an alternative from 2025, so there is still a wait prior to you can get your hands on it. The cost is not yet understood either.

The tech raises a lot of questions, so let's offer first with how it works. On cars fitted with OMG, the standard round guiding wheel is changed with a yoke, like you 'd find in an aeroplane cockpit.

Tesla had a yoke on the brand-new Model S and X, but that was just a standard steering system with a cool steering wheel. This means it has disadvantages and owners have actually discovered it tricky to use.

In the RZ, the yoke is linked to sensing units and a motor, which then tell another motor down by the wheels what to do via a wire.
The creative part is that the ratio of motion can change depending on the scenario. If you are taking out of a parking area, it takes just a quarter turn to get complete lock. Turning from full lock left to all the method right is just 150 degrees, so there is never a requirement to cross over your arms or shuffle the steering wheel through your hands.

Join Tom as he provides the very first real-world verdict on the RZ450e which steering system. Would you select a vehicle with a set-up like this? Has Lexus gone too far? Let us understand in the comments listed below.

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23 responses to “LEXUS RZ450e REVIEWED: Is this some kind of yoke, Lexus?”

  1. Thomas Anderson Avatar
    Thomas Anderson

    Nice review. I was the opposite. Watched all the tech but don’t care about the actual Lexus 👍

  2. David Colin Avatar
    David Colin

    Less range than the BZ4X? Is that possible?
    Considering the BZ4X has come in for some of the heaviest criticism of any EV because of its porr range, I don’t think that’s likely to do well.

  3. David Colin Avatar
    David Colin

    In all honesty, I’ve never been impressed by Toyotas, but am willing to accept that Lexus might make sense.
    However, I have very, very strong doubts whether the Toyota group will be able to survive the move over to full electric.
    I know, I know, They’ve got rid of their Luddite chairman, but they have been so determinedly anti EV for such a long time that, even if they became the most pro-EV company in the entire world, I don’t know whether they can overcome such a hurdle.
    That they’ve also so convincingly shot themselves in the foot wrt their range claims surely can’t help, can it?
    BTW, I am an equal opportunities naysayer: I can’t stand Tesla either.

    1. Benjamin Smith Avatar
      Benjamin Smith

      This talk of survival seems, well, I watched the History channel about Toyota and Honda. Back in the 1950s they really struggled but Toyota’s head at the time kept with it and kept with it until he figured out a way to make his cars work in the USA. He had failure and setback after setback, and the financial position of Toyota was not healthy, yet Toyota stuck with it and turned into the top Japanese imported car in the USA. Also, in 2011 they went from crises to crises and came out of it thriving. So, talk of Toyota “surviving” seems to lack this historical perspective of the real culture of Toyota and you are severely underestimating the will of this company that they’ve proven numerous times.

  4. Nick Firth Avatar
    Nick Firth

    I like this fella’s deliberate and calm style.

    1. TOPCAT Avatar

      Agree. Quite freshing approach.

  5. Thomas Söderqvist Avatar
    Thomas Söderqvist

    Nice review. Where have you been? Haven’t seen you around. This could have been the replacement for my EQC but the range is just not enough. Why couldn’t they have gone for at least 80 kWh?

  6. Al Ferro Avatar
    Al Ferro

    What a nice review! Thank you

  7. Ryan Lucia Avatar
    Ryan Lucia

    Are there any concerns that the recalls impacting Toyota will carry over to Lexus?
    Thanks for the content, nice video.

    1. Benjamin Smith Avatar
      Benjamin Smith

      What recalls? The wheel hub recall was fixed back in October. There may be recalls but recalls happen with almost all brands.

  8. Lewis Standing Avatar
    Lewis Standing

    Does it have the wheels stay attached to the vehicle feature?

  9. Russell Fine Arts Avatar
    Russell Fine Arts

    Beautiful car. I’ve owned and driven the Lexus 400h the past several years and love it. I’d consider this Lexus but the battery range is low and the price high.

  10. Benjamin Smith Avatar
    Benjamin Smith

    Not used to this presenter but great job. This steer by wire implementation looks like Lexus spent time with it to get it as close to right as they could. The usual Lexus qualities are there and this is a pre-production car. I love the dashboard. It somehow flows well and the screen just looks like part of the dashboard rather than something propped up on it. Bravo. The price? If it feels refined and it’s going to be reliable, Lexus has every right to charge more. The range? I kind of don’t care and I’m tired of hearing about range but it’s not as good as it should be. Not a dealbreaker for me at all. But Lexus should work on the range and charging speed.

  11. Mr Bullet Avatar
    Mr Bullet

    I ordered one a while a go… You just like your review because you hit every reason why i ordered it. And god that coffee is good at the dealer 😉

  12. The German Avatar
    The German

    Love the 80’s interior

  13. Throttle Body Avatar
    Throttle Body

    A calming, attenbrough-esque review. Really enjoyed it

  14. Brian Griffiths Avatar
    Brian Griffiths

    Looks good in copper. Interesting review and OMG seems like the next stage up from variable ratio power steering that is easy to get used to.

  15. Smiler Avatar

    Great review.
    The price is a bit of a shock, and the range is disappointing.
    Nice car though.

  16. Problenium Avatar

    Watched three good reviews of this car before watching yours. This is the most electrifying of them all. Subscribed.

  17. Marky Mark Reviews Avatar
    Marky Mark Reviews

    Great review. Not much criticism of what will be a very poor range. 65 kWh or so useable battery is just not good enough for such a large heavy car, You just know the efficiency will be rubbish. They have done the “yoke” right it seems being variable radius depending on speed etc. Better than Tesla! Plenty of positives but price vs range/efficiency will be a fail.

  18. Casper Hansen Avatar
    Casper Hansen

    Like the bz4x does it also have a limit to the number of quick charger kWh per 24 hours? It seems that bz4x can only charge 90 kWh in 24 hours with a speed higher than 50 kW

  19. Si H Avatar
    Si H

    I do worry about the potentially huge costs in years down the line.

  20. Nathan Wolf Avatar
    Nathan Wolf

    I love the way you deliver this review in that chilled, bear like way. Very appealing. The information given is absorbed easily and there is no grandstanding. Thank you. I’ll take your style with me into my own reviews this year. As for the car? I love that we are finally seeing useful, game changing tech entering the market. When developed to its potential new tech like this will save lives and reduce stress on the road, always a good thing.

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