Kilowatt Half Hour | Episode 5: Part tent, part fairground ride

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Weekly, the meet online to go over all the concerns at hand. Such as the weather condition, what we're all having for our tea and who disposed who in last night's Love Island. Between these heavyweight subjects, we also talk about . A lot. Probably an unhealthy amount to be truthful.

And when we do talk about automobiles, we discover a lot. From industry chatter to the more ordinary usefulness of electrical automobile ownership, it's the location where we dish the dirt on the vehicles we have actually been driving and provide our own decisions on the latest electric vehicle . We also like to have an excellent make fun of the daftest little bits of anti-electric that we have actually seen in journalism.

We can't assure that you'll discover much. You probably will not. But if you elegant thirty minutes of idle chat and gossip about the world of electric automobiles, we're here for you. If you like it/ hate it/ think it's too long or too short, let us know.

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22 responses to “Kilowatt Half Hour | Episode 5: Part tent, part fairground ride”

  1. Anna Foster Avatar
    Anna Foster

    Awesome video again! thank you!
    😜 ^

  2. Pamella Forbes Avatar
    Pamella Forbes

    Very good video, TOP quality😌😌

  3. Neville Chant Avatar
    Neville Chant

    Not sure I like the colour sample on your wall Ginny , maybe a slate grey which Tom has got

  4. Musketeer009 Avatar

    Sochaux is pronounced ‘Soshawe’ (near enough).

  5. Graeme Williams Avatar
    Graeme Williams

    Still consider the middle ground for EV products to be a dangerous place to be.

  6. Toby Bushnell Avatar
    Toby Bushnell

    Do you think Tesla will re-add the indicator stalk to the Model 3?

    1. Casper Hansen Avatar
      Casper Hansen

      Nope, people will get used to it so it’s gone for good, just like the USS and the radar.

  7. Mark McCombs Avatar
    Mark McCombs

    Letting you know in the comments below.

  8. Mark McCombs Avatar
    Mark McCombs

    Jeep can have a city car. Why not? Just don’t expect any other performance metrics other than that.

  9. Anthony Stevens Avatar
    Anthony Stevens

    Another top video guys. Just a thought it might be interesting to get a slightly better view on the people on the channel who can’t join the KHH podcast as to what was done, doing, will do over the week. A minor point. Phasing out of the old chargers certainly makes sense given one of the major selling points of a new EV model is the rapid charging ability but from what I’ve read in the news sites (they tell us that they are always up to date and correct) but issues connecting to the National Grid have a huge backlog so a plethora of available fast or super fast chargers may take a very long time. I’m looking forward to enjoying an EV at some point in the future so all the news on the charging infrastructure is useful.

  10. Casper Hansen Avatar
    Casper Hansen

    It’s a misconception that you need 700 km/430 miles of range, I thing the smaller battery with 500+ km of range is more than sufficient for most people.
    The 160 kW charging speed is however a little to the low end but it’s okay for most people as well

    1. Slightlybored Avatar

      I’ve figured I’d at most want 500 miles a day since that’s already a mad distance. Starting charged, with two rapid charges and with high speed in the winter then the 250 mile cars seem to be fine for me. The small van-mpv’s are probably what I’d get since estates are dead, stuff like the e-Berlingo only gets 170 for twice the price I want. Even for my tight wallet things are getting there.

  11. Iain Morrison Avatar
    Iain Morrison

    The argument that we’re reaching price parity is a little misleading. EV prices aren’t coming down to match ICE cars, the price of ICE is increasing towards EV pricing. It’s interesting to look at some Carwow vids from 3 years ago, prices of new ICE cars then were less than those same cars are being sold for now, 2nd hand with more than 20k miles on the clock. Today’s new models are more than £10k more expensive than they were 3 to 5 years ago.

  12. petelmrg hubert Avatar
    petelmrg hubert

    Peugeots ‘game changing’ (and hugely expensive) battery; many years ago I fitted a massive fuel tank to my stealth camper that gave me over 1000kms between fuel stops – was that ‘next level’? You can also get more stuff in a car by making it bigger, just a tip.

  13. Bernard Hilton Avatar
    Bernard Hilton

    Where is Ketering. That’s my reaction.

  14. david adams Avatar
    david adams

    Try driving the discontinued Ionic 38kwh. Mine regularly does 6.2 per kWh and the other day on a 12 mile journey I got 7.1 kWh. Efficientcy was there 3 yes ago. Unfortunately we can’t all afford the cars you report on.

  15. John Clark Avatar
    John Clark

    Why aren’t chargers located as per petrol stations. When driving anywhere there is always a petrol station on the roadside so why do you have to go searching for chargers.

  16. NEALY Avatar

    I hope Peugeot have done what they claim. European Auto industry need a win.

  17. Mark Cornwall Avatar
    Mark Cornwall

    Good update but the big question wasnt asked. Whens Ginny going to paint those walls?

  18. David Baslington Avatar
    David Baslington

    Isn’t the whole Chinese parity issue more about the fact the the euro car manufacturers have been caught behind and are making inferior cars to the Chinese or even the Koreans for that matter? Can’t western manufacturers just get their act together and spend some of their huge profits rather than winge about needing subsidies?

  19. Neil Leete Avatar
    Neil Leete

    Will this platform be used in their commercial range? A Boxer with a 350 mile range…raises my eyebrow!

  20. Neil Leete Avatar
    Neil Leete

    The Kettering hub, I think that’s the one at the A43 and A14 junction? Never used it but there is a costa there.

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