Kilowatt Half Hour | Episode 4: The stars of IAA MOBILITY 2023

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Every week, the satisfy online to talk about all the concerns at hand. Such as the weather condition, what we're all having for our tea and who dumped who in last night's Love Island. Between these heavyweight topics, we also talk about electric vehicles. A lot. Probably an unhealthy amount to be honest.

And when we do talk about vehicles, we discover a lot. From industry chatter to the more mundane functionalities of electrical car ownership, it's the location where we dish the dirt on the cars we've been driving and provide our own decisions on the current electrical vehicle . We likewise like to have a good make fun of the daftest little bits of anti-electric that we've seen in the press.

We can't promise that you'll learn much. You probably won't. But if you expensive 30 minutes of idle chat and chatter about the world of electrical cars, we're here for you. If you like it/ hate it/ believe it's too long or too short, let us know.

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25 responses to “Kilowatt Half Hour | Episode 4: The stars of IAA MOBILITY 2023”

  1. Dennis Jones Avatar
    Dennis Jones

    Looking forward to seeing the Kona

    1. mjt Avatar

      Seriously considering the Kona myself

  2. Mike Avatar

    Hey, I found your channel the other day because my friends were talking about the BYD Dolphin. I’ve been following EV progress for about 10 years, but don’t have one yet. I’m keeping an eye out for a successor to my petrol Astra. At the time I gave the Leaf 24 a test drive but the brakes were awful, the only alternative was a Zoe with battery lease! So the Astra was my “one more fossil car” compromise.

    I was going to post this anyway, so it’s really convenient that you mentioned seat materials in this video:

    I have dust mite allergy, as do about 10% of people, and about 50% of asthma sufferers are triggered by dust mite allergen. Dust mites live in bedding, carpets, curtains, furniture, and car seats! You can imagine that’s a pain, and expensive to replace things, e.g. carpets with laminate, curtains with blinds, fabric furniture with leather.

    An allergic reaction to your car seat is somewhat problematic! Historically it could be managed by getting a car with leather seats (fake leather is fine) because dust mites won’t live in leather furniture.

    As brands bring out their new EVs they are also trying to avoid animal skin. Some reviewers even praise this. The same applies to fake leather because the image is the same. That leaves some brands only offering fabric seats, and therefore dust mite allergy sufferers can’t even consider buying cars from those brands. To me it seems like bad business to exclude 10% of potential customers.

    Sometimes brands claim to have invented a new material. The problem is they never explain the dust mite allergy characteristics of the material. If I buy that car will I be allergic to it once the dust mites move in? If they don’t declare it safe I have to assume the answer is yes.

    Thanks for any help you’re able to give with this struggle. It’s really important to know what seating options are available, and if the brand doesn’t offer leather seats then we need to know the dust mite allergy characteristics of their chosen material. Ultimately we need everyone to make the transition to electric vehicles, we can’t leave the dust mite allergy sufferers behind, and allergies are on the rise.

    1. Lewis Standing Avatar
      Lewis Standing

      Just vacuum regularly with a HEPA filter 🤷

    2. Mike Avatar

      @Lewis Standing That isn’t effective at removing all dust mites and allergen from fabric seats. Allergic reactions will still occur. Seats which dust mites won’t live in at all is the requirement, easily achieved when leather seats are an option.

  3. Toby Bushnell Avatar
    Toby Bushnell

    Suggestion for future: Include a few pictures of the car you’re talking about in the video edit. That would have made the discussion about BMW’s new look more engaging.

    Keep doing these though! They’re great.

  4. Stephen Levett Avatar
    Stephen Levett

    Tesla has done away with stalks for one reason, cost reduction. Think how much design has to go into indicator and main beam switch gear and then take that cost out completely. Same goes for all the buttons that people are always moaning about not being there. You cannot upgrade a button with an over the air update but you can change characteristics on a virtual button. I think most folks miss the reason Tesla does things it does. Simplicity and cost.

    1. Randy White Avatar
      Randy White

      Keep in mind these folks are not fans of Tesla. They mention the new Model 3 but only to complain about the removal of stocks.

  5. Patrick Gardner Avatar
    Patrick Gardner

    I love the BWM Neue Klasse concept, it a brilliant re-imagine of the original 1961 New Klasse BMW 1500 wich saved the company way back then, thank goodness textile interiors are back in fashion and mustard cordaroy and tartan are on the menu again, who knows maybe velour will be back to, it will be so nice to be able to get in a car on a hot day without burning my backside !! Lastly on the subject of car makers listening to customers, when ever a new car is launched I check on the configurator to see if I can configure that unicorn car straight from the manufacturer , that is Bright Yellow paintwork, Black steel gun carriage wheels and an auto gear box . Impossible for years until the KIA Stonic came along

  6. Mark D Larsen Avatar
    Mark D Larsen

    I agree. Tesla has lost it.

  7. FullFatFact Avatar

    The CLA concept looks amazing but how much is it going to cost to buy?

    1. Bullshit Bingo Avatar
      Bullshit Bingo

      Rumored to start at €49k

  8. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson


  9. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Germany’s INSANE gas car subsidy plan: claims “EVs are not the future”

    The Electric Viking

  10. Bryan davies Avatar
    Bryan davies

    Am biting my tongue…. it’s so tempting to go full ‘Carry On’ with some outrageous Pear innuendoes.This is fun and informative, and your colletive enthusiasm permeates.

  11. Rob Verleg Avatar
    Rob Verleg

    I learn more and more 👍

  12. Bryan davies Avatar
    Bryan davies

    I like the new Bimmer concept – if 70% of the design gets to production it’s going to be a huge aesthetic leap forward from the current iteration. But something bugged me… I had a tinge of retro (oh er missus!)… and then it clicked; there is something of the old NSU Ro80 about it.

  13. Mark McCombs Avatar
    Mark McCombs

    Thank you. Great episode. Fun. But please, no swooning over fake car sounds. ty. 🙂

  14. Graeme Williams Avatar
    Graeme Williams

    I’ve had 5 BMWs tough to convert- love Ginny &Nichola… refreshing reviewers!

  15. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    It would make a great Taxy with three seats in the back and not just a pear at the front

  16. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Four different Tesla Cybertruck-Like Electric Motorcycle variants revealed

    The Electric Viking

  17. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Great video ladies and man

  18. petelmrg hubert Avatar
    petelmrg hubert

    If they allowed customers to influence design we would never have got things like the Citroen DS, etc – its a really bad idea, let designers design.

  19. Slightlybored Avatar

    If the Pear used that massive back end on it to have an estate boot (even if it is shorter) it would be more practical than the tiny hatch.

  20. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    I can’t see Fisker surviving. As they haven’t even got one model to market and they are already telling us about the next. Plus the next model is available in various guises. Meaning Fisker will NEVER build at scale! If you can’t build at scale, you will never nail down production costs.

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