Kilowatt Half Hour | Episode 12: Cars with ridiculous names, indicators and postman Mike !

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Each week, the satisfy online to talk about all the important matters at hand. Such as the weather condition, what we're all having for our tea and who dumped who in last night's Love Island. Between these heavyweight subjects, we also talk about electrical vehicles. A lot. Most likely an unhealthy total up to be honest.

And when we do discuss automobiles, we discover a lot. From market chatter to the more mundane functionalities of electric vehicle ownership, it's the location where we dish the dirt on the cars we've been driving and provide our own verdicts on the most recent and truck . We likewise like to have an excellent make fun of the daftest bits of anti-electric that we've seen in the press.

We can't assure that you'll learn much. You probably won't. But if you fancy 30 minutes of idle chat and gossip about the world of electrical automobiles, we're here for you. If you like it/ hate it/ believe it's too long or too short, let us understand.

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20 responses to “Kilowatt Half Hour | Episode 12: Cars with ridiculous names, indicators and postman Mike !”

  1. @specialcircs Avatar

    Nicola is correct, it’s called a pound sign in the US (for weight/ mass) and on phones.

  2. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    😂post man Mike an his electric bike 🤣

  3. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    Great show thanks

  4. @jamed63 Avatar

    Heat pumps and battery warming should be standard, and please give us physical buttons for heating and audio.

  5. @richarddelaney0705 Avatar

    Great fun thanks guys 🙂

  6. @philipreece4648 Avatar

    With the pre conditioning on the ioniq 5, if they added extra options that the * Shortcut buttons could select, it would solve the problem quite easily

  7. @philipreece4648 Avatar

    Could you discuss on your next show the possible problems of depreciation in general on electric cars and the effects it could cause at the end of leasing, had my previous car valued in April this year and by November the depreciation was £10k

  8. @nealyobrien2815 Avatar

    Cyber truck is a ridiculous monstrosity – imagine the damage that would do to a B segment hatch.

  9. @Musketeer009 Avatar

    I’m loving this pod-cast. Mike seems to be more comfortable with the format now that he’s done a few. To my mind, pre-conditioning the batteries should be standard on every EV. Yes, I know it will add cost to the car, but the time saved recharging will be priceless.

  10. @alistairl Avatar

    Thanks again – I make an effort to use the native navigation on my ID.3 to get the benefit of live routing for charge level and consumption, whereas I always used Android Auto on my VW Golf.

    As well as a preconditioning button I think Apple & Google should include more integration in Carplay and Android Auto to support EV features such as battery level and preconditioning. You would think that there’s enough experience in the market to support definition of common APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to allow the information to flow from the car to the phones. Apple has limited support for EV Routing but only on a handful of cars.

    I guess it’s a bit of a moot point once your car has better range / efficiency (another point of improvement for my ID.3) that you don’t care, but in the meantime it’s really useful to know that I’m burning through my range by driving at 70 uphill on the M74 and need to add a charging stop!

  11. @barryharris6394 Avatar

    Hi great show, I understand the backlog for showing videos, was the 6 month review of the skoda enyaq ever filmed as was looking forward to it?

  12. @Pottery4Life Avatar

    I would want to see cameras on EVs be 1080P resolution or better. 🙂 But seriously, heat pumps as standard al all EVs.

  13. @offtheshelfrides Avatar

    In the U.S., the # symbol does mean Hashtag(for Twitter, Instagram etc), pound sign for telephones only, and number symbol for items ex. Micheal Jordan is #23

  14. @bernardhilton3527 Avatar

    I agree with the precondition button. I have recently ordered a Kona and I understand that this car has a precondition button, but it might be on the screen not an actual button. I also want a single press button to get rid of the over speed warnings.

  15. @neilrwilliams218 Avatar

    Sometimes I wonder if interior designers remember the steering column but forget the steering wheel. The driver sensor is a new one, but driver air vents have often been placed where the wheel blocks some of the airflow or your hands/arms in the correct position blocks the airflow.

  16. @neilrwilliams218 Avatar

    For me a game changer would be a heated (and possibly better insulated) washer reservoir.

  17. @anthonystevens8683 Avatar

    Another great “Kilowatt Half Hour” everyone. The banter is brilliant from ‘Postman Mike’ to the disagreements over indicator sounds and stuff. An interesting thought popped into my head regards to the Tesla indicator comments. This could be an interesting challenge for leaner drivers to pass the driving test as if I recall correctly crossing arms or hands when steering is a big no-no. Oh and the ‘titter ye not’ comment about the Smart #1 pressing the ‘a’ hole for access to the rear very nearly drenched my computer as I was drinking mug of tea at the time.

  18. @adyblanchard5438 Avatar

    Regards the attention sensor in the #1, I’ve had mine for 6 weeks now & it started off being really annoying but has settled down and rarely seems to go off now!
    Why I didn’t wait for the EX30? The #1 is much more flexible inside – its a taller car & the sliding back seat allows huge legroom (albeit with a small boot) or vice versa (I’m a 189cm/6ft 3in driver & with a 187cm passenger in the back, he had space to spare), HUD & drivers display behind steering wheel, panoramic roof cover. To get similar spec (e.g.heat pump, 22kW charging, 360 cameras & power seats) in the UK the EX30 is £42k compared to £39k in the #1. 
    Voice control helps a lot when using CarPlay but I agree about the main screen being very cluttered.

  19. @andreabollani6746 Avatar

    Thank you very much for your work.
    One game changing thing for EV in my opinion would be widespread bidirectional charging, not only V2L but V2Home and V2Grid.
    I’ve read that the F150 and the Leaf can do it and now maybe Tesla, but in my country (Italy) apparently the grid autorities made V2G ILLEGAL, and you can do V2H only if you are disconnected from the grid, and that seems complicated.
    How is it in the UK?
    Yeah also standard heat pump and easy preconditioning would be nice, how many minutes before charging do you need to activate it to work properly?
    Thanks again.

  20. @TassieEV1 Avatar

    Welcome to Australia where indicator stalks are different depending on manufacturer. I like the signal/indicator on the right side of the steering wheel what most cars have but there are a few that have it on the ‘wrong’ or left side Tesla being one those that still have stalks at least. My classic Ioniq has it on the right side so hoping the new 2024 Kona has it on the right side as well.

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