Kilowatt Half Hour | Episode 11: The most expensive seatbelts…. in the world!

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Each week, the meet online to talk about all the important matters at hand. Such as the weather condition, what we're all having for our tea and who dumped who in last night's Love Island. In between these heavyweight subjects, we also speak about . A lot. Probably an unhealthy total up to be honest.

And when we do go over automobiles, we learn a lot. From market gossip to the more ordinary functionalities of electrical automobile ownership, it's the place where we dish the dirt on the cars and trucks we've been driving and deliver our own verdicts on the latest and truck . We likewise like to have a good make fun of the daftest bits of anti-electric that we've seen in journalism.

We can't promise that you'll find out much. You probably will not. But if you fancy 30 minutes of idle chat and gossip about the world of electrical cars, we're here for you. If you like it/ dislike it/ believe it's too long or too brief, let us know.

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20 responses to “Kilowatt Half Hour | Episode 11: The most expensive seatbelts…. in the world!”

  1. narvuntien Avatar

    The Seal is a lot cheaper in Australia, where it undercuts the Model 3 and the i4 is very expensive. Its lowest spec is cheaper than the Trophy MG4. I will be interested in how it drives since in general Chinese cards aren’t sporty with the MG4 being the big exception

  2. Poly Avatar

    I signed up to an amazing lease deal last week as it was an absolute no brainer. Brand new top of the range Citreon EC4X for £197 a month on 2 year deal with £1700 upfront payment. Total cost £6 over years. When factoring depreciation of my current used ICE Qashqai and savings in energy (I will charge from home) and no MOT, servicing unexpected costs it had do be done. There was so much demand it has now been taken down. I encourage everyone to look at lease EV deals right now as there are some absolute bargains out there. The deal I got was much cheaper than the ICE equivalent as well.

  3. Ryan Henry Avatar
    Ryan Henry

    –% on my 2017 Leaf about 4km from home. Got home, looked at leaf spy, still had 600Wh in the battery so took it back round the block a few times. Nothing like some experimentation to build your confidence.

  4. Tony Barton Avatar
    Tony Barton

    But the BYD s 🦭 seals got flappy paddles 🤪🤣😂😂😂

  5. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    I signed up for an E-C4, on lease around 1 yr ago. Personally I love the comfortable seats & suspension. Great car very efficient when driven at 65mph…. pretty much, exactly what it says on the computer. Looked at Peugeot, Vauxhall, Renault, MG and Citroën… before finally choosing the E-C4.

  6. Slightlybored Avatar

    They don’t appear to know, but 95% of new cars are financed from the dealer or work lease scheme. Even more might be financed some other way.

  7. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Morning Mike, Nicola, and Tom

  8. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    November Update | The Definitive UK EV Charging Prices & Power Guide

    Dave Takes It On

  9. Anonymous PDG Avatar
    Anonymous PDG

    Tom, lease costs are so confusing as mentioned, some cars that look expensive to buy are cheaper to lease but others that are making the news as ‘cheaper’ EV’s (EX30) are really expensive. An ultra model single motor, extended range is over £600 a month and that’s over 4 years with £2,000 deposit!! What is going on??

    Haha, another of Toms experiences with charging is so real. I did a journey similar and decided to charge at the Gridserve chargers at Wetherby services and thought I would be pretty much guaranteed a charger as there were 12 units. Got there with 5% so in Toms terms plenty but found every charger was occupied. at this point, my tummy was hurting thinking oops, not enough to find somewhere else but fortunately someone finished and pulled out so I could charge. Phew!!

    I love the Kilowatt hour but what is going on with Nichola’s camera, colours all over the place and blurred 😂

  10. The Laser Hive Avatar
    The Laser Hive

    Awww thanks. And I’m really not an angry person, honest!

  11. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Great show thanks

  12. Ben Hillard Avatar
    Ben Hillard

    Good ep.

  13. Jude Brown Avatar
    Jude Brown

    Green cars: my dad drove for over six decades and had three serious accidents, all of which nearly killed him, none of which were his fault. Every time he was in a green car. Much as I love a British Racing Green I’ve never been able to bring myself to have a green car…. superstitious, me? Never!😅

  14. Mark D Larsen Avatar
    Mark D Larsen

    Sorry to hear about your LEAF, Tom. I really miss mine. It was a great car, just didn’t have enough range for true roadtrips. I’ll be curious to learn what EV you finally decide on to replace it. I confess ignorance about leasing, however, as I’ve only bought every vehicle I’ve owned, because I hang onto them for many more years than the typical lease length. Nicola, I’ve grown endeared to you: “the indicators are really nice”! Hahaha. 🤣

  15. Grizzly HP2 Avatar
    Grizzly HP2

    Strange, In the Netherlands, the cheapest EV to lease, with a 200mls range is already around €500 per month.
    Would love to have that around €250 like in the UK.

  16. Tobore Avatar

    Hey Nicola, it’s 2023 — time to give your webcam a little makeover! 😄📸

  17. Kevin Mair Avatar
    Kevin Mair

    Is it some kind of milestone that we can be snobby about what EV to buy or not?

    MG4 Tropy owner.

  18. di we Avatar
    di we

    Unfortunately, the days in Germany where one could speculate that the ticket would be delivered late are over – unfortunately they have been for several years!

  19. wendy hopkins Avatar
    wendy hopkins

    Yay I got mention , thank you so much , I love listening to the kilowatt half hour 💖 ❤️ 😊😊

  20. alistairjl Avatar

    Good episode again and interesting to hear about the ID.3 plans for new hardware – I’m getting on well with my ID Version 3.2 and improvements sound good for a few years when the finance runs out on my ID.3. I’ve tried other cars but I’m tall too (like Mike) and the space in the ID.3 is great.

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