How to get your car for FREE (or get to keep it and save £££) |

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Trying to find a new electric automobile? The possibilities are you're being provided some very appealing to assist purchase a new 24-plate vehicle, however we have actually found a hack which will you can pay more than ₤ 100 less each month and get to keep the car at the end of the agreement – essentially meaning you get it for free compared to taking the maker's financing.

This is possible since of the insane reverse in the car market, which is specifically affecting EVs. Heavy depreciation on some designs means some cars and trucks with fewer than 100 miles on the clock are being advertised at prices below the overall cost of the finance payments on a brand-new automobile.

Currently the most popular type of finance agreement is a – which represents Personal Agreement Purchase. This implies buyers don't spend for the entire worth of the car, and just cover the depreciation. This keeps monthly payments low compared to standard ways of funding an automobile, like hire purchase.

At the end of the arrangement you can pay off the remaining amount of the automobile's value and own it, or you can simply hand the cars and truck back and leave with no further dedication.

Please keep in mind we are not monetary advisors and you need to do your own sums. However ideally this will inspire you to conserve some cash.

For a complete explanation on how to do it, plus ALL the amounts, check out the complete story here:

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24 responses to “How to get your car for FREE (or get to keep it and save £££) |”

  1. @mikadavies660 Avatar

    Another UK YouTuber… talking in depth about this…
    Definitely not a Guru….
    Well worth a look as the more info you collect the better you can choose… 👍

  2. @robsmith1a Avatar

    I think maths can be sexy. I am single though and the two may be connected. Given that depreciation is the single largest cost I tend to go for five year old cars with a good service history and sub 50k miles. An awful lot would have to go wrong for repairs to cost £300 per month. Nice video – thanks – even though it did burst my balloon.

  3. @MoragDrummond Avatar

    Did you not say HP was old fashioned? That’s what you’re recommending, just in form of a bank loan instead of finance.

    1. @badboy250984 Avatar

      In principle is the same but with some difference. HP finance you don’t own the car until you finish paying everything for x amount of months. Where as personal loan from the bank, you own that car and you can do whatever you want etc. What you own the bank is just a sum of personal loan and not car finance despite you use that money to buy a car. That same amount can be used to decorate your house etc or extension.

  4. @BenWillock Avatar

    I’m still not getting how exactly any of these options mean you’re getting a free car…? Maybe I’m dumb.

    1. @Jamessansome Avatar

      It’s obviously not free is it!

      I thought it may have been a comparison with an ICE version where the fuel costs of the ICE are equal to the monthly payment on the EV and home charging costs.

      Meaning, if you did move from an ICE to EV and did for example 50k over 5 years you’ll essentially be owning and running a car for the same costs as just the fuel & maintenance if the ICE.

      You would have to start with a cheaper used EV, which there are loads of now!

    2. @matt7997 Avatar

      A bit tenuous but there was never going to be a free car was there?! The ‘free’ element is because if you pay £22.5k on PCP, you end up with no car. If you pay <£22k with one of the methods illustrated, you end up with the car without paying any more money.

  5. @lew7676 Avatar

    I get where you are going with that, but I wouldn’t buy a Vauxhall to do it. The dealer network and their ability to repair these cars is a thorn that would burst both those balloons to smithereens.😅

  6. @UKRenna Avatar

    If you are making payments, it isn’t free.

  7. @SoftwareInTheWoods Avatar

    My god. So you’re saying if you buy a car you actually own it? 😮 I’m so glad you made this video. I could never have worked that out myself.

    1. @FFVoyager Avatar

      A lot of people think renting is car ownership.

  8. @Yanquetino Avatar

    Well… good for car buyers on your side of the pond, Nikki! Won’t happen here. Um… are you sure that was a balloon that Mike passed to you…!?!

  9. @Jaw0lf Avatar

    If the car yu want is available a year or 2two old, that will definately save you money. How you finance it will also make a difference and if you shorten the term you obviously pay less. In the past I have been able to get amazing deals on new, after deposit contributions and discounts, making the new one cheaper than a 6-12 month old one! Not sure that these deals are as easy to get at the moment so having a backup and being prepared to buy a used one is a good approach.

  10. @anthonystevens8683 Avatar

    This all makes total sense Nicki, even I could understand it. Well done Nicki.

  11. @TheophilusPWildbeest Avatar

    The messages are: 1: Buy nearly new instead of new 2: Arrange your own finance. Simples.

  12. @riaz8783 Avatar

    Pretty good video, but we need more car reviews with Nikki, Nicola and Tom!

  13. @CakeFine Avatar

    In next week’s episode, we’ll tell you how to get a free house when you get a loan out.

  14. @turbogeek.421 Avatar

    “Wanna pay less for a car?? Buy used!!”


  15. @PeterNewman Avatar

    Wow! Borrow money and buy something. Amazing advice

  16. @stevencampbell1150 Avatar

    So the bottom line is don’t buy through PCP… Not telling me anything I don’t know….

  17. @Pete-rf6zz Avatar

    This is true, you are much better off buying secondhand for sure

  18. @juriskabanovs6369 Avatar

    Used cars are cheaper then new ones – wow 😮😂

  19. @disarchitected Avatar

    Only one small problem, you end up driving a Mokka E. No thanks!

  20. @russiaisadictatorship.8865 Avatar

    The ev market has collpsed.
    All car makers will do anything to keep the ICE cars now.
    Could have told them long time ago

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