FIRST LOOK: Hyundai INSTER – inside the £22k city car that’s set to be a huge hit | Electrifying

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This is the – which absolutely appears to have been called to attempt and attract the Gen Z vehicle purchasers. Only no one informed them that, if that holds true, they must have called it the TikTok or the SnapChat because just old people like the team usage Instagram, nowadays!

Anyway, the new Hyundai is based on Hyundai's existing little city automobile – the Casper. The Casper is presently only offered in Korea (in my viewpoint, Casper would have been a better name to stick with!), which is likewise where it's developed as part of a joint endeavor with among the local producers. And that's what allows Hyundai to reduce expenses.

Speaking of which, Hyundai hasn't verified rates, yet, however the INSTER is anticipated to cost from around ₤ 22,000 – a similar amount to its arch bane, the Citroen e-C3.

It's not going to be quickly, mind … The 95bhp, 42kWh INSTER will take 11.7 sec to get to 62mph. The larger 49kWh automobile gets a massive 113bhp, for a somewhat less awkward 0-62mph time of 10.6 seconds.

Thanks to a long( ish) 2.58 m wheelbase means that the INSTER has pretty good area in those back seats, and you can even include an optional setup that enables the seats to slide and recline, so that you can prioritise more boot area or legroom. If you do include that choice, though, you can only seat 2 individuals in the rear seats– rather than the three that you can squeeze in if you stick to the basic seats. As with the front seats, the rear seats also fold flat, however they only seat 2 individuals.

Join Ginny as she takes a close browse the brand-new INSTER. Is this going to a winner when it shows up in the UK? Let us understand what you think in the comments listed below.

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38 responses to “FIRST LOOK: Hyundai INSTER – inside the £22k city car that’s set to be a huge hit | Electrifying”

  1. @garrycroft4215 Avatar

    This is what the Honda e should have been. ❤ Hyundai has nailed it. 😮🎉

    1. @ObiePaddles Avatar

      They really blew the Honda e with the battery size.

    2. @jamespaul2587 Avatar

      No, this is much uglier than the Honda, but at least it’s more practical

    3. @silluete Avatar

      Honda e are released too early imo maybe if Honda e still updated today it’s will be similar.

    4. @garrycroft4215 Avatar

      @@silluete the only problems with the Honda e was the eye watering price and poor range.

    5. @jamespaul2587 Avatar

      @silluete  no, the specs and range for the Honda were very poor for the high price they charged

  2. @RedBatteryHead Avatar

    Perfect size and price. Probably most will hit 30K I guess

  3. @mikeymike1792 Avatar

    What a brilliant, brilliant car. It’s basically a FIAT Panda EV, only cooler.

    1. @RedBatteryHead Avatar

      @@mikeymike1792 my thoughts. Better Panda than the one they are presenting.

    2. @keithwhite9992 Avatar

      No the ec3 is basically a fiat panda

    3. @manikdesign Avatar

      This is the coolest looking car ever, fiat panda was my favourite looking car but this just kills it. All I need in my car collection is the canoo 7 seater and that’s me done for life.

    4. @benholroyd5221 Avatar

      You got me excited about a panda ev, I just googled it. eugh.

      I used to have a panda 169. I really loved that car.

  4. @chriss4949 Avatar

    Should call it an Ioniq 1

    1. @my2cents795 Avatar

      it’s not a bespoke EV so they chose not to.

  5. @colinrenfrew48 Avatar

    Well done, Hyundai. Looks brilliant.

  6. @mykeljewell Avatar

    So interesting seeing you next to it versus the tall bloke from fully Charged. It goes from Kei car to Crossover 😂

    1. @peterjanbo657 Avatar

      Indeed 😂

  7. @rikm12 Avatar

    Yep great car that resembles the gen 1 Kia soul. Which is also a great little EV.

  8. @medman36 Avatar

    I just fell in love with the inster, and it’s not limmerence. Never mind the demographic audience for this vehicle, hyundai just ticked almost all the boxes of my wishlist what I need an compact EV to be to have value. I think this EV has appeal for all dempraphocs. Hyundai just blew the competition away in my view with other brands in this segment based on specs and features, as standard, interior en exterior, alone. If the 49 kwh can achieve all weather all season range of 186 miles between 20 and 80% soc I’m sold! Hoping the 49 kwh version will be well below 25000 euros incl taxes. If so it is true value for money than the competition. The eC3 basically only has the comfort suspension going for it, the fiat 500e has only the iconic design going for it for a hefty comparative price, the compact byd maybe has more style a slightly more interior stle but far less fully specced than the inster, the id2all may be a close competitor but will likely have a heftiger pricetag and slightlynless features, maybe only competing on slightly better performance specs, the honda ev has better front interior design for a hefty price butbwoth much less range and size, the Dacia is too basic for the price and performance and looks relatively expensive for the price, renault 5 looks lackluster in terms of total package compared to the Inster EV, but you’re paying mainly for design and modern nostalgia (which will likely be more niche now in my view

    1. @EcceJack Avatar

      With a heat pump….. 🤔 Possibly!

  9. @mystisith3984 Avatar

    I love that the seats are foldable 💯 & that they didn’t try to sell it as a 5 seater. Families of 5 with a single car are rare and that’s not the kind of car they would buy anyway. Cargo space is what gives the versatility.
    The name is the only thing I don’t like but I’m also not a gen Z so… Well done Hyundai.

    1. @timrothwell33 Avatar

      We are a family of 5 with one car

  10. @thindo Avatar

    Lots of creativity in that small cheap(used relatively) car

  11. @younggarethr Avatar

    I’m going to have to apologise to Hyundai. I’m in my mid fifties and I love this car and feel it could replace my 4 year old Kona EV. The future is looking very bright.

  12. @DavidJohnston58 Avatar

    Step aside Genzeeee! Baby boomer wants one.

    I’m not a massive EV fan, but that ticks the boxes.

    Good work Hyundai.

    1. @avtomad722 Avatar

      100% agree, and I am not genzeee either, I’m skidding my way towards 50 and I really want one of these

  13. @sammygirlie345 Avatar

    I love it has a ignis panda vibe

    1. @user-jt4fy4od9r Avatar

      Plus a Nissan Juke with those lights placed randomly at the front…

  14. @sevensixtysteve8662 Avatar

    I don’t know about the target demographic but I think this will be a hit across all age groups. It looks cool, has really thoughtful design touches and really well integrated tech. Small, light and more affordable, this is a great example of what EVs should be – fantastic job by Hyundai.

    1. @Noah_E Avatar

      Like the Scion xB that was supposed to be designed for young people, but was too expensive so 9/10 people who bought them were retirees.

    2. @tenwatts2378 Avatar

      Battery is too small for me. I don’t need fancy but 49 kWh for large pack means no longish trips.

  15. @darrenaitcheson795 Avatar

    Notwithstanding the potentially divisive exterior look, Hyundai Group has nailed it yet again.

  16. @shroomyesc Avatar

    Looks like a brilliantly practical little car and also not skimped on the equipment either which is great! I know lots of people who have stepped up to a segment above what they want/need only because the equipment they want isn’t available in the smaller car. I used to have a first generation A-Class, this certainly has more rear legroom but the versatility of the interior reminds me of that.

  17. @zark0_code Avatar

    I freaking love k cars, I wish the EU made a category for them, so we can have cheaper insurance and taxes so they are finally properly sold here. in the mean while this is probably good enough, although I really want slidy doors, I was considering a second-hand Citroen e-Berlingo, but this will probably take its place (i like camping).

  18. @mrRTvids Avatar

    I have a Kona 39kwh (2020), since the last 3 years and its been my only and main car. With the average maximum range of 250km (155miles) and its been perfectly fine. Inster with its +200miles range would be a nice upgrade for me to be honest :). I absolutely love my Kona and its long warranty.

  19. @silver33 Avatar

    The US needs this.

    1. @Jrfeimst2 Avatar

      Yeah I agree. Car companies think everyone in the US makes over 200 grand and can afford these high priced EVs.

  20. @sbomorse Avatar

    This is so cool. It’s going to sell so well in the UK. They’ve finally realised cheap electric cars don’t need to be boring and that interior especially looks nicer than anything under £30K. Glad to see it also has all of the tech you expect from a more expensive car, including the heat pump as standard, it’s going to be a much better proposition than the E-C3 and the new Fiat Panda. I don’t think anything is going to come close for the money. I’d even choose this over the BYD Dolphin etc.

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