Fiat 600e FIRST UK DRIVE. Does the 500e’s big sister have la dolce vita? |

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The 600e is an adorable, compact household crossover– the all-electric successor to the 500X and a more spacious big bro for the 500e. It shares the majority of its hardware and powertrain with the Jeep Avenger, is well geared up and competitively priced. We also enjoy that it's really quite little; it remains in between a VW Polo and VW Golf in length.

The is a compact household vehicle that, at 4.17 m long and 1.78 m large (without the wing mirrors) is a bit larger than a conventional supermini and a bit smaller than a conventional mid-size household vehicle. It's more of a high-riding hatchback than an SUV, which indicates it's developed to use the best of both worlds as an easily urban-appropriate parking ninja, and a practical grown-up vehicle for the longer freeway trips.

It looks charming, too. The styling hints from the electrical 500 are apparent, and that's no bad thing as the 500e is one of the best-looking automobiles out there, to our eyes. For the 600e the percentages are extended and there's chunkier surfaces all round, with contrasting chequer-finish surrounds to the rear lights and – on the top-spec La Prima – also on the wheels. La Prima also gets the contrasting black body set and chrome badging for additional premium SUV-ish appeal.

The Fiat 600e has a 54kWh lithium-ion battery, with a usable capability (the amount that you're really charging and discharging) of 51kWh. That's good for a variety of up to 254 miles in the less expensive 600e (RED) model, or 252 miles in the La Prima, and in our summer test drive through a variety of faster back road and slow town stuff, we handled a real-world figure of 220 miles, which is only a fraction less than you get in an MG4 Long Range or VW ID.3.

Join Nicki as she takes the new Fiat 600e out for the first time. Does it still have the magic of its smaller sized brother or sister? Should it be on your shortlist? Let us know in the remarks listed below.

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21 responses to “Fiat 600e FIRST UK DRIVE. Does the 500e’s big sister have la dolce vita? |”

  1. @EmilyEscoban Avatar

    Watching your videos is like diving into an ocean of beauty. Thank you for this visual celebration!🍇 3 🎓.

  2. @DariuszTech Avatar

    Very interesting car. We definitely more a family practical EV’s

  3. @ISuperTed Avatar

    Nice, but the reality is there will be a lot more than £3,000 off the list price in a couple of months. Still too expensive for what it is and expect them to be selling for £25k very shortly and top specs under £30k Stellantis list prices are complete fantasy.

    1. @shreeshsaurya4203 Avatar

      If such legacy carmakers go bankrupt, then you can’t blame others!

  4. @thomaseriksson3182 Avatar

    Thanks for this!👍 really like this car in black color-more then others stellantis. Nice interior and instrument cluster- But you should test the cheaper model”Red” instead-better comfort with smaller wheels and more stylish interior in black and red👍💯

  5. @MrBassaman Avatar

    That is a Peugeot e2008 with a Fiat clothing 😂… you can see the e208 wing mirror 🙂

  6. @jonperkins8696 Avatar

    Finally, colors! In the States….it’s usually a choice of of black, some shade of grey, or white…with blue and red being exciting….if you consider shades of grey a wide spectrum of choices. I love watching y’alls critique of cars.

  7. @SWR112 Avatar

    This is where it needs to be £24k with a lot as standard but let me guess typing as watching is it £35k. Not far off my prediction yeah they need to drop it another ten grand.

  8. @Harrythehun Avatar

    Question, does these expensive cars from Stellantis imply that they really don’t want to sell their cars? Or does it mean that they can’t make price competitive value cars?

  9. @Yanquetino Avatar

    My wife has always loved the look of these miniscule Fiats. It would be a great little urban runabout. A roadtrip… would be a bit grueling. I think the front end has a sleepy look… or suspicious… doubtful… skeptical? Hold on… gray is a “boring shade”? NO! My CyberGray Ioniq 5 is a real head turner.

  10. @wayneheyes4934 Avatar

    Shame the hybrid doesn’t come with full black interior it has lost a sale from me as this looks amazing I have no choice but to go for a 500x

  11. @avtomad722 Avatar

    Good review, after initial dissapointment I am now more interested in this car, I like the interior

  12. @Finglebat Avatar

    That cover on the centre console is a deal breaker, I think it would be better just left open. I’m also not sold on the headlights either. £33k-£37k 😮 Citroen EC3 and Renault 5 feel like a more interesting choice for both design and price.

  13. @fryke Avatar

    Its looks are a bit too awkward to fully invoke the “500e but a tad bigger” charm, and the price is too close to a better equipped Tesla Model 3 SR or a smart #1, which both also give rear wheel drive and feel much less “budget car”-like. At least over here in Europe. I’m not sure how the prices compare exactly over there. (Here, La Prima is priced higher than both other models I mentioned.)

  14. @keithreynolds Avatar

    The eyes have it, but the side view doesn’t IMO. I like the “Brick Red”.

  15. @MixBags Avatar

    Always great content Nikki👍

  16. @BMWHP2 Avatar

    Thanks for the review. We loved the 500e, and that it came with a Cabrio version. (didnt like the price thou)
    What we dont get, is why people need 4 door saloons, for the rare occasion that the “friends” don’t have a car, and claim yours to be transported.
    We are a household of 2, and never ever need more than a 2-door car. When the kids with grandkids ask us to take the grandkids, we also switch cars.
    So nobody is needlessly riding around all year with a car that is to expansive, to big, to heavy, and uses to much energy for every km.
    We really don’t get that “urge” for a behemoth SUV like all the neighbors in the street. Wasn’t an EV all about “better for the environment”?
    So why bigger, heavier, more material and more expansive . . . . for that 1 time a year to transport friends? Cant they take the bus?

  17. @eduardoimperiogrillo1706 Avatar

    That front end is so Penelope Pitstop!

  18. @anthonystevens8683 Avatar

    A great review Nicki. The prices though, well… err well. It’s all marketing speak isn’t it. Fiat saying these are the prices but we’ll give you a pile of money deposit if you get one. Who will buy one at retail? Anyway It’s a nice car but I’m unsure if it’ll be on my test drive list. The 500 in my book has a much more character but folding the kids in half to fit them in the back in tantrum mode could sway many views I think.

  19. @amniote69 Avatar

    With those eyes up front it’s so like Ermintrude the cow.

  20. @user-wi8ft3uh5o Avatar

    Great review. Nicki where is the stunning bomber jacket from

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