All-new MINI Countryman Electric DRIVEN. Is the Maxi MINI a winner? |

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State hi to the new MINI Fellow citizen– the first supersized MINI to come with an all-electric drivetrain. The five-door crossover SUV has grown in size, gaining 60mm in height and 130mm in length. This provides more interior area, including just under 30mm of extra width in the shoulder and elbow location, while rear travelers get 25mm of extra area.

The vehicle features a completely new powertrain and is readily available in two variations which mirror the new MINI Electric. The Countryman E will cost ₤ 41,500 and utilizes a 64.7 kWh battery which offers approximately 287 miles of electrical variety. It utilizes a 201bhp motor moving it from 0-62mph in 8.6 seconds.

The ₤ 46,600 Fellow citizen SE ALL4 uses the same battery but has 2 electrical motors, giving an overall 308bhp and four-wheel drive. The 0 to 62mph time is 5.6 seconds and the electric range is 269 miles. Both models have 22kW air conditioner charging readily available as an option and 130 kW DC charging as requirement.

Three brand-new trim levels will be readily available – Traditional, Exclusive and Sport, and all feature the same circular OLED screen as the hatchback.

Join as she takes the new MINI Fellow citizen Electric out for the very first time. Does it still have the magic of its smaller sibling? Should it be on your shortlist? Let us understand in the comments below.

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Fellow Citizen. 00:40 Styling.
01:12 Versions, Battery Size, Variety and Cost
. 03:07 Boot Space. 03:41 Back Seats.

04:57 Interior. 05:47 The O-Led Round screen.
08:45 Storage and Practicality. 09:12 Driving impressions.
11:40 Go Kart mode.
12:25 Tech and Drive help systems.
13:25 Charging.
14:42 Our decision.


26 responses to “All-new MINI Countryman Electric DRIVEN. Is the Maxi MINI a winner? |”

  1. @neillgatley8770 Avatar

    This is longer and wider than a series 1 Land Rover if you want something from scale.

  2. @robhills2613 Avatar

    Surely it should now be called Maxi.

    1. @FFVoyager Avatar

      The Maxi, like the origial Mini was a wonderful piece of car design.

      Modern cars with their invasive suspension struts and fat seats tend to have far less interior space. The Moulton designed suspension of the 60’s and 70’s BL cars made them ride far more comfortably than those on springs, especially with the current obsession with pointless massive cartoon style wheels.

    2. @markthomasson5077 Avatar

      Is it actually bigger than the Maxi?

    3. @PaulMeier-cu3ds Avatar

      The original Maxi was a terrible car which my family had for a thankfully brief period. It was the original BMC Friday car which did not work very well and could be relied on to break down at critical family moments. I have terrible memories of that Maxi.

    4. @FFVoyager Avatar

      @@PaulMeier-cu3dsfor sure, BL vehicles had a tendency to be built very badly and rust away!

      But they were very well designed – just badly executed.

    5. @PaulMeier-cu3ds Avatar


      Thank you.

      I can assure you we did not care about the design, only whether it was likely to get us from A to B in one piece.

  3. @AdrianoCasemiro Avatar

    Mini Oxymoron edition

  4. @tonybarton3746 Avatar

    They’ve miss d a trick in the back , there should be a ski hatch between the seats , ideal for stowing your skis , fishing rods etc 😊👍😊

  5. @yitzele Avatar

    Love the look of this. The interior in particular seems like it’s finally become what it was trying to be all along. Lovely

  6. @AR-zr1om Avatar

    I’ll be honest I don’t like the front but the side profile, rear and interior are fantastic. I think it’s the headlights which aren’t quite right

  7. @lm3718 Avatar

    Great 4k video, well done.

  8. @PaulMeier-cu3ds Avatar

    A really fun preview, thank you.

    This is clearly a wonderful car. I like the well thought out mix of real buttons and switches and touch screen UI, and the lunch plate display both looks good and is practical. Cars I would buy as an alternative include either of the Brabus Smarts or, surprisingly, one of the higher spec Nissan Ariyas. On price, I think BMW are pushing it to the absolute limit for this Mini sub brand sector.

  9. @user-zl2wr3nw2d Avatar

    That car when configured on the mini website in Ireland is €66k+ … way too dear for a mini!

  10. @SarahAnderson-id4yz Avatar

    Great review, love the car!

  11. @adamsgarfy25 Avatar

    I didn’t expect to like this, but I do. I expect it will get very expensive once specced but Mini do tend to beat most for residuals. Need to know more about real world range.

  12. @anonymouspdg6121 Avatar

    Its not perfect but this is certainly on my consider list when I come to renew my lease. it is frustrating that you cannot get any finance figures online and have to go through the tedious process of having someone from a mini centre contact you which is like opening pandoras box for emails, texts and ongoing pointless communications. It would be much simpler if you could get examples of figures for PCP or lease like most other manufacturers do?

    Still another enjoyable video. Thanks Ginny!

  13. @neilleete6859 Avatar

    20s in and my first thought was “look at the size of it!” Mini was called mini because of its revolutionary design to keep it small and compact. That name has been lost, it now a brand name but doesn’t suit. just call it something else.

  14. @andyballard1883 Avatar

    Great video and I really like the walk out of frame at the start into the garden with the old Mini so whoever came up with that 👋but a walk back into the new Mini Frame would have been even better. You right it is a ‘premium’ brand but nearly double the price of the new Renault 5 , that is a hard sell for me.

  15. @G6EJD Avatar

    Ginny – good review, I saw some of it I was concentrating on other distracting things! It’s a premium brand now, been in to see one and a test drive reveals how good it is, many people trash them but they should visit a dealer and have a look, they are very good and you only get what you pay for. It is of course a BMW X1 with a different body which says a lot.

  16. @sergiorelvas Avatar

    At Portugal, again!!! Welcome back…

  17. @BMWHP2 Avatar

    Thanks for the review. We always liked that old smaller mini and owned one. But not this behemoth 4-door thing, and we dislike the huge price.

    1. @thedreamfactory6964 Avatar

      This ain’t a 4 door. I count 5. FYI a Model 3 or an Accord saloon are 4 doors.

  18. @markgraham190665 Avatar

    You had me at parallel parks itself. What sort of wizardry is that? I could do with that feature

  19. @AmitabhGhuwalewala Avatar

    I am truly wowed by this! I am seriously considering this to be my next EV.

  20. @JoseSantos-vd4hg Avatar

    I’m a big Mini enthusiast. I am in my 4th Mini and I was looking forward for the Countryman EV. For the price is a very hard pill to swallow when you compare the competition. Tesla Model 3, more practicality, room, features, absurd charging network, more range, cheaper, comfortable driving, way better interface. And doesn’t lag with the interface and have the option of upgrade the infotainment in the future with better hardware

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