New Toyota CEO: No More Automatic Transmission!

the present CEO of Toyota decided to make use of the Handbook Transmission in their Electric and Hybrid . Handbook transmission will offer the standard manual lover a reason to buy electric and trucks and enhance the sales of Toyota automobiles. Let's dive deeper and find out more about Handbook Transmissions in , specifically Toyota.

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5 responses to “New Toyota CEO: No More Automatic Transmission!”

  1. brads heavy equiptment adventures Avatar
    brads heavy equiptment adventures

    LOL Good luck with that.

  2. swhbpocl Avatar

    Who is funding you?

  3. J* Avatar

    A paddle shifter system would be fun

  4. Acknologia Avatar

    if you are gonna be using videos from other channels like throttle house you really need to do the bare minimum and cite that you took it from them in your video

  5. Paul Jürgens Avatar
    Paul Jürgens

    I like this Idea of Toyota!

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