Elon Musk’s ALL NEW Model 3 SHOCKS The Entire Car Industry!

As Elon Musk introduces the latest Tesla Design 3 it shocks the entire cars and truck industry and the entire EV market. The Tesla Design 3 is here and it brings incredible brand- Tesla functions for the Tesla and Tesla fans out there. The new will have a complete redesign of the exterior geared up with level 4 self-governing driving software this vehicle can drive entirely by itself without the chauffeur's aid. The brand-new electric vehicle also has an extended variety of 700 miles which is crazy and likewise some upgraded interiors like the yoke guiding wheel we find on Tesla Design S and with cloth ventilated seats and many more functions including new Tesla Design 3 updates so let's take a more detailed check out the ALL-New Tesla Design 3. The Tesla upgrade in this video is about brand-new Tesla Model 3 2023.


5 responses to “Elon Musk’s ALL NEW Model 3 SHOCKS The Entire Car Industry!”

  1. Stanislav Pavlov Avatar
    Stanislav Pavlov

    “Top design” 😂, common it looks like a Ford Focus from 2005… Also the “revolutionary” cloth seats.. 😂😂😂😂😂 ?! Are you serious?!

  2. Ba bu Avatar
    Ba bu

    Cheap quality, must be more cheaper

  3. Paul Jürgens Avatar
    Paul Jürgens

    if it costs 19.999,- Euro I would buy it including full upgrades 🤣.

  4. J* Avatar

    Still an all glass roof, no thx😂

  5. Stephen Smith Avatar
    Stephen Smith

    Love Love!!! Dude, who composed the script for your narration? I logged onto YouTube to ask you to please proofread the script prior to narrating it, because it potentially depreciates vehicles due to the level of attention to detail within the presentation. At the 3:31 mark you committed a redundant grammatical error with, “…much more softer…”; instead of either, “much more soft” or “much softer”. Apparently, no one else seems to have taken it seriously, which is why I aspired to be an English educator back in the day. But edumacation ain’t that serious no mo; fuhgeddaboudit! LOL!! Peace!

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