ALL NEW One-Stroke Engine Will DESTROY All Competition!

Let's discover the all brand-new one stroke vehicle that is the top of the science and innovation in the automobile and automobile industry.

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3 responses to “ALL NEW One-Stroke Engine Will DESTROY All Competition!”

  1. Billy Crutchfield Avatar
    Billy Crutchfield

    Totally would not buy any type of a ICE engine ,but that was very interesting 💥💫👁

  2. Mad McCallum Avatar
    Mad McCallum

    NM = newton meters

  3. John H Avatar
    John H

    Good luck to them. Still, heard things like this before, e.g. rotary engines. Slow taking off from the start? Not good for city driving. Seems like a lot of unproven parts and systems. Hook up the trani, cooling system, oil system, a/c, power steering, alternator, environmental stuff: how much power does that bleed off? Too early to call this a revolution. But, glad to see research and innovation in the field still going on.

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