Why have we Demonised Diesel Engines ? – They are BRILLIANT ! | 4K

Not that several years ago we were are encouraged to purchase engined vehicles. Then ' Gate' occurred and they suddenly became the worst thing ever and we were all told to buy EVs. Well I presently have a diesel powered Land Rover Defender as a long termer and the engine because vehicle is absolutely fantastic. I thought we need to have a chat about diesel vehicles and their function in today's transport system.


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46 responses to “Why have we Demonised Diesel Engines ? – They are BRILLIANT ! | 4K”

  1. Biker Bob Avatar
    Biker Bob

    I’ve always loved the Diesel Engine. Infact I have got the New Audi S4 TDI . ITS brilliant and will not be selling it any time soon…..

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      Nice 👌

  2. mark day Avatar
    mark day

    I miss my golf TDI, should have kept it. Loved that car with the low end torque.

  3. John Ball Avatar
    John Ball

    Absolutely, another vote for a Jaguar XF 3.0 TD. I have owned my 2009 car for 11 years and love it. Very fast off the lights if you are so inclined, because of the massive torque. But also more importantly, at 70 mph it is only doing about 1700 rpm so extremely economical on the motorway at 43mpg. It is the best modern car I have ever owned and will not sell, even though living in the new proposed ULEZ zone will have to pay £12.50 which is a total rip off con. It is probably better to pay it, than buy a newer less reliable full of electronic problems car that will depreciate heavily.

    1. Nick Musselle Avatar
      Nick Musselle

      I have Jag XF, and I concur.

    2. David Gallop Avatar
      David Gallop

      Have a particulate filter fitted, and retest emissions !,

    3. cjwl1 Avatar

      I too have a Jaguar – a lovely classic S type 2.7 Twin Turbo D built in 2007 – and like you i get a fantastic mileage. I had a Jaguar XE 2 lt petrol before – more modern but nothing like as satisfying to drive – in my case in rural Dorset. in addition my present Jaguar is MUCH simpler electronically cruises like yours at well under 2000RPM and also much less to go wrong. Finally it was less than a quarter of the price i got for my 2018 XE and has a much better MPG of course

    4. Conservator Avatar

      Yes, It’s torque that helps to accelerate, the horsepower only determines the top speed.
      An older BMW 520d does 0-100kph in 8.8s while the 520i would take 10s to get to 100kph.
      The top speed of the petrol powered one is (only) slightly higher though.

    5. Paul Davis Avatar
      Paul Davis

      I owned a 2009 XF 3.0 TD myself but my normal driving did not naturally clear the DPF so I had to do special runs to clean it out. I loved the car but found several things started to go wrong with it. I have since owned a Mercedes S class and a Volvo S90 and had no reliability problems with either of them (the Merc was actually 6 years older than the Jag which I bought after I sold the Jag). A friend of mine worked at Jaguar for a few years and it is an issue with jaguar that stuff starts to fail after a while. Silly things like door handles sticking out so the door won’t lock or the boot release not working except on the key fob (2 issues I had) and the supposed sealed gearbox should have an oil change before 100K miles or you risk an expensive gearbox repair. Jaguars look great and they are lovely to be in but the reliability is not there.

  4. David Lee Avatar
    David Lee

    The most environmental advantage they have is they last a very long time if looked after and that in itself saves a huge amount of carbon

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      Yep 👍

    2. Kia e-Niro Diaries Encore Avatar
      Kia e-Niro Diaries Encore

      Even a Diesel engine cannot match an electric motor for durability. A diesel is also more complicated, has less torque of course than a motor but it’s biggest problem is that no amount of ad blu or Euro n standards can take out the nitric oxide, sulphur dioxide and particulates.

    3. Steve Zodiac Avatar
      Steve Zodiac

      ​@Kia e-Niro Diaries EncoreThe motor isn’t the problem, the lithium ion battery is. I have a 7 year 5 month old 35 k mile Nissan Leaf with 33% 4 bar battery degredation. I also have a 19 year old MX5 and a 15 year old Mercedes E Class diesel, both in perfect working order and both with the ranges they had when bought by me new. I will never buy another EV ever again. they are just inferior and not fit for purpose long term.

    4. The Laser Hive Avatar
      The Laser Hive

      @Steve ZodiacIf you’ve got 33% degradation after less than 100,000 miles and 8 years Nissan warranty should be your next step – and then sell it with the new battery pack if you dislike it so much.

    5. eugenux Avatar

      ​@Kia e-Niro Diaries Encorefinally some common sense. congraz!

  5. Gustav Franzsen Avatar
    Gustav Franzsen

    I always look for the torque-figure and at how low revs it comes in. Power means nothing to me. High torque at low revs (1800rpm) makes for effortless, smooth driving 😎

    1. Conservator Avatar

      Power determines top-speed only. It’s torque that does the acceleration. Cars are hardly ever driven at top speed and never without acceleration. 🤓

    2. Matthew Belfield Avatar
      Matthew Belfield

      It’s true what they say, power sells cars, torque wins races.

    3. Francisco Shi Avatar
      Francisco Shi

      ​@ConservatorPower is what gives you acceleration. Get a motor with half the torque and twice the power and gear it down correctly and it will out accelerate the lower power motor. Also power band is important. If the power is high for only a few hundred RPM it is also not very useful unless you have a CVT.

  6. Stan Elder Avatar
    Stan Elder

    I couldn’t agree more – diesel got unfairly condemned for the actions of one or two cheating manufacturers. I maintain an old (2005) Peugeot 407 with the 2.0HDI turbodiesel (also shared with Ford’s of the same era) in Northern Ireland for when we visit and it’s a brilliant thing, even after 150,000 miles – still wafts along delivering 45-50 mpg on a steady run. No imminent ULEZ restrictions on the island so far, so I shall keep it!

    1. Khalid Acosta Avatar
      Khalid Acosta

      45-50? Mine gets 54-56 mpg over 10k miles 😉 65mpg on a run. 75mpg if I eco drive, fantastic engines, ultra reliable. Last I heard, PSA / Ford didn’t have to fluff their numbers and cheat. Most likely because these engines are used in industry standard testing for all sorts.

    2. Ed C Avatar
      Ed C

      Older diesels get better mileage as they have less emissions mitigations.

  7. John Andrews Avatar
    John Andrews

    Its great to see someone actually testing a diesel & being honest
    I’m all for electric cars in city’s & they make so much sense for old aunt Mable who goes to get her papers everyday & goes shopping once a week
    But for those of us who love driving for work & pleasure & do lots of miles but still need to drive on a budget a diesel is the better option & in most cases the only option
    I love my diesel mondeo & I’ll be running her until there is no more diesel then I’ll put her in my garage alongside my mk2 granada 2.8 estate & my rover sd1 v8

    1. Ciaran Burke Avatar
      Ciaran Burke

      My kind of person 👍

    2. The_Lost_Navigator Avatar

      I will argue that aunt mabel shouldn’t have an EV. Far better to use the batteries in busy vehicles like taxis and delivery vans.

    3. John Andrews Avatar
      John Andrews

      I totally agree
      But the technology isn’t really there for vans
      Not ones properly tested in real world scenarios
      We have 3 electric vans at work
      They look nice because they are brand new
      They can’t carry the loads that they say they can nor can or do they do the claimed range
      Infact no even close
      They say it can do 200 miles when in fact its more like 120 which is poor considering the people who buy these want them to carry loads etc

  8. Antonio Luis Gomes de Menezes Avatar
    Antonio Luis Gomes de Menezes

    Diesel… yes! Could not agree more with you, but the main problem is called politics, not reason. Keep on the good work.

    1. Conservator Avatar

      100% correct. It’s frustrating (and even damaging too) when politicians ignore facts.

    2. stevie 007 Avatar
      stevie 007

      Totally agree 👌

    3. Dave Dyer Avatar
      Dave Dyer

      The main problem is Particulates! Some just don’t get it, 40k related deaths is OK I guess!

    4. AngusNZ Avatar

      @Dave Dyer so you’re more worried about particles than atmospheric gasses? I’m not saying we shouldn’t worry, but it’s pick your poison. My 2018 Passat bi-tdi is euro 6 rated, my 2018 outback 3.0 drinks that heavily Ide hate to think what it is.
      Diesel is more fuel efficient so less litres burnt per mile, less burnt is less pulled out of the ground. And I’m glad Ped covers electric power generation. That’s genuinely someone without bias, just facts

  9. Nick Musselle Avatar
    Nick Musselle

    I used to be a vehicle tech in The RAF, in training, we went into detail about how efficient the diesel engine was compared to petrol.

    1. Simon Gibbs Avatar
      Simon Gibbs

      Had the same experience during trade training in the Army. We all laughed at our diesel instructor when he explained how diesel’s were superior to petrol. Been driving BMW diesel’s for years!

  10. The Vintage Appliance Emporium Avatar
    The Vintage Appliance Emporium

    Rudolf Diesel would be incredibly proud of what the modern engineers have done with his technology. And also amazed!

    1. Terry O Avatar
      Terry O

      He would. Diesels have over 100 years of innovation behind them.

    2. Dennis M Avatar
      Dennis M

      So would Herbert Akroyd Stuart. Someone rarely mentioned but actually more relevant (and a British engineer).

  11. John Crook Avatar
    John Crook

    I have owned three diesel cars and own one now. It is a Peugeot 308 and does up to seventy miles to the gallon. I drive up to Peterborough from Portsmouth and back again and still have half a tank of fuel, when I get back. It’s a shame that the manufactures decided to cheat on emissions as I bought this car in 2014 as a main dealer demonstrator with about 4000 miles on the clock and it has now done about 95,000. The engine is a good as the day I bought it.

  12. Jon Burnell Avatar
    Jon Burnell

    I like how diesels drive, the effortless torquey pull of them is so relaxing. But as I rarely do more than a 20 minute drive, the DPF realistically prohibits me from getting one.

  13. Mark Pulford Avatar
    Mark Pulford

    I’m glad you made this video. I prefer a diesel engine to a petrol engine. They are much more fuel efficient and the midrange torque is so much better than a petrol engine. Diesel engines are perfect for everyday driving. I still think diesel is the way to go.

  14. Steve Carter Avatar
    Steve Carter

    Brilliant explanation and giving clarity to the positives for diesel. The technology that is now being used addresses most of previously identified issues so don’t dismiss it without thought.

  15. Douglas Shorter Avatar
    Douglas Shorter

    Absolutely agree, I am on my second diesel, the first bought new in 2004 a Mondeo 2.0 130hp served me well for 14 years. I have family in Berlin and visited them 3-4 times a year, plus we would also travel all around Europe, hence my clocking up 242k. I only parted with it due to rising maintenance costs. But thanks to the extended Gov scrappage deal in 2018 I changed it for a Hyundai i40 diesel 140hp, which is also being utterly brilliant. Probably due to it’s 70ltr tank I can now get from home to the outskirts of Berlin on a single tank, that 632 miles door to door (not including the wet bit after Dover) and I usually still have 80-100 miles left in the tank, dependant on traffic, roadworks etc. If I was to be forced to use a ‘milkfloat’ then it would most likely take a full 2-3 days with all the recharging that would be involved, not to mention the additional costs of hotel(s). I’ll stick with my oil burner until Bio Fuels or Hydrogen get sorted out properly.

  16. Tris Avatar

    I drive a 2016 530d Touring. Buckets of torque across the rev range paired with the 8 speed ZF makes it so effortless to drive, as well as making it feel significantly quicker than the 258 bhp figure would suggest – sub 6 second 0-60 and an easy 50mpg on the motorway is hard to beat!

  17. Andrew Reay Avatar
    Andrew Reay

    Absolutely brilliant Pete, finally someone standing up for the diesel engine, I bought a 2 year old Ford Focus in late 2014, (my first diesel car) best decision I’ve made in buying a car, it was the £20 a year tax that made it for me, then I realised very quickly that my fuel bill had halved while still doing the same mileage. (my previous car was a 1.6 petrol focus) Towing our caravan is a breeze, so much easier than a petrol. Nearly 9 years later I still have said car and have had very little go wrong with it, just over 130.000 on the clock 50ish mpg around the town and still going strong, what more could you want, personally I wouldn’t have any other vehicle but a diesel powered one.

  18. Tony Daddario Avatar
    Tony Daddario

    My Honda Accord tdci engine circa 2007 was a work of art, absolutely loved it especially after it was retuned to over 200bhp and it was cleaner and quieter than most. Do a bit more digging though, many Euro 6 diesel models are a disaster waiting to happen with dpf related issues.

  19. Karl Reilly Avatar
    Karl Reilly

    Completely agree! High mileage driving suits a diesel. My 200k mile Mini proves that (had it from new). The racing at Le Mans a few years ago showed what could be done with diesel, particularly with Audi leading the way. Electric cars have their place for city / local short drives, but as a working vehicle, diesel is technology that works.

  20. Garry Murphy Avatar
    Garry Murphy

    Love my Defender D250 and totally agree with you. It’s incredibly refined and a fabulous piece of kit for munching the miles. Twin this with our little mini electric for all of our short journeys into the local villages and I think we have the perfect combo. Unfortunately diesel has been given a bad name from diesel-gate but totally unjustified imo as well.

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