Toyota ‘Rolls-Royce’ – New Century SUV and the best cars at the Munich Motor Show!

The 2023 has actually been happening today, and there have actually been SO many brand-new automobiles on show! From petrol-powered Passats to futuristic principles, Mat's pulled together all the crucial statements you require to know about.

Beginning with gas power, there were a whole load of brand-new cars unveiled. Audi brought its new V8-powered SQ8 SUV, while Porsche used the very first real-world look of the lightest 911 you can purchase, the limited-edition 911 S/T. Porsche didn't stop there, however, likewise revealing the most effective Cayenne you can buy, the new Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid! It wasn't all about power and efficiency, though – VW also shared the brand new Passat!

Naturally, there were numerous electric automobiles on program. Audi revealed the interior of the upcoming Q6 e-tron, which includes the brand's brand new Digital Stage infotainment system! Two brand-new MINIs were also unveiled, the MINI Cooper and MINI Compatriot, and Chinese brand names were likewise present, especially with BYD flaunting the Dolphin hatchback and Seal U SUV!

And of course, it would not be a motor show without a load of principles to look around! This ranges from the Idea (a take a look at how future BMWs might look) through to the Cupra's shooting brake Dark Rebel and an upcoming all-electric Mercedes G-Class!

The concern is, what was your favourite vehicle on program? Let us understand in the remarks!

New Tesla Design 3 driven:

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53 responses to “Toyota ‘Rolls-Royce’ – New Century SUV and the best cars at the Munich Motor Show!”

  1. carwow Avatar

    What was your favourite car unveiled at the show?

    1. Argho Saha  Avatar
      Argho Saha

      I don’t know 😢

    2. Moh Ko Avatar
      Moh Ko

      You 1

    3. Anowar Parvez Avatar
      Anowar Parvez


    4. Luke Septer Avatar
      Luke Septer

      Dacia sandero

    5. z a Avatar
      z a

      toyota Century

  2. Du Hast Mich. Avatar
    Du Hast Mich.

    I personnally like these videos of mat giving us the news of new cars. Keep it up bruv🤝

    1. countryside_guy Avatar

      Yeah…. It’s literally his job.

  3. ABHM Avatar

    BMW i7 Protection won’t let you outrun your attacker got me 😂😂

  4. Abdullah Mirza Avatar
    Abdullah Mirza

    Oh God I want to see a full review of that Porsche 911 S/T. What a treat to see that car

    1. BARON Avatar

      I assume this is 911R just cheaper, does that mean 911R will finally come down from 1mil lol

    2. jccques Avatar

      @BARONit’s basically a Gt3rs touring with manual gearbox

    3. Peyton Daus Avatar
      Peyton Daus

      gotta love that design

    4. amarjit singh Avatar
      amarjit singh

      @BARONAn used 911R in the UK is around 400-450k

    5. Syed Rehan Fida Avatar
      Syed Rehan Fida

      Shmee has a video on it in person (no drive test though).

  5. Giga Jakovljevic Avatar
    Giga Jakovljevic

    It made me sad where the auto industry is going.. 😢

    1. Allan Leedy Avatar
      Allan Leedy

      Where is that?

    2. Giga Jakovljevic Avatar
      Giga Jakovljevic


    3. 𝗦𝗛𝗨𝗧 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗙𝗨𝗖𝗞 𝗨𝗣 • 𝗙𝗨𝗖𝗞 𝗬𝗢𝗨 ☭ Avatar

      Finally we will no longer see vroom vroom as-holles

    4. Ibrahim Jubayer Avatar
      Ibrahim Jubayer

      💯 true

    5. MaxT Avatar

      What do you mean? Can you please explain?

  6. Awa Avatar

    There has to be a mercedes or audi employee at bmw who convinces everyone that these designs are fire lol

    1. Jules Ski Avatar
      Jules Ski

      BMW is so gonna bankrupt with this design

    2. TDCIYB77 Avatar

      The answer is simple: CHINA. We western markets are far less important today than Asia, and those designs are all targeting the taste of that market.
      Its sad, especially as a German, but that is the world we live in.

    3. Robbie Phiri Avatar
      Robbie Phiri

      After watching the BMW,I finally understand your statement 😂

    4. Neagu Andrei Avatar
      Neagu Andrei

      BMW always had simple design for their concept cars before some great production cars.

    5. Demo Gaming Avatar
      Demo Gaming

      @TDCIYB77 Nah China might have slightly weird taste in cars, but it’s not this bad. That car looks like it came from the designer’s fever dream, nobody will like this design, not even China. The biggest things over there at the moment are luxury MPVs and traditional sedans. Trust me they’re really not as weird as you think.

  7. New Cycle Avatar
    New Cycle

    Hey carwow, I just watched your latest video and I wanted to say that Toyota is really trying their best. It’s not easy to constantly innovate and meet the ever-evolving demands of the market. Despite the challenges, they continue to push boundaries and deliver reliable cars. Keep up the great work, Toyota! #InnovationInProgress

    1. Rasmus Nielsen Avatar
      Rasmus Nielsen

      But thet cant make a solid electric car?

    2. Boeing 737 -900ER Avatar
      Boeing 737 -900ER

      @Rasmus Nielsen its funny how the bzx4 isnt even theirs lol, its a subaru. Toyota is getting lazy after getting majority of the market share in the US atleast

    3. Oh Avatar

      @Boeing 737 -900ER a car like the 86/BRZ wouldn’t happen without that partnership, those type of low powered driver focused cars don’t sell that well outside the MX5. Toyota has brought the 86, the supra, the GR yaris and the GR corolla all in the last few years, they are doing fucking brilliantly by my books as a sports car fan

    4. Nice person Avatar
      Nice person

      @Ohthey brought the lfa as well my boy

  8. Bjorre Meijer Avatar
    Bjorre Meijer

    The Darkrebel looks awesome, although you’re gonna have a really bad time If you get hit by that front end

  9. Kendra Sunderland Avatar
    Kendra Sunderland

    It‘s not the Munich Autoshow. It‘s the IAA, the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (International Automotive Exhibition). It was first in Berlin, then in Frankfurt and now moved to Munich.

    1. ChaseMooga Network Avatar
      ChaseMooga Network

      So it IS the autoshow IN Munich? Or nah?

    2. Gabriel Neto Avatar
      Gabriel Neto

      Okay but it’s on Munich 😂😅…..

    3. ONE NHEO Avatar
      ONE NHEO

      IAA recently moved from Frankfurt to Munich because Frankfurt hates cars.
      And since many people in Munich begin to hate cars too only electric cars may be displayed. The 991ST from Porsche is the only exception.
      Brave New World.
      Germany not showing her excellent products is like Apple throwing away its iPhone. Germany is going coconuts.


  10. Richard Patton Avatar
    Richard Patton

    I don’t think they’re making enough SUVs…

    All the best to everyone

  11. PurpleTT99 Avatar

    So if you’re after a relatively affordable sports car what was there? The GTI? Surely there’s a market for an adrenaline-fuelled smile-mobile to whizz round some B-roads on. I grew up on an MGB GT, a TVR Griff etc. Motor shows were about aspiration and dreams. I guess those days are gone. Glad I experienced them.

  12. Fenrir Slip Avatar
    Fenrir Slip

    I genuinely believe that a lot of auto manufacturers are gonna be in for a rude awakening when they realize that these minimalist interiors are not ideal for the majority of people. Some might get used to it over time, but I for one don’t see the reason why they feel the need to change/take things away when the tech worked just as good if not better than they would in an interior with no buttons and switches. Not to mention, the minimalism simply makes the cabin of a car look dead in my opinion.

    1. SuperBlackpants Avatar

      well said, my thoughts exactly

    2. Your Mom Avatar
      Your Mom

      I absolutely hate how minimalism has ruined car designs (both exterior and interior designs). Everything nowadays feels bland, sterile, soulless and incredibly boring.

    3. Huzzzer Avatar

      Absolutely correct. A balance has to be found in between minimalism and style. Look at the interior of the C7 Audi A6 for example. It is very functional, not confusing but also has style. But concepts are concepts for a reason; they give automakers an idea of what they buyer likes and thus things like this are subject to change.

    4. DrOneOneOne Avatar

      It’s boring as hell.

  13. Youtube User Avatar
    Youtube User

    This looks like a show room of some of the cars I’ll be considering in about 15 years time from autotrader.

  14. C. Fecteau-AU-MJ13 Avatar
    C. Fecteau-AU-MJ13

    Ooh, now I’m not an SUV man, but that Century is a candidate for the coolest SUV on the road and I have to admit… I do want one.

  15. Rickey Shell Avatar
    Rickey Shell

    Hey Carwow. I started watching your car race comparison. I’d like you switch drivers after 2 races, to see if it makes a difference. Can one drive the other car better? I wanna know. Love your videos keep them coming

  16. HoliestYeet Avatar

    Cupra is an example of a major company listening to their consumer base and they’ll still be able to maximize profit due to ticking the right boxes. Dark Rebel (prod versions/diff model crow sourced) and the Dark Horse are gonna do insanely well simply because they offer to listen and then execute as efficiently as they can.

  17. Nice person Avatar
    Nice person

    Pleased to say I’ve gotten over the e class looks. However, I’m still skeptical about the lack of creativity in the interior due to the prioritisation of tech over beauty.

  18. scorpa Avatar

    Good video.
    What a sad years to be a car enthusiast. At least Porsche still makes good cars

  19. Nghiye Lekwa Avatar
    Nghiye Lekwa

    Would’ve never thought that there will be a time that i will be unexcited by a an auto-show review.. Hooray Electric cars!!… 🚶🏾‍♂️

    1. Jakob K. Avatar
      Jakob K.

      It is super boring this year but not because these cars are electric, but because the manufacturers just make boring stuff now.
      Electric cars can be exciting, but not if they are all just giant SUVs. (I remember how excited I was by the Honda e concept)

  20. TheBizzle90 Avatar

    I remember going to car events and feeling hyped for new cars. Nothing of that now.

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