This is the most luxurious car in the WORLD!

Satisfy the all-new !

Mercede's flagship all-electric SUV has actually been offered the treatment, and it has competitors like the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and in its sights! But is it the essential glamorous SUV? Let's take a closer look.

Starting with the style, there are a number of upgrades over the standard car to guarantee you do not blend the with the routine EQS SUV. There's a substantial chrome grille up front, combined with chrome trim around the sides and across the rear bumper. There are a number of badges to be discovered across the vehicle, too, consisting of a load of miniature badges covering the phony air vents in advance.

However naturally, the major updates are on the within! Choose the First Class upgrade, and you'll discover 2 different lounge seats in the rear of the automobile. These featured a load of convenience features, from multiple massage choices to the capability to retract the seats to be practically flat. In terms of technology, you'll also find 12" touchscreens mounted to the back of the front seats, quick charging for your smart device and HDMI ports that link to the screens. There's also a fridge, insulated cup holders and even a pair of champagne flutes!

It's not just the technology and comfort that are impressive. The Maybach EQS SUV is powered by double motors that can deliver 660hp and 950Nm of torque – that's 114hp more than the top-of-the-range EQS SUV! The Maybach EQS SUV can also strike 60mph in just 4.4 seconds.

So it sounds excellent, however all of this luxury will not come inexpensive! We do not have an exact cost yet, but given the rate of the regular Maybach EQS, you can anticipate the SUV variation to come with a cost of around ₤ 200,000 – and that'll be prior to you include optional additionals!

However will it deserve it? Or is the Rolls-Royce Cullinan the must-have luxury SUV? Stick to Mat and see on your own!

00:00 Intro
00:21 Design
01:47 Back Seats
03:23 Motors
03:57 Performance
04:21 Front Seats
04:52 Products
05:16 Batteries
05:52 Sound
06:36 Driving
07:25 Rate

Mat's favourite high-end SUV:


86 responses to “This is the most luxurious car in the WORLD!”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Which looks better? VOTE BELOW!

    1. Modellissimo 1:87 Avatar
      Modellissimo 1:87

      @carwow sorry Mercedes 😢 but the Cullinan looks 100 times better except for the absolutely ugly UNPAINTED!!!!! plastic rear apron from the RR

    2. EKG CANADIAN   enthusiast Avatar
      EKG CANADIAN enthusiast


    3. jaosn palmer Avatar
      jaosn palmer

      Rolls but both ugly.

    4. Anakinskywalker Avatar

      Rolls Royce any day.

    5. Simon Naumoski Avatar
      Simon Naumoski

      @carwow 🎉

  2. Labib Manzar Avatar
    Labib Manzar

    This looks more like a blob than a Mercedes Maybach.

    1. Reabetswe Thipe2 Avatar
      Reabetswe Thipe2

      Yeah…the Blob Maybach😢

    2. Connor Cullen Avatar
      Connor Cullen

      What colours your maybach

    3. Hassan Mohammed Avatar
      Hassan Mohammed

      A Mercedes Mayblob

    4. D Motors Reviews Avatar
      D Motors Reviews


    5. D Motors Reviews Avatar
      D Motors Reviews

      @Damien agreed

  3. thanosian the mad titanic Avatar
    thanosian the mad titanic

    looks like a Honda fit

    1. karl marxx Avatar
      karl marxx

      but if you behind car wow it is magical ; )

    2. KARTHIK Avatar

      Not really

    3. Among Us Avatar
      Among Us

      Cherry Exceed TX lookalike.

    4. Yama Fanboy Avatar
      Yama Fanboy

      do a google image search for “honda HR-V” and you will see this EXACT mercedes design as that vehicle

    5. EngiNetion Avatar

      at least Honda Fit looks good

  4. Nakul Singh Avatar
    Nakul Singh

    Under qualified designers.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      The Maybach looked like the overweight version of Honda fit.

    2. karl marxx Avatar
      karl marxx

      but matt loves it so should you! matt also likes vaccines….

    3. JJ Anderson Avatar
      JJ Anderson

      Indeed it looks like Mercedes fired all designers and let welders draw their cars.

  5. Aleš Zupanc Avatar
    Aleš Zupanc

    Omg… What is happening with car industry? Are all the designers on Absinth? Don’t get me wrong, the inside looks awsome, but outside…

    1. Kalle Avatar

      ​@Sketch Babu Nope, but if the entire interior is gonna be a screen, it should look better than my old 2017 phone for $720 (samsung s8), a 2000nits continuous Oled screen should be standard

    2. Among Us Avatar
      Among Us

      @Kalle and a 100,000 lumen flashlight for you to hold it near your retina so you can turn blind in no time!

    3. Kalle Avatar

      @Among Us ??? Ever heard of dimmig?, it’s the reason the Iphone 14 pro is still usable in a completely dark room

    4. Quotes Motivation Avatar
      Quotes Motivation

      I think that EXCEPT Ferrari designers, all designers are working while sleeping.

    5. lexus lfa Avatar
      lexus lfa

      @Quotes Motivationeven modern Ferrari are ugly by the standards set by pininfarina. The only good looking modern car is Lexus

  6. Radnaskela69 Avatar

    it looks more like a minivan with a higher suspension

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Pierre Mikhael this car apparently looked like Custom SUV from Burnout 2 or something.

    2. karl marxx Avatar
      karl marxx

      to any honest guy! but to car wow it is a holy grail!

    3. Zo Rs Avatar
      Zo Rs

      looks like a Kia carnival

    4. RebelTV r Avatar
      RebelTV r

      IRL it looks amazing. Pictures/video don’t do it justice.

    5. initiqlxy Avatar

      literally a mercedes benz r-class but electric.

  7. Rob Small Avatar
    Rob Small

    Many words describe this car. Incredible is not one of them

    1. I have no name Avatar
      I have no name

      LMAO IKR

    2. Noyah 🤓 Avatar
      Noyah 🤓

      Let me guess , because its an EV right 🙂

    3. Rob Small Avatar
      Rob Small

      @Noyah 🤓 It could be powered by steam and it would still be 🤮

    4. Gaara Avatar

      Spectacular isn’t one either.

  8. Ford Avatar

    Waiting for a good looking EV suv from EQ line
    Edit: Alright, the EQB and EQG are good

    1. lexus lfa Avatar
      lexus lfa

      They even sucked at naming the cars. They should have used the EQ before the model name to denote it’s the electric counterpart, like this should have been called EQ GLS

    2. Δ Avatar

      Why is your name Ford when your pfp is Audi?

    3. Boog Boog Avatar
      Boog Boog

      12″ deep battery cavity is the problem they can’t design around

    4. Matic Avatar

      @lexus lfa I completely disagree

    5. Joe's advice Avatar
      Joe’s advice

      you mean the EQG?

  9. Armacii Avatar

    The only thing this is killing are my eyes

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      For me the only thing is killing is the back end. The engine of the Maybach looked like Honda Fit downgraded. 😂

    2. DEADLY SNIPER Avatar

      i’d take the GLS Maybach for sure over this. This EQS Maybach will be a failure, i hope

  10. abidamn Avatar

    This Maybach made Cullinan look really good.

    1. karl marxx Avatar
      karl marxx

      but according to car wow it is the most beautiful & luxurious object of desire….. Emperors new clothes kind of folks!!

    2. Chamal de Alwis Avatar
      Chamal de Alwis

      This somehow made an ix even look semi decent 🤣

    3. Hassan Mohammed Avatar
      Hassan Mohammed

      Seriously. Meanwhile the Cullinan is just 3 rectangles welded together

    4. Hassan Mohammed Avatar
      Hassan Mohammed

      ​@Purwanti Allan Cullinan is just 3 rectangles welded together

  11. Atanas Vasilev Avatar
    Atanas Vasilev

    It might sound odd, but somehow I associate this as a grandma car.

    1. V. S. Avatar
      V. S.

      True. No one with normal body health needs this much comfort. But if someone is 500 years old, they might need those 70 ways adjustable seats to preserve their fragile bones.

    2. Bob Bowie Avatar
      Bob Bowie

      Very rich grandma with her pampered pooch

    3. John Smith Avatar
      John Smith

      @V. S. luxury is by defiition not something you need in the first place

    4. V. S. Avatar
      V. S.

      yeah, but it also makes me think about really old people because of how undynamic it is.

    5. Lawrence K90s Avatar
      Lawrence K90s

      Reminds of that car that no one ever remembers the name of 😂😂

  12. Navjot Singh Avatar
    Navjot Singh

    one of the reason people buy rolls royce is for the sheer road presence it has
    This looks like a suv worth like 60k to maximum 85k maybe

    1. abidamn Avatar

      @TheBreakfastLover That’s unfair to Nissan. Put SsangYong badge instead.

    2. a n Avatar
      a n

      @TheBreakfastLover Why would you get a Genesis or a poshy Honda instead of this?

    3. TheBreakfastLover Avatar

      @a n because they are understated. Humble, unassuming, yet quite luxurious.

    4. ThaDynaKat Avatar

      @TheBreakfastLover Speaking of Nissan, the new Ariya (or however u spell it) looks quite nice lol

    5. Hassan Mohammed Avatar
      Hassan Mohammed

      A Nissan Ariya looks better than it. And what kind of name is “Mercedes Maybach EQS SUV 680”?

  13. Brian B B Avatar
    Brian B B

    If this is what electric luxury looks like, let’s wait until 2030 to perfect things

    1. Fornavn Etternavn Avatar
      Fornavn Etternavn

      It’s not the electrics’ fault tho. It’s the designers

    2. Hunter Avatar

      @Fornavn Etternavn  I mean this horrid egg shaped EQ design is influenced by aerodynamics and efficiency where gas powered luxury cars have no efficiency in mind. The aerodynamic suv shape is inherently ugly.

    3. Gigageorge Avatar

      Volvo has been doing wonders with their designs. Check them out

    4. Fornavn Etternavn Avatar
      Fornavn Etternavn

      @Hunter Mercedes choose to do it this way. Plenty of EVs does not follow that design philosophy. Also, the normal GLS isn’t exactly good looking either.

    5. John Smith Avatar
      John Smith

      @Hunter if normal people hate it, they achieved the goal, this is not for normal people, since there are plenty haters out there, they nailed it

  14. FrauHelm Avatar

    In this case „money can’t buy taste“ gets on another level

  15. Zo Rs Avatar
    Zo Rs

    looks like a luxurious Kia carnival 😂

  16. kooooons Avatar

    Shorten the hood by 20cm, use smaller wheels, make the back doors slide – Boom, you got youself a super luxurious Minivan.

    1. V. S. Avatar
      V. S.

      It would probably be even uglier, but it also would be extremely practical.

  17. ArtLord Davis Avatar
    ArtLord Davis

    Meanwhile, Porsche is launching the new cayanne tommorow. That’s the SUV I’m more excited to see. And Mercedes launching the new E-class later this month too. Really nice

    1. ArtLord Davis Avatar
      ArtLord Davis

      @I have no name lmao no way a Porsche and a Mercedes would look the same

    2. Patrick Bateman Avatar
      Patrick Bateman

      And you can’t even spell the Models Name.

    3. ArtLord Davis Avatar
      ArtLord Davis

      @Patrick Bateman and you can’t even afford one

    4. ArtLord Davis Avatar
      ArtLord Davis

      @Patrick Bateman Porsche was correct and Mercedes was correct so what’s your point again?

    5. NickZ Avatar

      ​@ArtLord Davisit’s Cayenne, not Cayanne but I can’t wait to see it in a few hours

  18. Lawnyyy Avatar

    I can’t be the only one who thinks the front of it looks like an older Honda minivan 😅

    1. Yama Fanboy Avatar
      Yama Fanboy

      this maybach is a copy/paste design of the honda HR-V. Google it… you will laugh.

  19. Karan Patade Avatar
    Karan Patade

    Buyer: What features do I get in a £200k car?
    MB: We flash Maybach logos when you open the door

  20. Skylar Sounds Room Avatar
    Skylar Sounds Room

    What I like about this car is that they did minimal changes from the concept

    1. A Nemeth Avatar
      A Nemeth

      They should have kept the thin headlights

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