This is the greatest Audi RS EVER!

This is the brand new !

has actually updated the oh-so popular for 2023, and Mat's ready to find out simply what has changed over the previous edition.

Beginning with the design, the changes over the previous generation are small – however that's no bad thing! Across the front, back and sides, what was formerly chrome trim has now changed to Matt grey, and the Audi badge at the front has now been blackened out. The cars and truck likewise features 22-inch alloys as requirement. But otherwise, that's all that's changed! Nevertheless, ought to you pick to go for the carbon pack, then the matt grey trim can be swapped to carbon instead.

Step inside and it's a comparable story to the outside style. You'll now find alcantara on the guiding wheel, as well as blue stitching across the seats and seatbelts. You'll likewise discover some a little updated dials and some additional tech, such as surround view camera, but otherwise the is the same as the previous generation.

Nevertheless, one area that has actually experienced quite a big modification is the vehicle's efficiency! Although it includes the very same 4-litre twin-turbo V8 as in the past, it's had larger turbos fitted to it. As a result, horsepower and torque have actually been increased by 30hp & 50Nm respectively, meaning the automobile now produced 630hp and 850Nm!

But obviously, all these modifications don't come low-cost. The Audi Performance starts at ₤ 20,000 more than the previous edition, meaning you'll be paying from ₤ 113,000 to choose one up! So is it worth it? You'll require to stick to Mat and see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:43 Engine
01:30 0-60mph & 1/4-mile
02:38 Brakes
04:02 Chassis
04:45 Driving
07:02 Design
07:47 Interior
09:13 Rear seats
09:35 Boot
09:54 5 Annoying Things
12:07 5 Good Things
14:40 Daily Driving
16:05 Verdict

Ferrari 296 GTB Brake Test:

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39 responses to “This is the greatest Audi RS EVER!”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Audi RS6, BMW M5 or AMG E63 Estate… Which is best?

    1. carwow Avatar

      VOTE: Audi RS6 Performance!

    2. carwow Avatar

      VOTE: BMW M5!

    3. carwow Avatar

      VOTE: AMG E63 Estate!

    4. Jhumur Bala Avatar
      Jhumur Bala

      ​​@carwow bmw m5

    5. NIKI123BXD Avatar


  2. Pavel Holub Avatar
    Pavel Holub

    I don’t know why but I love how the suspension is working under the weight of the chassis in turns

  3. Neil Whittaker Avatar
    Neil Whittaker

    I want one after Mats’ review. What a beast 😅.

  4. onemanandhisdog9 Avatar

    I had an early V8 RS6, that used to average 11or 12 mpg but was about 200bhp less, so I guess they have evolved!!

    1. Alfa 156 GTA Avatar
      Alfa 156 GTA

      Evolved to do 5miles to the gallon when you have a lead weight on your right foot.

    2. zeta Avatar

      how much did you pay for the maintenance service? What I heard is that exchanging the breaks is very costly.,..

    3. Milind Dixit Avatar
      Milind Dixit

      ​@Alfa 156 GTAThat’s just ICE cars – more HP needs more fuel. Even hybrid ones like the “C63”.

  5. Sergiu Ziman Avatar
    Sergiu Ziman

    I think Audi has the best estate cars.
    They’re so fast and you have so much space.
    Also the design is flawless.
    Great job Audi.

    1. Wez OB Avatar
      Wez OB

      The perpetual understeer is definitely a design flaw lol

    2. Tanish Patil Avatar
      Tanish Patil

      @Wez OB It has decreased a lot over the past few years.

    3. Ryan C Avatar
      Ryan C

      Don’t forget better reliability compared to the other two nowadays

    4. mziwenduku ntsele Avatar
      mziwenduku ntsele

      @Ryan C Really? I always thought all 3 were on par.

    5. David Avatar

      Leaking from the engine is a real pain, trust me !!

  6. tfunkhou88 Avatar

    Those wheels are 🔥

  7. DoubleDeckerAnton Avatar

    It is even better, with lighter weight and better handling and performance.

  8. The Man Avatar
    The Man

    If this car wasn’t so damn heavy, it would run 10s in the 1/4. Still too heavy, let’s hope the hardcore RS6 GT will take this even further.

    1. John Jerrehian Avatar
      John Jerrehian

      I agree. However, it really is made to be a comfortable estate car. To your point, offer a GT version as you said it you’re right, it would run in the 10’s. Especially with the terrific launch this car makes!

    2. moimeme Avatar

      Donn’t worry, we will drive 2T+ soon, just enjoy the moment i would say lol

    3. Phil B Avatar
      Phil B

      @John Jerrehian Or just gut your RS6.

  9. Adi Avatar

    Nobody makes estates like Audi!

    1. waltermerron Avatar

      You mean station wagon

  10. Sander de Groot Avatar
    Sander de Groot

    Curiously, I did click on the banner for the braking-results of the Ferrari 296 GTB for comparison.

    Both cars stopped from 60-0 mph in 31 meters. However, from 100-0 mph it took the Ferrari 10 (TEN!) meters MORE than the Audi to stop (94 vs. 84 meters)? Though it weighs about 700 kg/1500 lbs less, and these were ‘just’ the standard brakes for the Audi? How can this be???

  11. Terry Avatar

    I like the Audi, practical, oh lost to the Ferrari by 1 second in the quarter mile but does 30 more things! I don’t care for the rear styling, not sure what could change? That’s your green Audi Matt , Jaguar green 🐆

  12. Scott Summers Avatar
    Scott Summers

    Sick car. That’s nuts you can’t get it in red anymore.

    1. Ghaith Hmood Avatar
      Ghaith Hmood

      Just wrap it bro

  13. KenqzOW Avatar

    Audi did exactly what old rs6 was missing , more turbo pressure more hp and better handling! Great job

    1. Martin Getliffe Avatar
      Martin Getliffe

      What model are you this performance one to?

  14. God's Child Moeketsi Avatar
    God’s Child Moeketsi

    Life is simple : I see Carwow and Audi in same sentence I click

  15. crxtodd16 Avatar

    My dream car, right there.

  16. Slim Pickings Avatar
    Slim Pickings

    The wheels are just insane 👌

  17. Mr Anderson Brum UK Avatar
    Mr Anderson Brum UK

    Have an Rs6 vs Rs6 performance would like to see the difference

  18. Jeff Nolan Avatar
    Jeff Nolan

    I have a 2023 RS6. It is a fun car but my E63S Estate was more exiting to drive. The Audi is far more attractive and very comfortable as a daily driver. Rear wheel steering on the Performance model is welcome, but I would rather have a steering rack that provides some feedback. More exhaust is nice, but at the expense of less insulation. The 2024 colors are a bit boring. I also had a Panamera Turbo S Sport Turismo and that car was next level, but also considerably larger. I’d still pick the Audi but it is not the best super wagon on the market.

  19. Not Noobwork Avatar
    Not Noobwork

    make more videos of this amazing car so i can convince my dad to buy the rs6 and that’s it’s better than a rs3😅

  20. Jordan Bibby Avatar
    Jordan Bibby

    Please do a comparison video of several cars, all within a realistic 25k-35k budget. But choose cars that are specified to one thing, such as it’s speed (acceleration and top speed) (Golf R or A45), another that focussed on it tech (Tesla), another that focuses on its looks and style (Mustang), another that’s comfy to drive (BMW 4 series) etc. at the end of the video you could decide which is the best for value and what you would get for that price? It’s just an idea I’ve come up with because this is the situation I’m in at the moment and have no idea what to get aha

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