This car blew my mind! 🤯

The time has actually lastly come for Mat to get his hands on the crazy !

He's flown over to the Middle East to hit up the Bahrain International Circuit, and he's going to put this road-legal F1 cars and truck through its rates to see simply how crazy it is as soon as you support the wheel!

So what makes the so special? Well for beginners, none aside from Adrian Newey helped strategy and design the aero for the cars and truck, from a four-element front wing to an absolutely huge rear diffuser at the back! All of this combines to make the appear like no other road-legal automobile we have actually seen before!

On the inside, the may be lacking a little storage, but it still comes with a number of functions that you 'd find in any automobile, consisting of an infotainment screen and cooling!

Then, naturally, we have the unbelievable power unit. With a 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12 combined with an electric motor, the Valkyrie can produce 1,111 hp and 924Nm of torque! It can likewise rev all the method approximately 11,000 RPM!!

The question is, will the Valkyrie show to be as epic on track as it looks? And will Mat be able to deal with the ridiculous power of this road-legal hypercar?! It's time to discover!

00:00 Introduction
00:41 Discovering the Track
01:53 Design
09:32 First Drive
12:24 Engine, Chassis & Brakes
18:08 Interior
20:19 Track Drive
22:03 Passenger Drive
25:25 Darren v Mat
26:41 AMR Pro Drive
30:05 AMR Pro v Valkyrie


55 responses to “This car blew my mind! 🤯”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Name a better car than the Valkyrie. We’ll wait…

    1. mark pass Avatar
      mark pass

      @Liam Dixon the One that broke down on Top Gear…

    2. FreedomWarrior Avatar

      Almost every single one? That car is just horrible. It’s just a race car. Every race car is an horrible car, it’s just for racing.

    3. Michael Marcial Avatar
      Michael Marcial

      This is above a amg one

    4. Avinash Brijbassie Avatar
      Avinash Brijbassie

      Rimac Nevera!

    5. Александър Димов Avatar
      Александър Димов

      Golf 4

  2. dukcy Avatar

    Aston was something else in Bahrain, I can see the brand gaining support if they perform well over this season!

    1. Merriman Avatar

      ​@Álvaro Cobo Gémar don’t be silly

    2. Merriman Avatar

      ​@Graeme Johnson true!

    3. HFG Avatar

      Is a “detuned” RB19 that’s why 🤷‍♂️

    4. benoit declercq Avatar
      benoit declercq

      Alonso killed it! great to see

    5. Erebos Avatar

      Since Mercedes got in and delivers engines they really perform

  3. I Blame Shane Mane Avatar
    I Blame Shane Mane

    In my opinion this is one of the best looking hypercars out right now if not the best looking also really enjoyed all the extra information about the car especially about all the downforce

    1. Nhan Tran Avatar
      Nhan Tran

      Adrian Newey knows a thing or two about car design

    2. Lil Hades Avatar
      Lil Hades

      This and the GMA T50, absolutely amazing

    3. I Blame Shane Mane Avatar
      I Blame Shane Mane

      @Lil Hades yea I can get with that lol

    4. Comedy Gold Avatar
      Comedy Gold

      Koenigsegg has entered the chat

  4. Kevin Natangwe Avatar
    Kevin Natangwe

    That one already looks mad but the AMR pro version just looks unbelievable

    1. Varun Jaikeshan Avatar
      Varun Jaikeshan

      i hope current valkyrie owners can get upgraded aero packages over the life of the car (if there are better materials or designs that perform better with development along with their formula 1 r&d)


    Ah what a timing!! Aston Martin and Alonso getting a podium and now we see this review.

  6. Meadamillion Avatar

    The fact that you can pull 4G’s in a car safely is incredible.

    1. Derek Wilson Avatar
      Derek Wilson

      @James Jones haha don’t take it personally, it’s directed at someone, long story.

    2. Derek Wilson Avatar
      Derek Wilson

      @chxlled lmao but it’s true, I’ve hit 4gs numerous times with my squirrel suit.

    3. Tobias Forsberg Avatar
      Tobias Forsberg

      Not using winter tires it seams… 😉

    4. Derek Wilson Avatar
      Derek Wilson

      @James Jones 🤣🤣🤣👍🏼👍🏼

  7. Nathan B Avatar
    Nathan B

    I am beyond hyped that we finally get a full Valkyrie review 😃. This and the One are definitely poster cars 😃🤩

  8. Siddh Shah Avatar
    Siddh Shah

    Aston Martin: We made the badge 14 microns thick to avoid there being any bad airflow on the car
    Mat: Lemme just stick these gopros in the worst positions possible

    1. Huma Onyango Avatar
      Huma Onyango

      What they did with that badge is just the equivalent of painting it on.

  9. murtii gulgen Avatar
    murtii gulgen

    The Aston Martin Valkyrie is truly one of the best cars we have right now it’s amazing. Thank you for the video Mat!

  10. MrSlash00r Avatar

    The level of detail is simply staggering. Its a shame that these will likely just sit in a garage .. irony i guess.

  11. Paul Nowlin Avatar
    Paul Nowlin

    The engine is a work of art! I applaud Aston for creating this because there was a lot that went into this masterpiece. They probably won’t make much money on this project.

    1. jomaoliveira79 Avatar

      @Martin S. Maybe it’s an art piece precisely for being designed and made by Cosworth.

    2. TriBzzy Avatar

      Remember that 150 or whatever was sold and it costs 2.2 mil dollars

    3. Erebos Avatar

      @jomaoliveira79 isn’t every engine a Mercedes one? Since Mercedes bought into them they provide the engines afaik

    4. Jabber 1974 Avatar
      Jabber 1974

      @Erebos no only the v8 is merc, the V12 in the other road cars is Astons own engine and the V12 in the Valkyrie is designed and built by Cosworth.

    5. Erebos Avatar

      @Jabber 1974 oh, i didn’t know that. Thanks 👍

  12. Eedo Amitay Avatar
    Eedo Amitay

    The level of engineering in this car is something else

    1. Mackson Leso Avatar
      Mackson Leso

      Tnx to Adrian newey

  13. Cycling Geologist Avatar
    Cycling Geologist

    That AMR Pro lap was an absolute joy to watch. Matt went through sixty different stages of discomfort/amazement.

  14. LOZ Avatar

    Imagine getting this and the Project one on a track together and a drag race as well

    1. Huma Onyango Avatar
      Huma Onyango

      That’s a drag race that needs to happen

  15. Augury Avatar

    The guys at Aston Martin seem so down to earth and nice, great car.

  16. Sjoerd Redeker Avatar
    Sjoerd Redeker

    All the guys at Aston Martin seem such genuinely nice guys with so much knowledge about cars!

    1. Tushar Bhatia Avatar
      Tushar Bhatia

      That’s what i loved about the video the most they were so freaking down to earth!

  17. PortuguesePirate99 Avatar

    Adrian fr is just a Aero God. The fact that he still draws cars and visualises it himself before using any software is unreal

    1. Mohd Shayan Baig Avatar
      Mohd Shayan Baig

      The thing is a beauty.

  18. NCH Music Avatar
    NCH Music

    Matt came a long way , from reviewing normal road cars , to reviewing ultra limited edition hypercars like this Vulcan , incredible video !

    1. Rocky?! Avatar

      This is the valkryie, but the Vulcan is also mental

    2. Álvaro Cobo Gémar Avatar
      Álvaro Cobo Gémar


    3. NCH Music Avatar
      NCH Music

      @Rocky?! Vulcan is a step above Valkyrie

    4. Rocky?! Avatar

      @NCH Music the Valhalla is the sister car to this, the Vulcan is an FR track only vehicle

  19. Pat Brady Avatar
    Pat Brady

    Amazing how Matt became the stick of truth checking those bottom vents 😂

    1. Villan Avatar

      I was waiting for him to fist the exhaust 🤣

    2. Ren仁 Avatar


  20. Bag of Sunshine Avatar
    Bag of Sunshine

    You can really tell that the people who worked on this car have a passion and love for it.

    So much less akwardness compared to the VW or Mercedes representatives.
    Love these guys!

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