The Ultimate EV Debate: PHEV vs BEV | with Philippa Forrester | 4K

Which is much better – or BEV? A simple concern however lots of possible responses and factors. In this video I am joined by television legend , a fellow Brand name Ambassador to explore the difference in between plug-in hybrids and full battery electric.

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Video Contents
00:00 – Introduction with Philippa!
02:27 – The Kia Niro EV
05:26 – The Kia Sportage
08:03 – Why a PHEV is best by
17:05 – Why BEV is much better by Philippa

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20 responses to “The Ultimate EV Debate: PHEV vs BEV | with Philippa Forrester | 4K”

  1. @Pete-rf6zz Avatar

    I had a plug in for a while until I realised I preferred being on electric only all the time and then got an EV and life is much better plus we really need to stop pollutants being fired into the atmosphere the science seems stark. Also, it was hard work trying to get the most out of an phev using flappy paddles to get most miles using the regen and charging every night cycling the battery over and over. With a pure EV you can charge just once a week or every 2 weeks less cycling of the battery. Plus I no longer waste time buying fuel anymore it’s quicker to plug at home. Not saying it’s for everyone, better if you have a home charger.

  2. @dangreasley7934 Avatar

    Brilliant Pedro, another myth busting video of PHEV and EV’s. I have the hybrid and yes it is a great segway from traditional ICE cars to full EV. Have to say having Phillipa on the channel was great. A fantastic debate between the two of you and coming together of minds.

  3. @jimcabezola3051 Avatar

    I’d have a PHEV if I lived on a continent or in the British Isles. Over here, though, a BEV is more than enough. I’ve enjoyed all your collabourations, and this one is quite thought-provoking. Aloha

  4. @mrcogginsgarage7062 Avatar

    Interesting take on these new fangled vehicles Ped .
    And good to have Philippa fighting her corner,might be an idea to take her up to see Moggie and the chaps at ECC ,Happy Christmas mate.

  5. @stevecagle8002 Avatar

    Great video, you guys are cute together, Thanks for great information. I love my EV with no complaints, used a DC charger over the weekend for the first time and everything worked perfectly. Thanks again.. Happy holidays !!

  6. @antking8847 Avatar

    Great video PP – interesting comparisons across the board but the thing I found most interesting was Phillipa’s argument against Petrol/diesel cars because they didn’t fit her ‘disorganised’ lifestyle and gave her range anxiety! However – she’s very happy to ‘organise’ her life around the needs of running an EV. Personally I agree with the sentiment that it is very much horses for courses. Living in a very rural area and doing limited miles – I could run my car locally using a PIH and rarely use the normal engine but would then have the flexibility to go on longer journeys when required. It is the infrastructure issues as well as the cost of getting into any new vehicle (ie with the best current range) that would put me off but I will happily adopt EV tech once prices start to come down and the infrastructure improves – yes it is getting better but there is still a big improvement needed – not least – where is all the electricity going to come from? Keep it up mate

  7. @michaelstaunton1632 Avatar

    This was a great idea as a video really enjoyed it now well done both of you 👍👍👍

  8. @mickbadger3784 Avatar

    good vid pedro, th ev’s work for a lot of people but i am in the phev camp or i will be when more manufacturers can match the 60 mile ev range. different lifestyles will mean different power trains until ev’s can match the range in real terms with ultra fast charging network.

  9. @Sedici65 Avatar

    Such a great video, you’re a very natural presenter, and wow what a blast from the past, I hadn’t seen Phillipa since Tomorrow’s World (I had a massive crush on her obviously 😁.)

  10. @dayoadeosun1520 Avatar

    Hi Petroped, great video. Would use my money to buy a PHEV but if my employer gives me a BEV, I would take it. BEVs are not practical enough for my driving needs.

  11. @ashb8572 Avatar

    We currently own both an EV and PHEV, having started the EV journey 8 years ago. We tried living with 2 EVs (one short range and another long-range model), but it was stressful with the UK charging infrastructure during day trips. We concluded it can only be stress free and save precious time with either a Tesla or a PHEV, so we went with the latter as we could’nt afford an in warranty Tesla

  12. @snoopy-XV208 Avatar

    PHEV’s all the way. The fact they are now bringing out 60 mile range PHEV’s, makes them an even more sensible choice. Some of the arguments for the EV, such as performance, longevity, environmentally better and battery recycling are incorrect. 0-60 might be fast, but try cruising for any length of time at “motorway speeds” and see how “performance” compares then? I was very surprised to hear you only get 200 mile petrol range with the Sportage PHEV. Sounds low? We have a 2020 Niro PHEV 3 and keep the battery topped up via 3 pin plug all the time. Running locally like that over weeks, it is not unusual to see the average fuel consumption to read well in excess of 100mpg. As mentioned, once the 33 mile (true range) battery is depleted, then the MPG drops to approx 65mpg. However on a long run, in excess of 300 miles, it will drop to approx 55mpg. Recently drove from the Côte d’Azur to the UK and averaged over 55mpg at French motorway speeds. Here’s an interesting fun fact regarding the regen charging. I coasted down the Swiss Alps from the top of the St Bernard pass on the Swiss/Italian border using various levels of regen all the way down. The battery was showing Zero range at the top of the Alps and was charged up to 17 miles range when I got to the bottom near Martigny!! The journey was a total of 900+ miles and I never had any range anxiety or had to be “pro-active” about topping up. Used the heating, air con, windscreen wipers, heated steering wheel/seats and headlights without any worry of affecting the range. Each refill of fuel, including grabbing a coffee and having a pee took about 15 minutes. Kia Niro PHEV is a great car and having owned it for 3 years with ZERO issues, I highly recommended it. Thanks for the video…interesting comparison, but full EV’s and the infrastructure is not “there” yet. Debatable if it ever will be.

  13. @filiped7298 Avatar

    There’s something so satisfying of driving without any sound and so effortless while using an BEV. And the acceleration is addictive. BEV’s for the win. 😊

  14. @user-jg6vi4cd7v Avatar

    Nice plug in hybrid definitely, the best current choice -we have an EV there great for local , but heating seats cold weather eats battery life!

  15. @urbansandscript Avatar

    Great to see Philippa back on a screen. She completely right about BEVs.

  16. @bellshooter Avatar

    Great debate and analysis from both. Whoa there PP, at 12:00 ‘ you’d take 35 hours to charge on a 3-pin’… As you know you don’t charge an entire battery, just the daily range you drive. So standard 50 mile commute = 15 kWh or 7 hours. Phillipa is for me , spot on, you don’t go places to charge, you go to places to do something and happen to charge. Suggest you check out Jonathan Porterfields auction buys, great 2nd hand Zoe for £6k.

  17. @Daniel-jm5hd Avatar

    I had an A Class PHEV for 3 years. Easy to run and 40+ miles of electric power most of the year. Compromise was the smaller boot, but not a major issue 99% of the time. I now have a Tesla Model Y on salary sacrifice via my employer. This is the best way to get an EV and I wish every employer offered a scheme. PHEV is a good stepping stone for those who are worried about going electric but my advice is to go and try one (or several) for yourself.

  18. @stevencampbell1150 Avatar

    Great video and interesting one at that but I don’t think either is the answer, certainly not where I live in Northern Ireland where the infrastructure is very poor to say the least plus there’s the extra cost of either option and the one thing that everyone misses including you guys in the video, the cost to insure which is often twice the price of the combustion equivalent. Here’s a prime example, the insurance for my 1.6 diesel Renault Kadjar for me as a 48 year old male is £350, for a Hyundai ioniq 5 it’s nearly twice that at over £700, which one do you think I’m more likely to go for? Certainly not the EV anyway plus although EVs are presently exempt from road tax as of 2025 they’ll pay the standard rate of £180 whereas I’m currently paying £35 for my diesel SUV so whilst I know I may have to go electric at some point it certainly won’t be any time soon.

  19. @Rusky07 Avatar

    Wow now there is a blast from the past. Very interesting discussion Pete. 👍👍

  20. @tichwykes Avatar

    There’s also still the issue of myself not being able to charge at home, I only use a car for work throughout the week & there’s no where on route to charge up. A plugin hybrid would possibly be better but still not the perfect option

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