The Perfect Car?

BMW has actually lastly done it … It's released a !

If you're like us, you've been longing for BMW to release an estate variation of the oh-so-popular M3, and the time has lastly come! However does it measure up to expectations? Let's find out.

In regards to the style, it looks practically identical to the saloon variation, apart from the extended boot. But obviously, that's no bad thing! It means you get the same quad exhausts, aggressive front & rear bumpers, and the big kidney grille style as we've known to get out of all brand-new Bimmers.

It's a comparable story on the within, with the design in the front and rear seats matching the saloon M3. Just like the saloon, the Touring is also treated to BMW's brand-new huge infotainment and digital dial screen … And it looks amazing!

Under the bonnet, you'll also discover the same 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six as the saloon. This produces 510hp and 650Nm of torque, and unlike the saloon, the touring is just readily available with xDrive.

But naturally, it's not cheap, with the cost beginning with around ₤ 85,000. So what do you believe – is this the best of all time?! Or would you stick to a saloon? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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68 responses to “The Perfect Car?”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Saloon or Touring… Which is best? VOTE BELOW!

    1. Daily Pets! 🐈 🐕 Avatar
      Daily Pets! 🐈 🐕

      Touring! No doubt

    2. B CM-N7 Avatar
      B CM-N7

      Touring, Break, kombi ftw!!!!

    3. Andrew Galloway Avatar
      Andrew Galloway

      @Miroslav Dobročan December 2022

    4. Miroslav Dobročan Avatar
      Miroslav Dobročan

      @Andrew Galloway I ordered in November 2022.And they told me that I would have to wait for about a year😭. I’m from Slovakia.

    5. Paul Lepage Avatar
      Paul Lepage

      Touring 100%

  2. wilbeugre Avatar

    I haven’t even finished watching the video, and I’m sure Mat will go for “just go ahead and buy it”.
    Edit: Interesting choice of frames Mat!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Wilbeugre, i belive the front of this car is like downgraded Audi A4 DTM.

    2. Eric Coskun Avatar
      Eric Coskun

      Step 1 in becoming David Koresh….

    3. Darryl Taylor Avatar
      Darryl Taylor

      We all know Matt is the ultimate BMW fan boy anything BMW makes u know he’s picking it 😭😂🤦

    4. Marc Avatar

      Instead of isofix anchor points, he’ll soon be reviewing the popdown sunglass holders

    5. Eduard Dobroiu Avatar
      Eduard Dobroiu

      Haha, you were right!

  3. Michael M Avatar
    Michael M

    Haven’t wanted a car as much as this one for ages… 😍😍

    1. Fábio Ribeiro Avatar
      Fábio Ribeiro

      @George Poulos looks better than any bmw today, unfortunately. 🤷‍♂️

    2. Fábio Ribeiro Avatar
      Fábio Ribeiro

      @NickZ in a technical circuit the fwd civic probably handles the entire BMW brand. 😅

    3. NickZ Avatar

      @Fábio Ribeiro nice joke weeb. the civic nurburgring lap time is 7:43.8. BMW M3 Touring : 7:35.06 (fastest estate car ever recorded on the nurburgring). BMW M4 CSL : 7:20.2. BMW M5 CS : 7:29.57

    4. Jordi Korthals Avatar
      Jordi Korthals

      @CiIincs Are you gonna say that to every single person who says they want one in the comments? Bit childish don’t you think

    5. Jordi Korthals Avatar
      Jordi Korthals

      @CiIincs I don’t. Although I must say that this is a pretty damn cool car

  4. Muaz Qamar Avatar
    Muaz Qamar

    Literally the perfect car.. The only gripe I have is that digital dash. I could live with it though. But if only it had a normal dash…

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      It maybe cost $200k or 107k pounds.

    2. Dav Hughes Avatar
      Dav Hughes

      Perfect apart from it looks like any other BMW and has a crap, fake sounding engine. Nothing special about it all.

  5. M Raihan Avatar
    M Raihan

    This thing is so good that i decided to forget the front grille entirely. In fact it looks badass on a sports wagon.

    1. Andrew Galloway Avatar
      Andrew Galloway

      Agree 100% I think the big grill suits it

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Andrew Galloway this BMW SALOON look fragile imo.

  6. The Happy Guy Avatar
    The Happy Guy

    I love how Mat just compares these awesome cars with some of the strangest things ever!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan


  7. Filu Avatar

    It’s a great and way overdue move by BMW to finally release M3 Touring!

    Though I’d still rather sacrifice track capabilities in favor of that extra bit of additional comfort Alpina B3 Touring offers.

    1. Lau Avatar

      RIP alpina

    2. adrianchell Avatar

      The other advantage of the Alpina is that it’s not saddled with that gopping snout fitted to the M cars.

    3. Steve Henderson Avatar
      Steve Henderson

      @adrianchell …yet!

    4. V. S. Avatar
      V. S.

      I’d rather have it even sportier. With a manual and more direct and heavy steering. But the M3 needs to be sportier than the Alpina.

    5. Manuqtix Manuqtix Avatar
      Manuqtix Manuqtix

      If it was a Mercedes-Benz it’ll have a 2 litre hybrid system and weigh as much as the moon

  8. James D Avatar
    James D

    If I had the money (and I really don’t) I’d get the Alpina. More exclusive, more subtle and I could still walk up to the front of it and not feel ashamed!

    1. CapitanHarlockisback Avatar


    2. EmJay Avatar

      Let’s ne honest the grill is fine. It looks crazy good irl too. It just sucks on a base car ie a base 4 series

    3. EmJay Avatar

      @CiIincs you should learn how to read

    4. Andrew Newton Avatar
      Andrew Newton

      Same and it’s better looking also

    5. Hassan Ger Avatar
      Hassan Ger

      The grill of Alpina looks so outdated compared to this gorgeous and aggressive grill

  9. Lathika Mihiranaga Avatar
    Lathika Mihiranaga

    I love this car! Having driven the G80 M3 sedan I loved it soo much more over the F80s. This along with a 992 GT3 would be my ultimate two car garage

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Wish BMW M3 CSL done this already.

    2. Joshua Jackson Avatar
      Joshua Jackson

      Wait. Do you own an F80? Or just road in one and now have an opinion. A F80 base with a $500 tune destroys the top of the line G80. That is a shame. For me F80 all day over the g80 by looks alone

    3. Lathika Mihiranaga Avatar
      Lathika Mihiranaga

      @Joshua Jackson driven a few F80 M3/M4s when I was working at dealerships. I did a photoshoot with a G80 one time and owner gave me the keys and I instantly preferred it, feels smoother and refined. don’t care about tunes lol

      also I can see all your comments on M3 videos about it being ugly lol

  10. Leo_06 Avatar

    I think the grille looks more balanced cause of the touring chassis, love it

    1. Albert Maniscalco Avatar
      Albert Maniscalco

      LMAO hilarious…so its a butterface car !!!

    2. Elessar Avatar

      Nah, the grill still looks like absolute garbage.

    3. Kevin Avatar

      Yeah, it still isn’t beautiful but the size and shape of the nostrils balances with the estate body. Not a bad looking vehicle. If they did an i4 Touring that’d be the EV of choice right now.

    4. Nice person Avatar
      Nice person

      @Elessar agreed.

    5. EmJay Avatar

      @tavarish kammandier same. It looks mighty and aggressive and it fits an M car. I honestly think while a smaller grill would look better this looks more intimidating

  11. Stuart Green Avatar
    Stuart Green

    I’d love to see this comparison video review of this with the Alpina B3 Estate. Make it happen Carwow!!

  12. FattusCat Avatar

    The netting thing that Mat took out the boot of the car can be fitted to the back of the rear seat when you have the folded down, so you can put a protective net between the cargo and the back of the carbon seats. Pretty standard feature on the Touring.

  13. colinfurze Avatar

    nice car etc but i think i’ve done 110mph in a dodgem down that runway. Happy days

    1. Ayan Rahman Avatar
      Ayan Rahman

      flooring it W

    2. They aren't here. Avatar
      They aren’t here.

      When’s a new vid coming Colin?

    3. Johann smith Avatar
      Johann smith

      colin mate make one of your uber-steel chassis dirt racing one seated mini car with some random engine

    4. Operator_Hoodie Avatar

      In a dodgem? Damn.

    5. Pedro Pauli Avatar
      Pedro Pauli


  14. Andy McCaughtrie Avatar
    Andy McCaughtrie

    I owned a 335d Touring (2014) and that was the best car I’ve ever had. 4.2 seconds to 60 40+mpg, load carrying, quick, etc. 4WD, you name it. God, I miss that car!! 🙂

    1. kwl189 Avatar

      Why did it go?

    2. Andy McCaughtrie Avatar
      Andy McCaughtrie

      @kwl189 was on a lease, should’ve kept it

    3. Andy Holliday Avatar
      Andy Holliday

      I used to have one as well and DMS remapped it 820nm/400 hp and it was a weapon! Poor ride on runflats and had a few electrical issues with it but very good car! 👍🙂

    4. Porsche 1969 Avatar
      Porsche 1969

      Blah blah blah blah blah blah…. Why did you sell it, you cry baby??? Shut up, dude!

  15. Bonnie Drasco Avatar
    Bonnie Drasco

    Looks amazing and as for it not having a dual clutch gearbox that’s because they’re not as reliable and long lasting as the old school/ new school torque vectoring boxes

  16. Lorenzo Cabason Avatar
    Lorenzo Cabason

    This is one of the nicest Touring cars I’ve ever seen. Everything is so proportional. Everything fits so well. It looks so toight, almost as if it was born to be this.

    1. Nick Gurr Avatar
      Nick Gurr

      It looks disgusting with that grill.

  17. Abba Rasheed Avatar
    Abba Rasheed

    This car is so compelling – looks great (that grille actually works on the touring body style), drives well. But the price is just 🤯🤯🤯🤯.

    And it also has another problem i.e. the Alpina B3 Touring

  18. MegaRetr Avatar

    I haven’t even finished watching the video, and I’m sure Mat will go for “just go ahead and buy it”.

  19. Mvuss Avatar

    I’ve never seen Matt so happy driving an M. And its still lighter than a C63e saloon, bigups to BMW.

  20. Lokbatch Avatar

    What you’re explaining at about 5:30 minutes into the video, it’s the M factor. It is the soul that gives BMW’s M cars the little edge! I’ve actually come to like this new design of the kidney grill, it looks rather cool now 🙂

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