Tesla Model S PLAID v Ferrari SF90 v Porsche 911 Turbo S: DRAG RACE

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… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … Thanks to everyone for lending us their vehicles for this race:

– Tesla Design S Plaid:- : This might simply be the most outstanding electric vs hybrid vs gas drag race of all
time! We've got Mat lining up in the Tesla , and he's about to go head-to-head against a & ! So let's see how these 3 compare. Starting with the Tesla, it's geared up with three
electrical motors- one on the front axle, and two on the back. Integrated they produce an almighty 1,020 hp and 1,420 Nm of torque. Naturally, the motors and batteries weigh it down a bit, so it tips the scales at 2,190 kg. In terms of cost, you can choose one up new for ₤ 113,000. Next up we have the Ferrari. Not just does it come with three electrical motors, however it
's also packing a 4-litre twin-turbo V8! When they combine, it can put down an extraordinary 1,000 hp and 800Nm! It'll come as not a surprise that it's lighter than the Tesla, weighing in at 1,580 kg( however we believe Ferrari might be thinning down their figures a bit …). And while it's lighter than the Tesla, it's SO much more expensive, costing from ₤ 376,000! Then lastly we have the . It's powered by a 3.8-litre twin-turbo flat-six that can produce 650hp and 800Nm. This power is sent out to all four wheels, and it tips the scales at 1,640 kg. It might be less expensive than the Ferrari, however it still carries a hefty price, costing from ₤ 180,000! We currently understand this race will be SO close, however there's only one way to discover which will triumph … LET'S RACE
! Rimac Nevera v Ferrari SF90: Offer your car with carwow:


68 responses to “Tesla Model S PLAID v Ferrari SF90 v Porsche 911 Turbo S: DRAG RACE”

  1. Joshua Fischer Avatar
    Joshua Fischer


    1. Aaron Larsen Avatar
      Aaron Larsen

      That’s got to be the best launching production car in the world

    2. amarjit singh Avatar
      amarjit singh

      Rear engined and AWD.

    3. yashmishra17 Avatar

      Rear engined, weight is directly over the rear wheels.

    4. VikiN Norway Avatar
      VikiN Norway

      Engine in the back and probably more boost in lauch mode 🤷🏻‍♂️

    5. Pro TM Avatar
      Pro TM

      German engineering 🇩🇪

  2. Preston P. Avatar
    Preston P.

    Despite being significantly down on horsepower compared to the other two, the Porsche didn’t do bad at all, especially on launch.

    1. Ralph K. Bauer Avatar
      Ralph K. Bauer

      Especially for a Combustionengine without electrification

    2. Neel Beke Avatar
      Neel Beke

      Porsche isn’t int he same class really, I mean they had to tune the 911 turbo like ES motors or so then.

    3. Nikky the Awesome Avatar
      Nikky the Awesome

      The amount of horsepower doesn’t actually affect your initial launch. A higher horsepower only comes into play at higher speeds since if you try to spin the wheels at maximum power right from the get go, you’ll just spin them up and get nowhere.

      The formula for calculating the amount of horsepower you need is power (in watts) = mass of the car * current speed of the car ( in metres per second ) * acceleration required ( in metres per second squared )

      Since cars are traction limited, the acceleration can only be so high and hence the power of the car only becomes a limiting factor at higher speeds since the power required to maintain the same acceleration is directly proportional to the speed of the vehicle.

      This is why the porsche can keep up with the others launch and or beat them, since at the launch its not the horsepower that counts but the ability to limit wheelspin and limit the acceleration to as close to the value that the friction allows.

    4. Domino Lehmann Avatar
      Domino Lehmann

      Yeah the two faster cars reduce powert at the start. Just the expected behaviour. As soon they’re on the roll it’s time to day bybye for the Turbo S

    5. Dalton Sikhosana Avatar
      Dalton Sikhosana

      ⁠@Domino Lehmann it doesn’t really matter. If they had the same power the Porsche turbo S would murder them. The chassis is unreal when it comes to drag racing

  3. D Avatar

    Bloody hell that Porsche is quick even though it’s short by 350hp

    1. amarjit singh Avatar
      amarjit singh

      Rolling race highlighted the hp difference.

    2. Tom Avatar

      Quick for the first 15 metres

    3. Blacktrous Avatar

      911 Turbo S : 1 700 kg
      Model S Plaid : 2 100 kg

    4. Your Check Mate Avatar
      Your Check Mate

      Weight matter

    5. Dejan Jovanovic Avatar
      Dejan Jovanovic

      ​@amarjit singh Let them on the mile or two, then you l’ll see how electric 1000hp are useless

  4. Mat Watson Cars Avatar
    Mat Watson Cars

    Hi Mat here: on a scale of 1 to 10 how sad are you about ICE engines being replaced by EVs?

    1. king Johnson Avatar
      king Johnson


    2. Ari Avatar

      20 😭😭

    3. Matiku Avatar


    4. SpookyReaper Avatar


    5. Jacob Rev Avatar
      Jacob Rev

      10 billion

  5. Montlejohn Bojangles Avatar
    Montlejohn Bojangles

    I’ve gotta say though, that Porsche is *ridiculously* consistent from run to run. It’s done 10.3s over and over and over again in so many tests.

    1. Luka Nogalo Avatar
      Luka Nogalo

      It did 10.1s other times. It’s really depending on the surface

    2. jr Avatar

      @Luka Nogalo i remember that.

    3. Józef Józefczyk Avatar
      Józef Józefczyk

      ​@Luka Nogalosf90 stradale 9.6
      S plaid 9.3

    4. Bobby Dazzler Avatar
      Bobby Dazzler

      @Józef Józefczyka glue stick tarmac isnt reality

  6. Freddy Lumbu Avatar
    Freddy Lumbu

    That SF90 is impressive, not to say the 911 measuring up to both quite reputedly well. Thanks CarWoW for another lovely comparison.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      The SF90 imo accelerated faster than even SuperFormula SF23 and Rebellion R13.

    2. I an Avatar
      I an

      What do you mean the SF90 is impressive? It got beaten by a family-ish car Lol. Nothing impressive and crazy besides the price. The Porsche and the Tesla are impressive!

  7. Joli74 Avatar

    The fact that Mat is sitting in the Tesla you know from the first second it’s going to win.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Matt and Tesla is a perfect combination.

    2. NotLxrd Avatar

      I mean the moment i saw the name “model s plaid” i knew it was going to win

    3. 24k Avatar

      …. and the fact he jumped the start.

    4. TheCrispyjones Avatar

      Unless it’s comedic Matt sits in the winning car

    5. J J G Avatar
      J J G

      Because he jumps the start most of the time and calls the roll race and can hit the gas way before everyone else. They should.rotate the drivers tbh

  8. Magnus Tveit Avatar
    Magnus Tveit

    Its so insane to see the porsche compete against two cars with over 1000 hp

    1. Geóff Avatar

      And get absolutely dropped

    2. 03056932R Avatar

      because it actually has far more than it’s rated hp

    3. Magnus Tveit Avatar
      Magnus Tveit

      @Geóff true, but still, take another 650hp car and it would be even more dropped than the porsche

    4. TheMadmax0609 Avatar

      Dumb comment, this is Porsche’s best car… against Ferrari’s best car, against Tesla’s best car. 🤷

    5. Geóff Avatar

      @Magnus Tveit a 650s or 675lt would do significantly better

  9. BKB Avatar

    Matt always finds a way to grab the fastest car in the race.

  10. FarmLife FPV Avatar
    FarmLife FPV

    Mad respect to that turbo S. Insane what porsche does with the amount of power they have

    1. Geóff Avatar

      It has the least amount of weight

    2. emile blanckaert Avatar
      emile blanckaert

      @Geóff sf90 is lighter

    3. Joshua Pounds Avatar
      Joshua Pounds

      @Geóff bro are you really watching the video 🤦🏼‍♂️is the Ferrari come on

    4. Rokas M Avatar
      Rokas M

      Exactly. I wonder, whats Porsches catch to perform launches so well?

    5. Rias Gremory Avatar
      Rias Gremory

      @Rokas M The second and third drag race shown that the Tesla lunch better than the Turbo S.

  11. Con Maartens Avatar
    Con Maartens

    Even though the Porsche was the slowest of the three, it just does it for me. I’ll have the Porsche every day of the week and twice on Sundays. ❤

  12. Deyan Mitrovich Avatar
    Deyan Mitrovich

    Just for the statistics it would be great if we can see the times of every one of the 3 races. I don’t care if they will be in the video, description or comments. Sometimes to me it looks like some of the cars (drivers) perform best in their first launch and if that’s the case it would be nice to have it after all 🙂 P.S. It was a great race as always!

    1. Quekgoro Avatar


    2. RIC RIC Avatar
      RIC RIC

      But I guess you need to head over to Officially Gassed – OG Races for some proper stats

  13. ari.m.beauty Avatar

    And the fact the Plaid is a 4 door hatchback!! Like that’s insane

    1. Luka Bošnjak Avatar
      Luka Bošnjak

      Imagine what can Tesla do for the price of the other two in the same format (performance focused car)… Actually we’ll wait for the Roadster

  14. Fc Avatar

    4:40 drag race starts
    7:45 rolling race
    8:58 brake test

    1. Arlekin Valdo Avatar
      Arlekin Valdo


    2. 190SkyTeam Avatar

      Thanks for spelling “brake” correctly

    3. Mike Counsell Avatar
      Mike Counsell

      Lords work

  15. TheSeti12345 Avatar

    You know it’s a crazy race when the Turbo S disappears into the back. Incredible car from an engineering perspective

  16. mr nobody Avatar
    mr nobody

    These three are the pinnacle of supercar performance

  17. alex turnqest Avatar
    alex turnqest

    Can we just appreciate how much a monster that Porsche 911 turbo s is? Especially considering it’s performance per dollar

  18. Rayvon Haslett Avatar
    Rayvon Haslett

    Mad respect to the Tesla plaid it’s scary fast especially for the price it’s one of 3 electric cars I would like to have. great performance from the turbo s tho even tho it got gapped 😂 I’m amazed how good it lunched if it had more power it would definitely be hard to beat

  19. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Thank you so much Mat, Nick, Rory, Carwow staff, everyone who gave their cars and everyone who made this insane drag race possible!

    1. Kevin Colt Avatar
      Kevin Colt

      hes done it many times before bro what u on about, theres millions tesla plaid drag races on utube

  20. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    We want more drag races with Rory! He’s a cool person!

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