Skoda Enyaq iV vRS REVIEW – Why it’s the perfect cyclist’s EV | 4K

Could the Skoda vRS be the perfect bicyclist's ? Skoda began as a bike manufacturer before they decided to make automobiles. They have also supported the Trip de France for the last twenty years. I had the flagship from Skoda for a week. Can I fit my bike in the boot and just what is it like to drive?


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20 responses to “Skoda Enyaq iV vRS REVIEW – Why it’s the perfect cyclist’s EV | 4K”

  1. J K Avatar
    J K

    In the past 18 months I’ve had test drives / courtesy cars of an ID4, ID Buzz and ID5.

    Overall, the range and efficiency has been terrible.
    And they were all slow above 40mph.
    – 10 hours in an ID4 (Mar 2022) averaged 2.1 miles /kw. So, an effective range on full charge of 140 miles!
    – ID Buzz at 98% charge had a shown estimated range of only 118 miles! (Feb this year). Cancelled my order immediately.
    – ID 5 was better at approx 3 miles / kw. Better but still a very poor effective range.

    Overall impression:
    – Great driving in silence around town.
    – Quick enough to 30mph.
    – Terrible multi-media hardware and software.
    – Lots of cheap finishes / plastic.
    – Lane keep assist was dangerous and couldn’t keep in a lane on a motorway (it was wet and the lane lines were painted over and moved for a contra-flow).
    – But most importantly, for the retail price they represented shockingly terrible value for money.

  2. venger manu Avatar
    venger manu

    I can get my road bike (without taking front wheel off) into my Audi A3 so already knew the answer before you even tried it! 😉

  3. Tim Phillips Avatar
    Tim Phillips

    In fairness, this car has a very appealing shape, sleek and nicely profiled on the chassis if indeed an electric car has one? Interia looks totally agreeable!

  4. Owen McDonald Avatar
    Owen McDonald

    You can’t beat red for any sporty car. Lately, a lot of manufacturers have gone towards burgundy. Your Skoda is the right shade.

  5. Dickie Mcvitie Avatar
    Dickie Mcvitie

    Also, Skoda were originally called Laurin & Clemant, which is the top of the range name. I still think electric cars are expensive for what they are, but this is realy tweeking my interest..

    I think that when my vRS is up for renewal, I’ll be checking this out as a potential repalcement.

  6. Paul Mitchell Avatar
    Paul Mitchell

    Great looking car and I would love to see a full review


    Good vid as always Pete. Does look a nice car inside and out. I really don’t think that 3.4 m/kWh is particularly good for summer though. In the Tesla M3 I’m getting over 5 m/kWh at the moment and in winter it’s probably more like 4m/kWh (maybe a smidge under on a really cold day. That would probably see the Skoda achieving around 2.5m/kWh or less in winter. Clearly it’s a slightly bigger car and you can’t easily get a bike in a Tesla M3 (would need the MY) but the Tesla performs better is still a fair size car and still has a lot of practicality.

  8. Robert Mackenzie Avatar
    Robert Mackenzie

    The MG5 estate is a great car for cyclists, just over 30k it’s a bargain 300 mile range , you should try one

  9. Škoda Katie Avatar
    Škoda Katie

    I am an obsessive Škoda enthusiast, and a keen cyclist, (I even have a Škoda e-bike), so it’s no surprise that I absolutely love this car.
    I always liked the Enyaq when it first debuted, however when the coupé arrived I was besotted by it.
    Unfortunately, as with most other electric vehicles, the prices are out of most people’s reach at the moment, hopefully this will be addressed by all manufacturers in the future.
    Throughout their long, and proud history, Škoda have always focused on providing the best value for money with their products, which is one of the many reasons I am a loyal ambassador for the brand, having owned them for most of my driving career up to present.

    1. Jim Cabezola Avatar
      Jim Cabezola

      Škoda e-bike? That sound’s beautiful. I’m off to see whether they export them here!

  10. Garry Matthews Avatar
    Garry Matthews

    Love Felix what a great gift. Car seems to be great have friends who have ice versions and love them

  11. Paul Avatar

    The brand never bothered me. And they are base on VW and Audi. Good looking car. My wife didn’t like Skoda till I told her where the part was from. Now she thinks Twice now 👍

  12. John Brown Avatar
    John Brown

    Do you think I would get my eMTB in the back as I have to take the front wheel off for the i-Pace but no hassle really. I for one love the colour as red when properly cleaned polished and waxed looks amazing so that is why I went for the red Civic after your review in the white one. The seats looked really smart and all in all quite a package.

  13. Steve Mitchell Avatar
    Steve Mitchell

    Another great video Pete. Having had two Skodas I would never ever have another. 1st was an Octavia was a lovely car to drive but had its faults mainly due to build quality the second was Kamiq bought it due to all the fab car reviews it got however it was trouble from the day after picked it up to the day got rid of it. I made mistake of not remembering the car reviews are all based on the full spec top of range models and not the ones most normal owners buy.

  14. Peter Harrison Avatar
    Peter Harrison

    I really like these – Would have got one if the iX wasn’t on such a good deal (£30 a month cheaper, like-for-like spec)

  15. Jim Cabezola Avatar
    Jim Cabezola

    What a beauty…for a crossover. Cyclist-friendly, too! Škoda don’t export cars here…but maybe I can purchase one of their e-bikes! Win-win, eh? Aloha.

  16. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    June EV sales in Germany show incredible 64% rise VS last year

    The Electric Viking

  17. Lewis Hunter Avatar
    Lewis Hunter

    I don’t know any excuse to get Bella on camera, good review and good looking car 👍🚴‍♂️

  18. TheBiglfb Avatar

    Love the Enyaq and the Yeti but I must admit I am a little bit of a brand Snob and as such would go VW…. BUT, I am slowly coming around to the Skoda Brand🚗🚗👏🏻👏🏻👍👍

  19. Gordon Clark Avatar
    Gordon Clark

    As an owner of my 9th Skoda, I bought in to the brand with the Mk1 Octavia Vrs, many years ago, I have had a good selection of there higher spec and bigger power cars , currently driving a Kodiaq 190dsg 4×4 sportline, they really do spec there cars well, and the Yeti was a car way ahead of its time , even though a lot find it a bit marmite, both my wife and I loved how capable it was as an all round vehicle removable rear seats gives a cavernous boot space and 4×4 in winter was just fantastic, biggest issue now is there pricing structure just keeps creeping up and they are no longer the budget brand of old, though admit most manufacturers are also pushing up prices, the Enyaq is an awesome bit of kit , especially in Vrs trim. But unfortunately still lacking infrastructure for big journeys is biggest issue for me along with price ! Great review though! Can’t wait to see your Yeti review which I think would still be a great new buy in todays market! Often wonder if VAG took the Yeti Mk2 and badged it as a VW T-Cross??? Due to Yeti’s popularity.

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