Porsche 911 GT3 RS v GT4 RS v GT3 v GT4: DRAG RACE

Thanks to everybody who provided us cars and trucks for this race:
– GT3:
– GT4:

Here we GO! It's time to learn which Porsche GT cars is best in a drag race!

We've got our hands on the all-new Porsche GT3 RS, and it's going up against a GT3, GT4 RS and a GT4! The question is, will it be a tidy sweep for the new GT3 RS? Well, let's take a more detailed look at the statistics.

Beginning with the GT3 RS, it's powered by a 4-litre naturally-aspirated flat-six engine that can deliver 525hp and 465Nm. Power is sent out to the rear wheels by means of a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and it weighs in at just 1,450 kg. However while it's relatively short on weight, it includes a hefty price tag, with costs beginning with ₤ 192,000, and increasing to upwards of ₤ 235,000!

Along with it, we have the GT3. Naturally, it includes the very same 4-litre naturally-aspirated flat-six, which in this instance puts down 510hp and 470Nm. This is sent to the rear wheels through a 7-speed dual-clutch, and to select one up now it will cost around ₤ 146,000.

Then we get to the Caymans. They're both powered by 4-litre naturally-aspirated flat-sixes, with the GT4 RS putting down 500hp and 450Nm, while the GT4 provides 420hp and 430Nm. The GT4 RS is the lightest car here, at 1,415 kg, while the GT4 matches the GT3 RS at 1,450 kg.

It's easily one of the best-looking drag races we've ever run, but will these track-focused legends make for an interesting race in a straight line? There's only one method to discover … LET'S RACE!

Mat specs his GT3 RS:

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46 responses to “Porsche 911 GT3 RS v GT4 RS v GT3 v GT4: DRAG RACE”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Complete this sentence: The best car in this line-up is… ?

    1. BallisticBoy ! Avatar
      BallisticBoy !

      All of thm

    2. S P Avatar
      S P

      The invisible Daewoo Matiz

    3. Onno Onesmus Avatar
      Onno Onesmus


    4. TheProtoGuy! Avatar


    5. Kshitij Avatar

      Yeah all of them

  2. T_e_e_F_w_k_s Avatar

    Carwow is KILLING IT these days.

    1. Shahmi Avatar

      Right? Like I think this guy Matt watson could be a host for Top gear BBC

    2. tHe hOnEsT dOcToR Avatar
      tHe hOnEsT dOcToR

      ​@shahmi5727 he doesn’t need top gear! 😂 the youtube platform and his personality makes him a bigger star

    3. Arthur Wright Avatar
      Arthur Wright

      This Porsche video was not as good as the other ones. The new Porsche are too big and heavy they need to make them better sizes like they did in the past. Porsche’s are not as nimble as they once were and when you drive one you feel like you are driving small truck 😂

    4. BEHZINGA819 Avatar

      @Arthur Wrightbro wtf they weigh nothing

    5. RIC RIC Avatar
      RIC RIC

      Just wish they will add the speed over the 1/4 mile

  3. Adrien AIMON Avatar
    Adrien AIMON

    I’m an absolute fan of 911 Porsche’s, but I must admit that those GT4 Cayman look freaking amazing

    1. lolbot Avatar


    2. Jared Dutton Avatar
      Jared Dutton

      Gt4rs is so close to those 911s impressive. Gt4 really isn’t that far behind either. Beautiful machines

    3. Arthur Wright Avatar
      Arthur Wright

      New Porches are too big. Look at how much bigger they are now vs the 80’s, they used to be a nimble sports car that were not overweight. New 911’s are the size of family cars!

    4. Cameroon 5 Avatar
      Cameroon 5

      Yep. I’d prefer the gt4 for looks

    5. Cameroon 5 Avatar
      Cameroon 5

      Gt3 has a better front end, but gt4 a better back end

  4. Stefan Avatar

    Sound of the GT4 RS is better than everything else. Just insane.

    1. OverKilL413 Avatar

      Especially from the inside 😵

    2. Giorgi Murvanidze Avatar
      Giorgi Murvanidze

      I’m not a Porsche fan at allll, but I want that car!

    3. twisted6 Avatar

      It sounds absolutely wicked

    4. lewis r Avatar
      lewis r

      from the inside. 3RS from the outside.

    5. Oliver Gilbert Avatar
      Oliver Gilbert

      @lewis r can’t drive the car from the outside tho 😉

  5. alvaro crespo Avatar
    alvaro crespo

    The sound in the GT4 RS is crazy 😱

  6. Yiannimize Avatar

    I did not like being in lane 3 😔

    1. Sweaty Avatar

      Yup, sad

    2. MSIRQ Avatar

      yanni keep it up

    3. kido da kid ㉨ Avatar
      kido da kid ㉨

      I feel u. I’m use to seeing u next mat 9:09

    4. Cameroon 5 Avatar
      Cameroon 5

      Poor Yianni. You belong in a v12

    5. Yiannimize Avatar

      @Cameroon 5thank you lol

  7. Neal P Avatar
    Neal P

    The interior sound of the GT4 RS is amazing!

  8. Dr. Kyle Freeman Avatar
    Dr. Kyle Freeman

    Based on the audio, the GT4RS sounds like the most raw and visceral experience, I’d take that! Since I’d be rich, I’d then buy a Porsche 911 touring for daily driving 🙂

    1. Darin Allen Avatar
      Darin Allen

      Don’t forget the top trim Cayenne for trips to the grocery store!

  9. Francois Kriel Avatar
    Francois Kriel

    How do you manage to create this much class content in a week? Seriously impressive!

  10. James Rogers Avatar
    James Rogers

    One of the best drag races in awhile ❤

  11. Daniel Sadjadian Avatar
    Daniel Sadjadian

    The exhaust sounds so darn good, nothing beats naturally aspirated sound 🔥

  12. Daniel Sadjadian Avatar
    Daniel Sadjadian

    The 992 GT3RS is to die for, just look those sharp lines and gorgeous wheels, incredible car 🔥

  13. Emilio Gomez Avatar
    Emilio Gomez

    That Porsche kickdown never ceases to amaze me. 7th to 2nd in comfort settings in a second. Crazy.

  14. Lee Nel Avatar
    Lee Nel

    What a Symphony of sound this episode was!!!

  15. Chris Avatar

    What I love about these cars, is you can make a compelling case for each being your favourite. They’re all fantastic.

  16. House Guest Avatar
    House Guest

    Yannis face every time he’s in the slower car always has me lol 😂😂😂

  17. ThePapiiShampoo Avatar

    Salute to Yianni for knowing the stats for once 😂

  18. blad3 brown Avatar
    blad3 brown

    Yanni’s face is priceless. I wouldn’t be losing if I wasn’t being treated like a guest driver! 😂😂

  19. Country Man Avatar
    Country Man

    Carwow’s consistency these days is crazy.. it shouldn’t go without notice. Great job guys.

  20. Amelia : Your dream come true Avatar
    Amelia : Your dream come true

    Admiring Matt’s dedication during the brake test! There was a fleeting moment where I was concerned it might just create a new floor window! 😂

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