Porsche 718 Boxster GTS 2.5 vs GTS 4.0 – The surprising reason I couldn’t live with the GTS 4.0 | 4K

I got my 718 Boxster 2.5 GTS last year and absolutely love it but I get great deals of comment about just how much better a flat 6 Boxster is which I ought to have purchased the 4.0 GTS. In this video I put the two automobiles head to head and compare everything from sound to performance. After hanging out with the 4.0 GTS do I regret my option? Ends up I couldn't live with the flat six GTS and you may be surprised at the factor!


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Video Contents
00:00 – You ought to have bought the 4.0 GTS Ped!
01:06 – What is the distinction?
03:52 – Rear end styling
05:35 – The Sound – Flat 4 vs Flat 6
08:43 – 0-60 Tests
11:52 – Interior differences
13:42 – Driving – Flat 4 vs Flat 6
19:35 – Why I can't cope with the 4.0 GTS!

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25 responses to “Porsche 718 Boxster GTS 2.5 vs GTS 4.0 – The surprising reason I couldn’t live with the GTS 4.0 | 4K”

  1. ginggur17 Avatar

    It’s great to compare the cars literally side by side. 👍🇬🇧

  2. Charlie H Avatar
    Charlie H

    Interesting comparison, I can’t say I agree that they both sound good. I had a cayman 2.5GTS, and now have a 718 GT4, the engine in the 2.5 is definitely effective, punchy at low speeds as you say, but very monotone and it never put a smile on my face like the flat 6 does. Also, the PDK 4.0 is said to do 0-60 in 4 seconds, the 4.5 second time is for the manual. It’s fine to defend the car you bought though and the cabin size comparison, that’s really interesting, not something you’d expect!

    1. Daniel Enticknap Avatar
      Daniel Enticknap

      You beat me to it re: 0-60times.

    2. Simon M Avatar
      Simon M

      The cabins are dimensionally the same, maybe seat spec.? 18 ways vs. 2 way sport seats plus?

    3. Charlie H Avatar
      Charlie H

      @Simon M must be something like that. Or perhaps the back is less upright? Always the top bit that hits the bulkhead when I go all the way back in mine

    4. Jer H Avatar
      Jer H

      @Simon M yep doubt they would have reengineered the structural bulkhead. The platform would have been designed for the 6. Not sure but might have needed crash testing certification.

  3. Boston Avatar

    Thank you for making this comparison. I own a 718 Boxster S. it has been a great little car! Having said that I have been looking to upgrade to 718 GTS 4.0, however, I can’t justify the price difference. There is no question that the GTS 4.0 is a better sounding engine. However, I don’t normally drive over 5000 RPM on my daily commute to enjoy the sound. If I did that, I would surely get many speeding tickets! Also, I think a 2.5-liter engine is an easier car to live with given its low-end torque characteristics. So, for now I’ll keep my 2.5 liter. Thanks again for taking the time to do the comparison!

  4. TobyDyer Avatar

    Fascinating comparison video Pete 👍 Especially comparing the weights and interior space. No one comments on weight between these cars but as you say, it can really make a difference to how a car feels & drives. Also driving on torque is very different. Much more accessible. Although I suspect the 4.0 would feel better with lower gear ratios. Did you notice any difference in responsiveness between NA and turbo? Would have expected a bit of lag somewhere on the 2.5.

  5. Chris Harris Avatar
    Chris Harris

    The sound of the 4.0 is a totally different level! And it revs so nicely, It is the only option here! But I think since it’s been available and for the foreseeable the 2.5 is a relative bargain. Also I don’t agree that you have to thrash the 4 to make it sound good. Anything above 3k rpm sounds epic. Really enjoyed the video

    1. Chris Harris Avatar
      Chris Harris

      Btw, I have the 4.0 cayman and I’m 6’3. Don’t have any issues which space, my seat still has plenty more room to go back actually, so maybe just an issue with the space in the boxster?

  6. Roger Bailey - on Cars Avatar
    Roger Bailey – on Cars

    Interesting vid, in my 4.0 litre I’ve fitted seat lift brackets which have made it comfortable for my long legs also the zero to sixty time of 4.5s I believe is based on the manual box

  7. Alasdair Wilson Avatar
    Alasdair Wilson

    Excellent vid.A lot of work went into that one.Thank you.Really enjoyed watching.I am fairly tall,just over 6’2″ and I have found some cars too cramped as well.There have been a few instances where I have been able to drive a car as an auto where I wouldn’t have room for my knees as a manual.Vauxhall Corsa being one example.

  8. Darren Hughes Avatar
    Darren Hughes

    That was a really nice comparison between these to GTS’s. The flat 6 when your rev it out sounds orgasmic, but your flat4 does sound good and I can see from the driving point of view that the 4 is probably the better daily alrounder. I do find Porsche is a brand that I can fit in comfortably (I’m 6ft4 slim man). I’ve never been able to stretch out in a driving position in a car! Always hunched up.

  9. Dan Freeney Avatar
    Dan Freeney

    Pete. Great video as always but regarding the cabin size I really can’t see Porsche introducing new tooling just for the BGTS4.0. Did the 4.0 have 18 way seats? This is the only thing I can think of. The extra electrics and motors do reduce how low you can put the seat in the 18 way, just wondering if it also limits the travel fore and aft? Re the steering wheel, you have the standard wheel whereas the 4.0 has the multifunction wheel which is also heated. As a side note, the engine and gearbox in the 4.0 GTS is the same as the Spyder and GT4 but with different engine mapping which reduces the red line to 7800 rather than the 8 of the GT4.

  10. Barry Makariou Avatar
    Barry Makariou

    I’m currently deciding this too! I tried the flat 4 and was impressed also around £10k less looking forward to this

  11. Peter Kirton Avatar
    Peter Kirton

    Interesting comment about the leg room between the two cars something that I would not have thought of- I like the Mazda MX5 but doubt I could live with it as at 6.2 it feels cramped. I agree with you that both cars are brilliant and I would very much like another Boxster if only I could afford it

  12. Rod Matheson Avatar
    Rod Matheson

    Great comparison between the two Ped. Very interesting comparing a two year difference. Both are absolutely incredible motor cars with plenty of power and the drivers area is brilliant Porsche build quality. Like you’ve said in previous videos, everyone is different and you buy what you can afford, the best withing your budget. I have to agree with you, there is not a £20k difference there that would push me to the newer model. It’s crazy that after your full road tests and comparison that the decision would come down to the newer having less leg room! That’s totally unexpected and I can imagine has affected alot of potential buyer decision… Overall comfort is the main priority, especially when spending that amount of money! Enjoy every second of pure motoring pleasure 👌🙏

  13. Michael Cohen Avatar
    Michael Cohen

    What a great and informative review. I have driven both cars and could not agree more. Enjoy your car. Its beautiful.

  14. Steve Luck Avatar
    Steve Luck

    Well I didn’t expect that. Makes perfect sense though. The result, that aside, is as I expected and as I think I commented before the review. The 2.5 feels more nimble, and the torque of the turbo will always be more impressive lower down. Both cars are superb. I don’t think in the 4.0 they have captured the full flat 6 sound that my 981 has in spades, owing to regulations, though again no doubt the 4.0 is technically better than the 3.4. Top class review again though. 👍

  15. Dickie Mcvitie Avatar
    Dickie Mcvitie

    I know nothing about Porche’s and I’ve only ever driven one round Thruxton, but I was very impressed. I do wonder what the 4.0 would sound like with a Miltech exhaust…

  16. Bispal Avatar

    The review no one else has done, and very well done too 👏🏻 I did of course know the conclusion and it’s still baffling as they have the same seats. Let me know what porsche say. On the weight Harry Metcalf weighed the 4.0 at 1,280 kilos. He was so shocked he did it twice to check and had a full tank of fuel. As others have pointed out 4.5 to 60 is for the manual. Having driven the 4.0 man and PDK, only a few days apart, I can honestly say the manual felt quicker, by quite some margin. Very odd I know! Probably my brain playing tricks and my in-built manual preference. When driving the PDK I also think using the stick is much nicer than the paddles, the stick feels more mechanical and again, probably my brain playing tricks, but it felt like the shifts were more punchy. Try it and see? I also much preferred the 4.0 to my 981 spyder, better riding, quicker and not as obnoxious on the exhaust. I was so impressed I ordered one, as you know. I would also have no problem with a 2.5. The Boxster is an amazing car in any guise, I’ve had 3 and they are just about the best sportscar at any price.

  17. Wizz Pet Avatar
    Wizz Pet

    Thank you for the comparison (not many back to back reviews out there) but I prefer the sound and the drive of my GTS 4.0… especially because it’s a manual transmission! Enjoy your car!

  18. Oliver Turner Avatar
    Oliver Turner

    Great video, thanks! I’m 6’6 and I’ve got a 4.0 arriving in April. Were they the 18 way adjustable seats? I fit comfortably with the standard seats, but not the 18 way.

  19. David W Avatar
    David W

    Thanks Pete for a great video. The ending was a real ‘Tales of the Unexpected’. How did the response of the engines compare i.e. did you notice turbo lag in yours when comparing them?

  20. Elliott Harley Avatar
    Elliott Harley

    Great review and the seat issue is not something I would have thought of!

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