New Toyota Prius review: Cooler than a LAMBO?!

We've got our hands on the brand Prius!

Now we know over the last few years the Prius has had the tag of being a little a lame automobile. However, we believe the brand-new Prius is absolutely stunning, and may now be considered as one of 's coolest vehicles!

However what's so excellent about it? Well, let's take a more detailed look. Starting with the design, we are getting some severe Lamborghini vibes from the back! With the diving heading and the glass area around the taillights, we are getting some serious sports car vibes! Along the side you have actually clever incorporated door manages for the rear seats, and then up at the front you have actually got the daytime running lights and headlights combined into a cool design. All-in-all, this looks completely various to any Prius we've seen before … Which's a good idea!

Step within, and the cool style styles continue! There's a little digital dial screen for the driver and a large infotainment screen in the centre of the dashboard. The good news is it likewise includes a number of physical buttons, so environment control can also be managed through these rather than through the screen. You'll also discover a great bit of storage throughout the cabin, although we likewise experienced some scratchy plastics. But then again, what would you expect when the automobile expense from simply over $27,000.

When it concerns performance, there's only one engine choice available. It's a 2-litre naturally-aspirated 4 cylinder, paired with an electrical motor. In the entry-level automobile this motorists the front-wheels only and provides 197hp. It is possible to get an all-wheel drive edition, but the horsepower is nearly similar, increasing to just 199hp! There's also a plug-in hybrid variant readily available, which can produce 223hp while likewise driving for as much as 40 miles on electric power alone.

Unfortunately however, despite the fact that the new Prius looks terrific, it won't be pertaining to the UK. But the concern is, do you concur with Mat – has lastly made the Prius cool?! Let us understand in the comments!

00:00 Introduction
00:41 Style
02:22 Interior
05:05 Rear seats
06:13 Boot
06:53 5 Annoying Things
08:24 5 Good ideas
09:39 Engine
10:25 Town Driving
12:36 Freeway Driving
14:12 Country Road Driving
16:05 0-60mph
16:38 Decision

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63 responses to “New Toyota Prius review: Cooler than a LAMBO?!”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Rate the looks of the new Prius out of 10!

    1. Mirza Safwan Avatar
      Mirza Safwan


    2. Takhai Watson Avatar
      Takhai Watson
    3. Politheyeeter XD Avatar
      Politheyeeter XD


    4. Manisha Agarwal Avatar
      Manisha Agarwal


    5. Takhai Watson Avatar
      Takhai Watson

      ​@Politheyeeter XD😅

  2. Obed Antonio Avatar
    Obed Antonio

    We living in the era when toyota design more desirable and attractive than bmw design.

    1. Ricki T Avatar
      Ricki T

      Strangely I have to agree!

    2. Happy Atheists! Avatar
      Happy Atheists!

      But still reliable then za german 💩

    3. Csx_ Avatar

      Germans be fixing things that aren’t even broken and just ending up being worse than before. Oh, and did I mention over engineering?

    4. VIJAY MADHAV Avatar

      Sadly true 😢

    5. Ben Avatar

      We are living in an era where men are driving womens cars abd women are more masculine than most, lmao, wierd times indeed

  3. Mashhoud Khan Avatar
    Mashhoud Khan

    Its definitely a big departure in terms of looks compared to the old one. Well done Toyota!!!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Toyota Prius 2023 is 9/10 car.

    2. Splenced Avatar

      @Purwanti Allan nobody asked for your input

  4. Cart00nNick Avatar

    Never thought I would see the day that a Prius would look better than HALF of all new BMW.

    1. Wild Bill Avatar
      Wild Bill

      That’s not saying much. New BMWs look like hot garbage.

    2. cake Avatar

      @Wild Billnot at all

    3. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Wild BillBMW M3 looked more gorgeous tho.

    4. Pierce Lawless Avatar
      Pierce Lawless

      ​@cakecan’t handle the truth 🤣

    5. trader trader Avatar
      trader trader

      @Pierce Lawless can’t accept that people got different opinions. Lol.

  5. A Z Avatar
    A Z

    You know what SUCKS… IT WON’T BE AVAILABLE IN THE UK. Damn shame. I’ve just started the video and I hope Matt mentions this important point for qll the uk viewers.

    1. A Z Avatar
      A Z

      Yup, he indeed does mention it. Nice one, Matt

    2. SRN AR8 Avatar
      SRN AR8

      @A Z its fine, uk has mg and Peugeot who have similar cars to this

  6. D Avatar

    The front end looks better and more unique than most of the German offerings. Toyota are back on the right path👍

    1. Fremmy Avatar

      Looks like they took a lot of inspiration from the Tesla Model Y/3

    2. Vladislav Dimitrov Avatar
      Vladislav Dimitrov

      @Fremmy Where do you see tesla design cues?

    3. Apriel Phaskah Avatar
      Apriel Phaskah

      @Fremmy yeah they take like the silhoutte of it but adds toyota styling to them

    4. Fremmy Avatar

      @Vladislav Dimitrov idk I just made it up for dramatic effect I guess.

    5. Falcon9 Avatar

      Never 😂😂😂

  7. Ishar Singh Avatar
    Ishar Singh

    Toyota are killing it with their design 👌🏼

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yep. Design over performance sadly.

    2. It's Red Racer Avatar
      It’s Red Racer

      I agree 👍💯

    3. Kovy E Avatar
      Kovy E

      @Purwanti AllanIt’s a Prius.

      What? We’re you expecting to put out Bugatti performance?

  8. Sea Salt Avatar
    Sea Salt

    I can’t believe it, Toyota somehow makes the Prius into a rather fun car

    1. Deividas Navickas Avatar
      Deividas Navickas

      it’s believable when you look pass the sticker on the bonnet, and stop prejudging the cars based on the stickers on it.

    2. Big Brother Mars Avatar
      Big Brother Mars

      Rather fun innit

    3. Abc Xyz Avatar
      Abc Xyz

      Fun! Suure just as long as you’re under 5’ 5” as that loooong raked windscreen making it look “cool” to boy racers
      means there’s no space inside

    4. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Big Brother Marsyep. Despite the prices also not on the good side.

    5. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Abc Xyzthe 2023 Prius has $230.000 price tag.

  9. LexChan Avatar

    The panic/horn feature on the key fob is on every car in America

    1. Sniper_Sargent_ B Avatar
      Sniper_Sargent_ B

      Not every car, I don’t have one on mine.

  10. hierax452 Avatar

    It’s disappointing to hear that the car won’t be available in the UK. It’s great to see Toyota coming up with an appealing design, as their other models may not be as trendy, except for the Yaris GR. I hope they reconsider their decision and launch the car in the UK market, as I’m sure it would attract many customers who are looking for a more stylish Prius.

    1. Kevin Dennehy Avatar
      Kevin Dennehy

      It is available in Ireland. You can buy it there and export it to the UK.

    2. cake Avatar

      irelands lhd

    3. Flare STX Avatar
      Flare STX

      UK don’t even have “full option” GR Yaris …..

    4. Paul Woodhead Avatar
      Paul Woodhead

      ​@cake Ireland is RHD

    5. Kevin Dennehy Avatar
      Kevin Dennehy

      @cake Ireland is the same as the UK . RHD and we drive on the left. All cars are usually the same technical spec as well.

  11. THE_JOURNEY Avatar

    Toyota have taken a very uncool looking car with lots of great features and made it very attractive they’ve smashed it wow 😍

  12. Simon Morty Avatar
    Simon Morty

    Live in the States and saw first one yesterday. They do actually have a great design! Never thought the day would come when i thought a Prius actually looked good!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      As good as even Toyota RSC RALLY CAR.

    2. Kronos Avatar

      Looks good, made of tin, and sounds like a dying horse

  13. Asian sex symbol (natty 4life) Avatar
    Asian sex symbol (natty 4life)

    That S2000 still looks awesome after 20 years. 😂 I miss mine. 😢

  14. Lucas S. Avatar
    Lucas S.

    Let’s hope this one is a little harder to steal the catalytic converter lol

    1. Nate Creates Avatar
      Nate Creates

      I don’t think they’ve gone as far as honda and put it in the engine bay yet but I know they make a catalytic converter shield you can buy now.

  15. Aleksandra Ciprijanovic Avatar
    Aleksandra Ciprijanovic

    Just got mine two weeks ago and I absolutely love it. I would never have guessed I would drive a Prius…old ones were absolutely horrible 🙂

    1. T.e.x.t me on Tele.gram👉@DONATECARWOW Avatar
      T.e.x.t me on Tele.gram👉@DONATECARWOW

      Let talk..

    2. James DellaNeve Avatar
      James DellaNeve

      Except that they looked horrible for a decade without repair bills.

  16. S. E. Kurt Avatar
    S. E. Kurt

    That alarm thing is standard in the US for almost all cars btw. I guess they do it because it is so easy to forget where your car was in massive parking lots in the malls. So you can turn on the alarm to find where your car is.

  17. Цане Димитров Avatar
    Цане Димитров

    7:36 The materials on the outside are definitely worse than before, I drive a 2009 toyota sedan and the sound from hitting the bumpers and especially the doors closing is so deep and reassuring

  18. Tomek Koszulkimoto_pl Avatar
    Tomek Koszulkimoto_pl

    7,2 to 100 km/h – great result for a Prius!
    And the design of the new generation is just on another level.

  19. Thisisaprettylongusernamewhywouldhedothatisback Avatar

    I’d have the S2000, but the Prius looks damn good now though.

  20. Varun Aggarwal Avatar
    Varun Aggarwal

    I saw one yesterday for the first time, I had to take two or three looks. It looked stunning! I almost thought it was some kinda concept car. It’s got that sweeping silhouette going all the way to the back, which makes it look lower than it is. It looked like a proper concept car. Very impressive design.

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