NEW Toyota GR Yaris: DRAG RACE & review!

Say hello to the brand new !

Well, we state all new – it's really just a mid-life facelift. However, there are numerous changes that we believe it might as well be a brand new car!

So let's take a look around and see what's various. For beginners, there are several changes to the exterior. There's an all-new bumper at the front of the automobile, with both the shape and style different to the previous version. There are likewise new vents flanking either side of it. Along the side, you get the exact same sloping roofline, and around the back, there's a modified spoiler, while the fake diffuser has likewise been eliminated. The and truck is now also offered in a brand-new grey colour.

Step within and the changes are a lot more obvious, with the entire dash having had an overhaul! The analogue dials have been changed with digital ones, now allowing the chauffeur to see more info on the screen. The infotainment screen has also been reduced and repositioned to now deal with the motorist, which not only makes it easier to utilize however also improves exposure! Driving mode and stability control buttons have actually been moved up on the centre console so they're simpler to gain access to, and the seats up front have actually likewise been a little decreased.

Under the bonnet, you'll discover the same 1.6-litre 3-cylinder turbo engine as previously. Nevertheless, the power output has been increased, with 261hp increasing to 280hp, and 360Nm bumped as much as 390Nm.

However that's not all, the GR is no longer available with only manual transmission – you can now likewise get one as an automatic!

The concern is, are all the modifications enough to encourage Mat to offer his Gen One GR and swap it for the all-new edition? You'll need to watch this video and discover for yourself!

00:00 Introduction
00:48 Design
02:15 Interior
05:35 Rear seats
05:46 Boot
06:12 Old GR – Drive
08:04 Chief Engineer Chat
12:57 Engine
13:24 New GR – Manual Drive
16:41 Car Transmission
20:56 New GR – Vehicle Drive
22:24 Old v New DRAG RACE
23:23 Old v New 0-60mph & 1/4-mile
26:02 Decision


82 responses to “NEW Toyota GR Yaris: DRAG RACE & review!”

  1. @ilyasclarkson2556 Avatar

    Toyota is the only brand who is trying to make the passion survive

    1. @TheDrizzzle422 Avatar

      Ever heard of Porsche?

    2. @ilyasclarkson2556 Avatar

      @TheDrizzzle422  accessible for 0.0001% for the population? Yeah I heard

    3. @user-sk9oc1nt9v Avatar

      This comment will only get 1 likes

    4. @Abaidavid Avatar

      And Porsche actually all the rest has lost the plot

    5. @ballshd6356 Avatar


  2. @jamesbouvet7521 Avatar

    I’ve loved the GR Yaris ever since it came out initially and this review blends my enthusiasm for this car with some great laughs! Awesome job, Mat!

  3. @FullTimeGT Avatar

    Chairman push the car to its limits, break it, improve it, replay. Respect to Toyota. It’s all about passion. Wish other major brands could learn from that.

    1. @jowy4739 Avatar

      its limits*

    2. @sjorsangevare Avatar

      I’m wondering if they have actual test drivers, if the Chairman is the one to break it on track

    3. @boxoffisa Avatar

      @@sjorsangevarechairman is a driver himself. He participate in races. And was trained by one of the best drivers from Japan who died in accident when they were making Lexus lfa.

    4. @JaggedDyldo Avatar

      All the more impressive that Toyota took such an approach. They’ve had a conservative reputation for so long now but it’s great to see they can still make a thrilling little car.

    5. @calebwany8422 Avatar

      Toyota is a big company so yea, profits..I mean “passion”

  4. @BlixBCR Avatar

    The dashboard may be polarising imo it suits the car quite well. It’s overall less distracting than the old interior and the view out is indeed so much better. I actually really want this car now considering the changes, and the fact they now have an auto option.

    1. @CaptainAlex69 Avatar

      please edit this and replace the last comma with a period, and delete everything else afterwards.

    2. @BlixBCR Avatar

      @@CaptainAlex69 Let’s be reasonable here lol. Yes to get perhaps a more ‘authentic’ experience the manual is the better option. However if I am going to purchase this vehicle to use as a daily driver / commuter, I have no qualms going with the auto. It is indeed a preference thing, and if you still wish to castigate me, or anyone else, for going for an auto, I’m in no position to stop you.

    3. @marcustay8305 Avatar

      ​@@CaptainAlex69 why the hate on the auto lmao? This why we dont deserve new things cuz everytime we nitpick here and everything else

    4. @BigAltimaEnergy719 Avatar

      At least the screen is integrated with the dash compared to other Toyotas where they stuck it up like an afterthought…

    5. @OLOYism Avatar

      people who gatekeep your level of car enthusiasm based on if you drive manual or auto are stupid… and that’s from someone who’s only owned manual cars lol

  5. @johnnyresistance Avatar

    Mat: ‘I’m going to lift the auto box and hurt myself’
    Polite Toyota Engineer: ‘Please no Mat’

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      If they do it could be a major problem.

  6. @Mili_sweet_girl.1995 Avatar

    can we agree that toyota is crazy transparent when it comes to car developement? I mean who else literally displays all their broken parts! I love toyota as a company so much because of their integrity on what they are doing.

    1. @AgentBuLLeT7 Avatar

      Porsche does that as well every car launch they show broken cars and parts

    2. @p.ashukkur4613 Avatar


    3. @Matriarchy_Feminism Avatar

      Shitty girl

    4. @Jallu555 Avatar

      ​@@AgentBuLLeT7Toyota and Porsche makes the best sports cars, Toyota for the normal consumer and Porsche for the richer people

    5. @hassyg4083 Avatar

      you can watch yt videos of how much people spend on their broken German cars

  7. @TechBaffle Avatar

    They did really well to improve it over the previous one (which is great in its own right!)
    Not too sure about the squarey interior design but maybe it’s more function over form!

  8. @stephen-boddy Avatar

    That “Oh, yes. Please.” after Matt offers to do some more destructive testing. 😂

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Matt gonna do a crash test like Williams F1 did in 2019.

    2. @joe125ful Avatar

      He is like modern J.Clarkson:)

  9. @mehdi4704 Avatar

    Absolutely love the way they put the broken pieces on the table, so much respect to Toyota for being willing to do that !

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Perhaps its very rare for Toyota to do that.

    2. @donttouchthewatch645 Avatar


    3. @nmart1538 Avatar

      I love that there’s a test driver going full whistlinDiesel on every part to see what happens

    4. @Trig0r Avatar

      The difference between salesmen and engineers….

  10. @SLiX-thatguy11m- Avatar

    Watching all the interior changes for visibility and ride height a few days after watching Matt review his own Yaris from years ago, they really addressed a lot of his complaints.

    Also, i love the explanation for having an auto transmission, sure it might mean more people buy it, but the notion of sharing the experience with people who only drive auto is kovely.

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      The Interior of GR YARIS kinda reminded me a lot to Altezza 280T.

  11. @billshoe22191 Avatar

    This is why I love Toyota. Cannot wait to buy the new one with a proper manual. Brilliant car

  12. @ericvermeulen9853 Avatar

    As a current GR Yaris owner, i find it amazing that Toyota is actually listening to their customers and the boss that destroys them for the sake of improvement 😀😀

    1. @pauldavies7251 Avatar

      That’s why the impress & the Evo’s were so popular,
      Car companies have lost they’re way

    2. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@pauldavies7251i also miss the Subaru Impreza 555 Livery on the 22B STi as well man.

    3. @eugenux Avatar

      @@pauldavies7251 every car company can do this…they simply choose not to. They are willing to lose 10-20-30k(maybe) customers than develop such a car. It is a cost vs reward and you can bet all of your money no board of directors would ever approve this type of car in another automotive group. They simply want cars that brings them the best (actual) return on investment. A car like the GRY is a halo car at best, a passion project at worst. I will never be approved by a board of directors of any similar automotive brand like Toyota.

      (ffs, bmw killed their rwd 1-series years ago, although that was one of the most fun and cheap car of said brands to drive….so, if you cannot expect a company like bmw to care for the less wealthy fans/admirers/clients.., who you could count on doing such projects?, vw?, renault?.., the answer is no one, unfortunately.)


      Yeah! And the guy is actually a racing freak. He’s not a poser. Looks almost unreal to me, because the story is crazy! Gazoo Racing is the real TRD!

    5. @sashoxxx Avatar


  13. @Red6er Avatar

    Nice to see Toyota executives are drivers, and actually working to help improve their cars. Seems like great upgrades for the new gen.

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      GR Yaris hopefully will never use EV engine configuration as it may ruin the iconic engine sound on it.

    2. @alphonsusho8962 Avatar

      Crazy to think the possibilities executives are actually passionate and involved in their industry and not just there for money

    3. @angrysocialjusticewarrior Avatar

      @@purwantiallan5089 Why would a manufacturer ignore the many advantages of EV just to preserve “sound”? That’s like asking them to stick with the ancient 8 liter engines that only produced 50 horsepower and consumed an ocean of fuel just so they can keep the “sound”.

      And EV’s actually sound great in their own way. The sound futuristic and fast.

    4. @17an28 Avatar

      ​@angrysocialjusticewarrior first thing that came to my mind was Jay Leno’s 1934 Rolls Royce Merlin 😂

    5. @eugenux Avatar

      @@angrysocialjusticewarrior not for sound, Karen…, for feel!, you need to be a driver, a real driver to really understand it.

  14. @carsaregood911 Avatar

    I never thought this car would get an update but it did, Toyota is incredible

    1. @alexandrgr Avatar

      I bet they will keep upgrading it

  15. @dhanu_4539 Avatar

    I like that the boss has turned the car into into his own personal racing team. In the end every customer will feel like a dedicated team worked on improving their car. Buying a GR Yaris is like being a member of the GR team. You’d have to pay millions to get the same attention and dedication from another company.

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      GR Yaris in my opinion costed only as low as the R34GTR.

    2. @nightraven5760 Avatar


  16. @machidaman Avatar

    Matt is literally any Japanese persons worst nightmare 😂

    1. @Bertha076 Avatar

      No thats you’re mom

    2. @JoeJacksonGT3 Avatar

      @@Bertha076 ‘your’ 🤦‍♂

    3. @_rlb Avatar

      @@JoeJacksonGT3 also: *Mat

    4. @machidaman Avatar

      @@Bertha076 oh, your american humour.

    5. @eugenux Avatar

      yeah, he so expansive and extroverted in his videos…he “kills” them inside :))))))

  17. @Hammer1 Avatar

    I do appreciate the automatic version. It’s quite the performer.
    There are many people that don’t need/want the involvement with the car like manual needs. I like the hassle free driving experience, don’t have to mess with the stick, especially in the city streets.

    1. @Nickoboss29 Avatar

      But manual is still more engaging

    2. @kevinparker461 Avatar

      I have a left leg that has nerve damage & the auto would be right up my street … quickly!!! . Had a few years with RS Cosworths but as the leg got worse i gave up the gears. The auto may be my route back to fun driving.

    3. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@Nickoboss29yep. MT gearbox always yield faster times.

    4. @Fastvoice Avatar

      @@purwantiallan5089 Did you watch the video? Especially the part where it says that a pro driver was 1 second faster around Fuji with the auto version? 😉

    5. @KarrasBastomi Avatar

      Hope they make a special edition with sequential and hydro e-brake from the factory. It would be a banger.

  18. @MdAminulIslam-un3pi Avatar

    Imagine breaking your car engine to find limitations, The level of dedication of Toyota for customers is beyond imagination. Respect.

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      What if Toyota GR YARIS also has 900bhp engine swap from GR010 HYBRID?

    2. @TheTechnoaddict Avatar

      Untill your engine brakes and u need Toyota warranty😅 they will try anything to not give it. And Toyota parts are expensive.

    3. @tjallaballa Avatar

      Name one manufacturer that doesnt do that…

    4. @TheTechnoaddict Avatar

      @@tjallaballa that’s why their level of dedication for customers isn’t close to beying beyond imagination, cause they are the same as the others😅

    5. @rustler08 Avatar

      You do understand that most car companies do this in R&D, right?

  19. @luxelist Avatar

    Toyota continues to stay on top of the game. Loved watching this.

    1. @CyAn-e Avatar

      This is just 1 car. The rest are a bland as white bread with nothing on it.

    2. @jxxxxx44 Avatar

      ​@@CyAn-eokay Koreaboo

    3. @CyAn-e Avatar

      @@jxxxxx44 koreaboo what? What does what i wrote have to do with korea fanaticism

    4. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@jxxxxx44Toyota, much like TommyKaira always stepped up their game a lot.

    5. @eugenux Avatar

      @@CyAn-e go and praise that electric overweight, overpowered, SUV sized and shaped of a “sports” car, your beloved korean manufacturer just shipped out into the market.

  20. @SerbanTV Avatar

    Wow, these guys actually listen to customers and iterates faster. Much respect to Toyota Racing team. I would buy the face lift in an instant.

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Castrol supra 1997 to GR YARIS: Finally a worthy opponent arrived.

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