New Tesla Model 3 – what’s changed?

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It's been 7 years since the Model 3 was first unveiled, and this is the greatest design overhaul yet! The question is, just how much has changed? Well, Mat's got hands-on with the automobile to take a closer look.

In regards to the design, there are a couple of noteworthy modifications. Up top, there are a pair of slimmer, sleeker headlights, and there's also a huge main vent as part of the bumper. This assists provide it a more aggressive appearance compared to the previous design. The side profile remains pretty comparable to in the past, apart from a set of new alloy wheel styles. Around the back, the Design 3 includes upgraded taillights and a brand-new bumper. The automobile is also readily available in a number of new, unique paint colours!

On the within, the feel and look are still pretty comparable to previously, but there are a number of notable distinctions. While the large landscape infotainment screen stays, the dash around it has actually been upgraded, with new LED lights added to it. There a better quality products to be found throughout the cabin compared to before, and the infotainment system has been upgraded and is much quicker and more responsive than in the past. The sign buttons have now also been incorporated into the steering wheel.

When it pertains to efficiency, the Model 3 still features a single-motor RWD edition and a dual-motor long-range edition. Nevertheless, aerodynamic enhancements and general efficiency updates mean the car can now travel even more, with the single-motor RWD having a series of 346 miles, while the dual-motor can travel for up to 423 miles!

The new Model 3 won't be released in the UK until next year, but thankfully, the price is set to stay pretty similar to before – so you can anticipate entry-level models to cost around ₤ 42,000. But will it be worth the wait? You'll need to stick to Mat and see on your own!

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59 responses to “New Tesla Model 3 – what’s changed?”

  1. Ansicone Avatar

    Great to see having this early access for review given to Carwow!

    1. TheOnlyName Avatar


    2. Michael Cory Avatar
      Michael Cory

      They have almost 9 million subs , of course they’re going to get early access from manufacturers

    3. Rod McClair-Burgess Avatar
      Rod McClair-Burgess

      What’s the point, like most Tesla vehicles, not out in the UK. Only really model Y now…

    4. Pi Tech Avatar
      Pi Tech

      678 km of range, that’s mind blowing

    5. Seb. Avatar

      most selling car 2024? i bet so!

  2. carwow Avatar

    Describe the all-new Tesla Model 3 with an emoji! 😀🥰😂🤔🤐😐🤑🍆

    1. AqilQushayyi Avatar


    2. Matthew Norman Avatar
      Matthew Norman

      We need a Hyundai Getz on carwow day 265

    3. Big Moose Plays Avatar
      Big Moose Plays

      @Matthew Norman that’s a long emoji

  3. Snazzy Labs Avatar
    Snazzy Labs

    Congrats on the exclusive look, Mat! Looks like good improvements for the most part. Hate (HATE) the lack of stalks and the cabin feels less warm than the outgoing model, but these look like good changes for the most part. Love the liftgate.

    1. Tonez Avatar

      Hate is a strong word Snazzman. Dislike?

    2. Pray4MePls Avatar


    3. FireWalk Avatar

      Those indicator buttons are basically impossible to use in roundabouts. I never could get used to it in the new model S without looking down first.

    4. burnzy3210 Avatar

      *The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989*
      12. Other requirements
      (b) A rear position lamp shall not be fitted on a boot lid or other movable part of the vehicle.
      Literally won’t pass UK legislation, how do you mess up that bad?
      _this update does not pass UK regulations_

  4. Food Vlog Geezer Avatar
    Food Vlog Geezer

    It’s about time for some good old-fashioned car reviews again. It feels like ages since you did a review.

    1. gooldii1 Avatar

      Fossile Dinosaurs? Hahaha!

    2. gooldii1 Avatar

      Ice is dying! And thats a good Thing.

    3. Z3t487 Avatar

      ​@gooldii1Ok 4 years old baby

    4. Jim Beam Avatar
      Jim Beam

      Because all new cars a alike. Chassis, battery, touchscreen. The size of the screens varies though…

    5. Matthew P Avatar
      Matthew P

      @gooldii1they meant old fashioned, traditional reviews. Not reviewing “old fashioned” cars…

  5. Shadowz Avatar

    Great first look as usual. I really like this new re-design. This version is finally convincing me

  6. Earl Bramley-Howard Avatar
    Earl Bramley-Howard

    Brilliant new look – love it – well done getting the reveal.

  7. Jacob heinz Avatar
    Jacob heinz

    Generally very nice improvements!
    But compared to the current M3 RWD, I will miss the stalks for sure, they’re great for transitioning from a gas car past, I’m not joking, The stalks are actually practical for signalling left or right turns. Most of us would have already learned to drive using such stalks and now you will momentarily struggle to work that out. Relearning our muscle memories etc can be challenging in an emergency situation. Operating wipers with stalks is really natural, some will not know what they will be missing in the new model 3.
    I would not appreciate the perforated seats although it great for ventilations, the reasons are like in a Honda Jazz, these little holes trap dirt etc and soon enough you will SEE all these holes visibly with dirty appearances.
    Better springs and bushes etc to reduce road vibrations are great to have for sure. It’s not a real issue in the current M3.
    A larger tire might have other issues as in MY, has the turning radius been affected ? 19” tires will cost more, for sure to replace and availability issues, unfortunately. ( Still no spare wheel for puncture)
    The range, well, I wouldn’t take too much to heart what Tesla claimed, in real world operations it will definitely less much less.😂
    Yup, buy a Tesla, any Tesla you fancy! These are great cars to drive!

    1. Kalev Ellervee Avatar
      Kalev Ellervee

      Cleaning your car more often might help with the dirt 🙂

      I have had several cars with perforated leather and yes sometimes particles get trapped but I would say there were like 4-5 per car that didn’t come out after a good round with a vacuum cleaner. I would say that perfo leather is a non issue for a reasonably clean owner.

      Not letting people eat in the car helps also and yes, you can tell your children not to do it either.

    2. Martin MartinH Avatar
      Martin MartinH

      I think “monumentally struggle” is a bit of a stretch. I haven’t heard any complaints from S drivers

    3. slickz Avatar

      @Martin MartinH Have you been talking with people from the US or europe?

  8. M Mullen Avatar
    M Mullen

    Love the new looks and I’m glad they didn’t change it too much! Also, ventilated seats are a nice offering in this price range. I can only imagine how good the new speakers must sound! The car was not lacking for range before but the new numbers are awesome!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Feels like upgraded Honda Accord tho.

    2. Mehmet Temel Avatar
      Mehmet Temel

      Was this comment created by AI it’s nearly word for word as couple of comments below or did you copy?😉😂

    3. M Mullen Avatar
      M Mullen

      @Purwanti Allan Even the original Model 3 from 6 years ago handled in a much superior manner, like night and day compared to a Honda Accord. It had more room in the trunk, an additional frunk, and more headroom, shoulder room and leg room. And lets not talk about acceleration, LOL! The Accord was a great car in it’s day, and it had the right form factor to be very practical, but it was nothing like a Model 3. It was not as safe in an impact either.

      I recommend not judging a book by its cover. If you had ever owned both cars you would understand just how different they are. And that’s saying a lot, because the Accord was not a bad car.

    4. M Mullen Avatar
      M Mullen

      @mehmettemel8725 Neither, I commented before I read any of the other comments, I’m just very familiar with the original 2018 Model 3 (still have 2 of them), so I can readily tell which updates most users will find most significant.

    5. Apo X Avatar
      Apo X

      Sounds like AI jibberish to me

  9. Mark Gwilt Avatar
    Mark Gwilt

    Fantastic early video Matt. Been waiting ages to see the car and you have detailed it nicely, will definitely be helping me swap in my current one when it releases. 😊

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yep. Truly epic.

  10. Alex Avatar

    Wow – awesome updates!

    I’m very happy that Tesla invited you along to film this! Good signs they are providing more value/respect to the best in the business!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Update 21 on Model 3 is loading.

  11. KoLAN Avatar

    Losing the indicator stocks could almost be bearable, but losing the gear selector stock is a big loss for me. Manoeuvring with the gear stock is great,, combined with ability to go from D to R with the car still rolling,

  12. neaorin Avatar

    The suspension and the soundproofing were probably the two biggest complaints with the previous model, so it’s good to see Tesla addressing them. The bump in range is also nice, but official figures should still be taken with a grain of salt.

    On the negative side, steering wheel mounted turn signal capacitive buttons are a downgrade. At least make them real clicky buttons.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yep. Seems like the sound of the Model 3 feels to loud.

    2. Andrew Welch Avatar
      Andrew Welch

      Agreed, I can’t see them working well on roundabouts when going from signalling right to signalling left to leave. Prob not much of a concern for US based users.

    3. Mehmet Temel Avatar
      Mehmet Temel

      @Andrew Welch Who ever come up with the idea of signalling to enter and signalling to exit a round about has rocks in their heads.If you going to turn right or left signal before approaching and don’t signal at all if you’re going straight through.

    4. Vlad Vamoș Avatar
      Vlad Vamoș

      @Mehmet Temel don’t be so quick to criticise. In Europe we have a lot of huge roundabouts, where signaling right when exiting helps the other drivers a lot.

    5. Jeremy Lopes Avatar
      Jeremy Lopes

      Perfect comment. I hate non sensitive/non clicking buttons.

  13. Rajeev Hiralal Avatar
    Rajeev Hiralal

    Was hoping for a heads-up display to be added. Other than that, nice step forward! Really interested in the renewed model Y, the ranges are improving to good usable numbers (you already know the 3 and Y will remain very similar).

    1. M C Avatar
      M C

      Do you drive a Tesla? You really dont need the heads up display.

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Seems like Kazuto Kirigaya ever tested this Model 3 recently.

    3. Václav Dvořák Avatar
      Václav Dvořák

      @M C Well you don’t really “need” a Netflix player, or sub-5 second 0-60, or any number of other features, but they’re still nice to have, aren’t they. As would a HUD, I think. (Yes I drive one.)

    4. Šimon Hříbek Avatar
      Šimon Hříbek

      @M C Did you drive any car having nav and other things right in front of you instead of the middle of the car? Having nav, range, speed and trip info right in front of your eyes is so much comfortable than having it out of sight.

      Quite love the solution in model S (and i think also X has both displays). Also Audis have it so much comfy to use 🙂

    5. Allen Baylus Avatar
      Allen Baylus

      same – HUD or center mounted speedometer is what the people want.

      I am curious how the processor us unchanged on the touchscreen and yet the screen is more responsive… The refresh rate may be different but that would not make it faster to draw…

  14. Ron Manson Avatar
    Ron Manson

    August absolutely was jam packed with cool races. Doing car reviews sure seem refreshing although races with the chemistry of the people you bring are always appreciated as well

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Always is epic.

  15. Andrew Hoey Avatar
    Andrew Hoey

    Great review, it really needs the side by side comparisons to see the difference, thanks mat

  16. Phil Walker Avatar
    Phil Walker

    Hopefully there will be a performance model when I come to upgrade next year. I just have standard range + right now. Looking forward to when you get to do a fuller review and launch test 😊

  17. strikerchooo Avatar

    Great little touches by Tesla! Actually I like a bit more the old front end styling, but the new one is sleeker. Reminds me a bit of that soap box called Lucid Air:)

  18. Turhan Ozturk Avatar
    Turhan Ozturk

    Seems to have been better streamlined. Interior details are, although not seem to be that comprehensive, much on the better side. Ambient lighting is a plus and the embedding of the signal lights onto the steering wheel are clever. So well done Tesla 👍And thanks Matthew.

  19. Antonio Diaz Avatar
    Antonio Diaz

    Decent! Getting closer to what I’d expect the car to be 😮

  20. Psycheart Avatar

    I just want to say Mat, you do sound a bit more exhausted in this episode. Remember to work for your passions, not for work. You’re teaching millions, genuinely millions, of people about cars most can only dream about. I’m from the US and am watching you just about every day during my breakfast. It’s hard to have a true grasp of your impact, as Nipsey Hussle once put it, “Perfect timing always feels like I’m too late.”

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