New Tesla Model 3 v BYD Seal: Ultimate review!

Modification your cars and truck with :

struck the headings just recently as it surpassed Tesla for the most electrical cars sold in Q4 2023. The question is, which of these manufacturers makes the – Tesla with the Model 3, or with the Seal?

Well for starters, let's check out the design. This might be the new , but it hasn't altered a whole lot considering that the previous edition. There's a new front & rear bumper, along with a couple of small style tweaks, however otherwise, the cars and truck looks quite similar at the front and the back. Along the side, the car is basically identical, apart from a set of new alloy wheel designs!

The BYD is likewise pretty neat, although we are getting a couple of Tesla vibes from the style. Creases along the side help it stand apart, and there are some pretty clever fins at the bottom of the rear doors. Otherwise, though, both cars and trucks are relatively similar when it comes to their look and style.

Take an action inside, and you'll find more of the same! Both vehicles come with a substantial 15-inch screen stayed with the middle of the dash, and these are utilized to control practically all the features in either cars and truck! Nevertheless, there are a few features that separate the BYD from the Tesla. Not just does it have a typical drive mode selector, but it also comes with traditional indicator stalks! In the Tesla, you have to select drive mode through the screen, and you need to indicate with buttons on the guiding wheel.

The BYD is likewise the only automobile out of the two to come with both a digital dial and a heads-up display. Everything in the Tesla is housed in the infotainment screen.

When it concerns the price, the 2 are as soon as again pretty uniformly matched. The single motor editions of the Tesla and BYD begin at around ₤ 40,000 and ₤ 45,000 respectively, however when you take a look at the dual motor editions, anticipate to invest around ₤ 50,000 for the Tesla, and just under ₤ 49,000 for the BYD!

So will the Tesla reign supreme? Or will Mat choose the BYD? You'll require to watch the video to learn for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:33 Cost
01:03 Style
04:37 Drag Race
06:11 Interior
10:31 Sat Nav
12:16 Tesla Autopilot
13:10 Parking
16:57 Back Seats
19:06 Boot
21:22 Charging & Batteries
21:56 Variety
23:46 Driving: Model 3
26:47 Driving:
31:59 Verdict


80 responses to “New Tesla Model 3 v BYD Seal: Ultimate review!”

  1. @Mark-jz5ye Avatar

    The seal here in Aus is considerably cheaper than the 3

    1. @gypsyemperor7535 Avatar

      Bum Ya Daddy

    2. @oliver_mendi Avatar


    3. @JJ-vy2rh Avatar

      Yes was just about to say that, but all these wouldn’t work inland

    4. @deleted.6743 Avatar

      Sort of but there isn’t a performance version to compare it to

  2. @houseoflloyd7166 Avatar

    Who at Tesla thought swiping screen to change gear was a brilliant idea

    1. @G13RS Avatar

      Looks so incredibly inconvenient

    2. @yz250ftony Avatar

      Great for a passenger to do it

    3. @rohannaik4761 Avatar

      The cost cutting department

    4. @sashkoification Avatar

      they should do like in cybertruck, because you can use left hand for shifting and right hand for steering.

    5. @flashbarry6838 Avatar

      There are buttons for it down at the wireless chargers and above at the hazard buttons but it seems that Matt didn’t know that

  3. @sander16v11 Avatar

    I understand Tesla wants simplicity. But a heads up display would be a great option to offer.

    1. @patriotbarrow Avatar

      Tesla wants cost cutting. That’s why you get physical nothing inside. A HUD is an expensive add-on.

    2. @goodmoviesrl5089 Avatar

      @@patriotbarrowokay but couldn’t it be offered as an option? I’m sure a lot of people would buy it as an add-on.

    3. @stevenajack Avatar

      @@goodmoviesrl5089Their whole manufacturing is set up to avoid lots of different SKUs and options. Adding HUD would add more cost than you might think given their processes. But they really need to bring back indicator stalks!

    4. @addickland5656 Avatar

      @@goodmoviesrl5089 Thing is Tesla is still selling the M3 in the millions, so why would they add something that costs them? If demand ever slackens (though frankly I think it’s telling that pretty much everyone has given up the ghost on that ever happening and stopped predicting it, there genuingly seems to be limitless demand for any Tesla product annoyingly enough) and Tesla’s research indicated adding one would bring a load of new customers to buy a 3, then sure I could see them do it, but we’re probably a looooooong ways off from them feeling any need to do so.

    5. @sander16v11 Avatar

      @@patriotbarrow yes. That’s why it would be an option.

  4. @dominicrusho Avatar

    It’s a tough call, but ultimately I’d choose the Fiat Multipla

    1. @m4ci3j72 Avatar

      It’s a great car actually, place for 6 adults, almost 400L boot, shorter than 4m, great visibility, large mirrors and unique Italian style 😊

    2. @basshead. Avatar

      94 celica

    3. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@basshead.1991 Celica ST205 GTR & 1995 Celica GT4 ST205.

    4. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@m4ci3j72add also FIAT COUPE TURBO PLUS.

    5. @dt8101 Avatar

      Geely’s Zeekr brand will soon revive a Multipla lookalike with 3+3 layout and it’s electric.

  5. @XFalcoN_007 Avatar

    Actually tesla also has secondary gear on top beside the double signal button

  6. @MartinBradbury Avatar

    I always wonder why Carwow never talk about charging costs. public charging is so expensive in the UK (Around 85P per KWH) – tesla superchargers cost around 45P Per KWH – this is a massive consideration for any potential EV buyer but never gets a mention

    1. @Pouimatiom Avatar

      Basically all Tesla chargers are now open for non Tesla vehicles in UK and Europe, for 10 bucks a month you also pay the cheapest price. We only charge at them with our Kia 😊

    2. @zakr1187 Avatar

      The majority of owners charge at home which is often less than 20p per kWh

    3. @simona4294 Avatar

      I don’t know if its an app bug, but just recently Tesla increased their prices and has opened most of their superchargers across Europe to everyone. It’s not exclusive anymore

    4. @DeanoEV60 Avatar

      @@Pouimatiomthat’s factually incorrect. Only several sites are open to non-Tesla vehicles in the UK. And the cost of doing so is more expensive than a Tesla driver pays.

    5. @mk3tsi Avatar

      Cuz they have to put electric woke agenda how they are green and all the positives 😂

  7. @TwoTooStupidGuys Avatar

    The problem with the rotating screen in the BYD is, when you wear polarized sunglasses, you can‘t see anything on the screen if it‘s vertical. I experienced this in an Atto 3 and it‘s also visible in the video.

    1. @Billy.Butcher Avatar

      Then don’t wear it

    2. @BoeyChar Avatar

      @@Billy.Butcheryou spend 40k on a car that restricts you on what sunglasses you can wear? Come on…

    3. @futurehofer1564 Avatar

      then just use the screen horizontally? it looks way better that way as well

    4. @crazyfroggie6546 Avatar

      @@Billy.Butcher try driving on a wet road into a low but bright winter sun, you’ll be glad you have the polarized lenses.

    5. @lukemothug Avatar

      That’s the problem with lcd displays.

  8. @eternalconflux5183 Avatar

    For the Seal, you can turn off stability control by swiping down from the top right and pressing the “ESC off” button.

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Thats quite complex to do in the BYD SEAL.

    2. @jonatkinson1971 Avatar

      In a ‘normal’ car there’s usually a dedicated ESC button. Car makers need to move away from putting everything on a touch screen before it kills someone, if it hasn’t done already🤬

    3. @jayjwin1178 Avatar

      ya, these people are too lazy to explore.

    4. @jonatkinson1971 Avatar

      Even if your phone is in a cradle its illegal to use the touchscreen whilst driving. How is taking your eyes off the road to try and turn the traction control off using the built in touchscreen any different?

    5. @davec110 Avatar

      yep with that off you can drift and do donuts with the Seal. Really fun to drive.

  9. @dnserror89 Avatar

    Can’t wait for these execs and designers to realize that actual physical buttons were great all along.

    1. @lukewdk2482 Avatar

      Hope you like waiting… the economics of it made the decision a while ago 😂

    2. @RemoteSpeed007 Avatar

      Why do you miss your old button phone? LOL
      Do you still have a record player at home?
      Then you are the small minority.

    3. @flipadavis Avatar

      You will be waiting a long time. I don’t miss having a 747 cockpit cluttering up my space. It’s all very intuitive after you drive for a day in a Tesla. All the stuff is there in the buttons on the steering wheel or voice command.

    4. @Y2Kvids Avatar

      ​@@flipadavis try flying Boeing on a android phone simulator game .

    5. @spencer7404 Avatar

      Try M-Hero 917.😂

  10. @CRatcliffe Avatar

    I find it surprising that you have to manually add charging for the byd. I figured that would have been a standard UI feature.

    1. @syproful Avatar

      You have no idea how hard it is to get all that live info. A Tesla even redirects you if a charger is full or it senses to much Tesla are en route or if it just isn’t functioning. Many brands struggle with it.

    2. @matthewwiemken7293 Avatar

      Yeah, Tesla is still the only one that does this well. Any other manufacturer will depend heavily on the limited Apple car play or Android auto or use some basic charging data with no real time update for road trips.

  11. @Iddqd_84 Avatar

    We can do at least 350km with 130km/h on the highway @ -2c here in Denmark with our Seal (82,5kW RWD version).

    It’s such a nice car to drive – The suspension is a lot better on the RWD compared to the AWD.

    1. @imwsss726 Avatar

      And I believe it has a more silence cabin even compare to the highland.

    2. @Iddqd_84 Avatar

      @@imwsss726 I couldn’t tell much difference from the Highland and the Seal when I tested them both the same day.

      Honestly they seemed pretty similar in terms of noise and handling (at least the RWD versions). However, they Seal had 19′ wheels on it and the Highland had 18′.

      The BYD Seal AWD is too soft in the suspension imo.

    3. @imwsss726 Avatar

      @@Iddqd_84 That’s very interesting. I’ve heard some opinions from Chinese Reviewers that the adaptive suspension just seems to be stiffer at the rear and a bit less stable, might be because of the extra weight from the dual motor.

    4. @Iddqd_84 Avatar

      @@imwsss726 I can’t say for sure, but I did notice the difference.

      The RWD feels a lot more “sporty” or fun to drive.

    5. @wensiangfong Avatar

      Weird the seal awd suspension should be the better adaptive suspension.

  12. @vecsy90 Avatar

    I had the exact same dilemma end of last year, but I didn’t need a long range car for a daily commute of 70km and the occasional weekend trips of 2-300km. Therefore, I’ve picked the SR Model 3 Highland as it was much cheaper than the cheapest BYD Seal and the supercharger prices are half of other charging networks’ prices (in case of longer trips in future). I test drove both as well and I liked the Tesla. To be fair, it’s pointless to say which one is the better. Different people have different needs and taste. I would have been happy with either…
    Also, I’ve used carwow in the process of buying it; though, I don’t think it made any difference 😅 but thanks 🙃

  13. @silkstar20 Avatar

    Great video, when you do that real world test, can you do it with a used EV like a 42kwh 2019 i3. I’d love to see how more efficient the newer cars are

  14. @welshtesla3319 Avatar

    Again one of my favourite features of EVs is the one pedal driving with regen. Absolutely love it and almost Zero wear on your brake pads. My model S has done 66k miles and still on original brake pads.

    1. @MrAdopado Avatar


    2. @ordinaryhuman5645 Avatar


    3. @i679n5 Avatar

      Yes but your disc will rust.

    4. @welshtesla3319 Avatar

      @@MrAdopado opps

    5. @welshtesla3319 Avatar

      @@i679n5 but it hasn’t. You do use it a little, enough for no rust to build up. As I said 66k miles done and no rust and still with original discs and pads.

  15. @aloniabasmerom8868 Avatar

    Mat’s now becoming a serious car reviewer after all 😊😊

  16. @kjblue625 Avatar

    I have the Model Y and I absolutely love the gear selector. I will not be upgrading to the new Model Y when it comes out because of the gear selector and the steering wheel. That looks very inconvenient and annoying.

    1. @gbmoney8746 Avatar

      Personally I prefer the screen swipe since it’s easy to know that you’re shifting correctly by looking right “at” the screen without having to look “over” a wheel (or to the middle console for other cars). Also predictive gear shifting can be really helpful (eliminating need to shift some times)

    2. @5kdaking334 Avatar

      @@gbmoney8746yup and if anything goes wrong with your screen and can’t drive your car 🤷🏽‍♂️

    3. @xlin5824 Avatar

      You have physical buttons on the roof panel as well.

    4. @gbmoney8746 Avatar

      @@5kdaking334 actually there are touch capacitive shift buttons right next to the hazard lights button (so you actually have three ways to shift total rather than just one with the stalk)

    5. @krane15 Avatar

      Of course you would say that. First, you’re bias. And second, “misery loves company.”

  17. @shaywhelan1 Avatar

    A most enjoyable comparison. If I was going to go electric I’d have gone for a Model Y. I hired one for a week in the South of France. Like everything about it, except the ride. The ride was just far too hard and unforgiving

    1. @gbmoney8746 Avatar

      Do you know which version of the MY you drove? If it was a performance then they have a tighter suspension. Long range or rear wheel drive models have softer suspensions

    2. @Dou6.2 Avatar

      The Model Y has terrible suspension. Unfortunately my older folks have it. Horrible ride.

    3. @gbmoney8746 Avatar

      @@Dou6.2disagree but to each their own

  18. @vseunos9261 Avatar

    I saw both at Autosport NEC and honestly the BYD looked more premium to the Tesla side by side.

  19. @pttzty Avatar

    The BYD seal costs < 30k pounds in China. The single motor version costs about 24k pounds, taxes and fees included. Ultimately I think the EVs in EU are still not that affordable.

  20. @hon3ybear538 Avatar

    LMAO that boot size test was funny, Mat forever will be the best at doing car reviews!

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