New Mercedes E-Class review: The most high-tech Mercedes EVER!

This is the brand E-Class!

Mat's flown over to Vienna to take a better look at 's rival, and he will find out just how much the E-Class has actually evolved over the previous generation.

Starting with the style, it's reasonable to state it looks pretty comparable to the previous edition. Beginning around the back, it looks quite wise with a chrome strip running along the whole of the vehicle, along with a set of smart-looking three-pointed star lights. So it looks pretty good, although it's let down by some exceptionally fake-looking exhausts! Along the side, the is offered with alloys that range from 17 to 21 inches, and it has some sleek pop-out door manages. Head round to the front and the E-Class comes with a brand new grille, nevertheless, the general design is still pretty comparable to the last gen.

Step inside and the modifications are far more obvious, starting with the big super screen that stretches across the whole dash! It features three screens, with digital dials for the motorist, a bespoke screen for the passenger, and a main infotainment screen. You can download third-party apps such as TikTok and Zoom, while the driver's display features all-new 3D results! You'll discover premium products throughout the majority of the cabin, although there are a few more affordable littles plastic to be found. The seats are likewise quite comfortable, and there's loads of headroom and space for passengers in the back.

There are several engines to choose from. The entry-level is the E200, which is offered as either gas or diesel and comes with a 2-litre turbo engine that delivers around 200hp. There's also an E450 that's geared up with a 3-litre straight-six turbo that can put down 380hp. Then there are a couple of plug-in hybrids offered, with the range-topper being the E400e which includes a 2-litre turbocharged engine paired with an electric motor that can put down 380hp. All vehicles come equipped with a 9-speed automatic gearbox, and the plug-in hybrids come with a 20kWh battery which benefits a range of approximately 70 miles.

hasn't verified the rate yet, but you can expect it to start from around ₤ 50,000. However will it deserve it? You'll need to stick to Mat and see on your own!

00:00 Introduction
00:37 Style
02:51 Interior
06:49 Rear seats
09:09 Boot
10:22 5 Annoying Things
12:47 5 Cool Things
15:37 Engines
16:53 Driving
20:13 Decision

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61 responses to “New Mercedes E-Class review: The most high-tech Mercedes EVER!”

  1. JustRazz Avatar

    Conclusion: Just get a 2016 s class

    1. Suk Avatar

      2018 facelift better

    2. Christopher M Avatar
      Christopher M

      @Suk2023 better

    3. Romania4K Avatar

      Wait for the 2028 model better

    4. Nice person Avatar
      Nice person

      @Christopher Mthe s class used to set the design theme for the rest of the merc models. The a class has done that instead this time around. Therefore you have a new s class that looks like an a class from the outside and a Tesla from the inside

    5. nate wales Avatar
      nate wales

      The best one is always the next generation one😂

  2. Kay Stylo Avatar
    Kay Stylo

    I actually like it. I’m just sick of cars getting rid of physical buttons. There was at least enough room for temperature controls

    1. Julian L Avatar
      Julian L


    2. Nick W Avatar
      Nick W

      I could not agree more. Plus “high quality” now means a big touchscreen, rather than actually high quality.

    3. Jinsi JH K Avatar
      Jinsi JH K

      It is cheaper for most companies to just get rid of the buttons actually.
      Mercedes isn’t staying on buttons because they have some principle or engineering pride. It’s pre-existing contracts and bunch of lobbying. Pure business.

      No wonder Germans are starting to smoke more meth.

    4. Nick W Avatar
      Nick W

      @Jinsi JH K agreed. Where there is money to be made. I just don’t feel like anyone wants a touchscreen only system. This is something pushed onto consumers.

    5. Neil Rafferty Avatar
      Neil Rafferty


  3. Noel 718 Avatar
    Noel 718

    all I hear is “you can get the new e class with”. Glad to see 99% of it is still optional and the poverty spec ones that ppl actually get will have none of these features 😂😂. Never change Mercedes ❤

    1. Sandi Rian Kurniawan Avatar
      Sandi Rian Kurniawan


    2. Oliver Volín Avatar
      Oliver Volín

      Yeees, sometimes less is more especially with Merc 😀

    3. Watch Geek Avatar
      Watch Geek

      The “poverty spec” will be more reliable 😂

    4. s l o w Avatar
      s l o w

      @Watch Geek facts

    5. JTM610 Avatar

      “the poverty spec ones that ppl actually get” why are you making things up? Just to get some likes…

  4. LegionPlay Avatar

    Not Mat failing to understand how to properly open the sunroof 😭

    1. Alberto Portugal Avatar
      Alberto Portugal

      It’s a slide touch screen. Just slide it back lol

    2. Martin Svensson Avatar
      Martin Svensson

      Haha yeah lets make it difficult to open.. It was too easy and foolproof before.

  5. girlsdrinkfeck Avatar

    how can a £100 android phone have 120hz smooth scrolling , yet a expensive cars touch screen is more like 10 hz

    1. 10010011 Midg Avatar
      10010011 Midg

      You wont have a 120hz screen in a 100 dollar phone. Atleast I am not aware of a single phone that has a 120 hz screen at that price. 120hz is usually in the mid to high range not in the budget range.

    2. manilove2pwn Avatar

      @10010011 Midg either way a phone with decent screen is going to be 1 or 2 percent of the car value.

    3. 10010011 Midg Avatar
      10010011 Midg

      @manilove2pwn Ok but the car has an advantage. It has an entire car added on to the screen. Car screens need to fullfill more requirements than a phone screen. Which is why the tech is behind.

    4. King Mario Avatar
      King Mario

      The system is still being optimized, you should be able to be patient.

    5. Anar Ismayilov Avatar
      Anar Ismayilov

      Because good software developers dont want to work for car companies but for tech companies

  6. Liam sels Avatar
    Liam sels

    You’re supposed to swipe over the door handles to get them to pop out. That’s why they are acting up

    1. Liam sels Avatar
      Liam sels

      The same with the sunroof, swipe it back to open…..

    2. Yoko Ritona Avatar
      Yoko Ritona

      Normal Doorhandles are just better

    3. Liam sels Avatar
      Liam sels

      @Yoko Ritona never personally had any issue with them. It’s literally the same except you have a nice party trick to show

    4. Yoko Ritona Avatar
      Yoko Ritona

      @Liam sels how long you own a car with this type of doorhandle?

    5. Jarkko Haimakainen Avatar
      Jarkko Haimakainen

      @Liam sels If the car sits at outside temperatures in Finland and an ice layer builds up on its door handles, a tiny bit of heating doesn’t do the trick but you have to (in the new E-class’ case) free the entire circumference of the handle probably by smacking it with your hand.
      Outside door handles of a car should be easy to use for everybody in case of an emergency (fast, intuitive and should work without battery power in a car)

  7. A. C. Avatar
    A. C.

    My 1st car was a golf in that same color waaay back in 1992 😊

  8. Armin Fischer Avatar
    Armin Fischer

    If you don’t know how the handles work it can be frustrating. But it’s actually quite easy if you know how. When you approach the car, the handles pop out but the car is still locked to prevent others from opening. When you put your hand behind the handle (same as normal handles) the car unlocks (takes a second) and then you can pull. If you pull directly while it’s opening it won’t work. Also the small rectangle on the outside is for locking and not locking / opening. If you want the handle to pop out you have to swipe with your hands over them or double tap without touching the rectangle (as it will always try to close it, same as other keyless systems with normal handles)

    1. Bartosz Miki Avatar
      Bartosz Miki

      Still it’s incredibly stupid. I wonder how are you supposed to get into when the handles get frozen in winter

    2. Liam sels Avatar
      Liam sels

      @Bartosz Miki i would hope you gat a garage before you get an e class

    3. King Mario Avatar
      King Mario

      ​@Bartosz MikiYou should read up before you write anything. The door handles are heated.

    4. Irgendeine Random person Avatar
      Irgendeine Random person

      @King Mariowhich is another possible point of failure…

    5. Jake Feinerman Avatar
      Jake Feinerman

      “It’s actually quite easy!”
      *proceeds to take a full paragraph to explain how a door handle works*

  9. doc Avatar

    Not passing the dried grass test is a deal breaker 👌

  10. AutoLords_Gh Avatar

    Matt is always gonna “Take it for a drive” because HE IS MATT WATSON!!!🔥🔥🔥😂

    1. Muhammad Salman Umer Avatar
      Muhammad Salman Umer

      And you’re watching carwow

    2. mark pearce Avatar
      mark pearce


  11. Vincent T. Avatar
    Vincent T.

    I absolutely agree with your verdict. This car is the sweet spot for Mercedes.

  12. gangalo68 Avatar

    Got a new Audi a couple of months ago, it has real buttons and real door handles. That wins me over every time.

    1. My Cancer Vlog Avatar
      My Cancer Vlog

      Thank you so much for your videos! I had a misfortune, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I also created a channel and am trying to move in that direction, but so far not very successful(bv

  13. AJ Avatar

    When I see “high tech” I think of all the electrical problems as they age 😂😂

    1. ObimitT Avatar

      well to be fair it’s been this same argument for decades and yet still history shows modern cars were less prone to failure.

  14. berliner philharmoniker Avatar
    berliner philharmoniker

    11:56 that nasty shock had me 😂😂😂

  15. Blaise Kayumbu Avatar
    Blaise Kayumbu

    The only E class review i was waiting for 🔥

  16. That One Guy Avatar
    That One Guy

    I can’t explain how much I’m in LOVE with how this new E class looks on the outside. It makes me want to scream!!

    But the inside is cool, yet lacking. My 2019 has long slabs of polished wood, with a nice aluminum speaker on it, lights, and just feels 100% solid. 2024 definitely has more plastic inside 🙁

    1. Martin Svensson Avatar
      Martin Svensson

      It looks ridicuous with the Zorro mask around the headlights and grille…

    2. ash2730 Avatar

      Are you a child?

    3. That One Guy Avatar
      That One Guy

      @ash2730 A 20 year old child in a W213 E class, correct.

    4. That One Guy Avatar
      That One Guy

      @Martin Svensson Pig snot looked terrible on Beamers till they started driving around too.

  17. sparko58 Avatar

    As soon as I saw these door handles I knew what the issues would be. That’s a straight up deal breaker for me, making the simplest thing difficult.

    1. HEMI-pwer Avatar

      They are not that difficult to open I feel the complaint is over exaggerated. I work on these cars and those handles don’t act up that often unless you fumble the handle open and close multiple times to play with it

  18. Tomáš Kepič Avatar
    Tomáš Kepič

    Cars should be about driving and enjoying the ride not tablet and that’s why I’m glad Alfa Romeo exists . It’s the only brand who takes cars differently . 😊👍 I have 3rd Alfa and never had an issue with them . Just pure emotion , great driving experience and beauty ..

  19. Bongani David Baloyi Avatar
    Bongani David Baloyi

    👌🏽 Great review Matt, you did just to this car compared other reviews I have watched, it’s a shame that Mercedes would go for cheap plastic in the interior of such an expensive car.

    Design is beautiful and I agree with your verdict as for the door 🚪 handles BMW got it right.

  20. superolo Avatar

    8:02 I love how the whole panel moves when you use the buttons. Quality car

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