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It's time for the all-new to go head-to-head versus the 40i!

Now before entering the statistics you 'd be forgiven for presuming the M2 would stroll this. After all, the is effectively a M2 'lite', right? Well, this one might be closer than you believe …

So let's see how they compare. To begin with we have the M240i. It's powered by a 3-litre turbocharged six-cylinder engine that can produce 374hp and 500Nm of torque. This power is delivered to all 4 wheels, and it weighs in at 1,690 kg. If you're seeking to select one up, it'll cost around ₤ 49,000.

Then we have the BMW M2. It comes with the same 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six as discovered in the current M3, however the output has actually been called down somewhat, so it'll produce 460hp and 550Nm of torque. This power is delivered to the rear wheels just, and it ideas the scales at 1,725 kg. If you're looking to purchase one brand-new, it'll set you back around ₤ 65,000.

So the brand-new M2 may have more power, but not only is it more costly, it's much heavier and doesn't come equipped with four wheel drive! Could that prove to be its failure? There's only one method to find out … LET'S RACE!

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85 responses to “New BMW M2 v BMW M240i: DRAG RACE”

  1. Joshua Mcbride Avatar
    Joshua Mcbride

    2 drag races this week already. CARWOW IS ON A ROLL!!!🎉🎉

    1. Daniel Grozdanov Avatar
      Daniel Grozdanov

      3 btw, that one, the vipera and the 911 vs huracan.

    2. Ricardo Ferreira Avatar
      Ricardo Ferreira

      Money money moneyyyyy 💰 💰 💰

    3. Mxolisi Mkhwanazi Avatar
      Mxolisi Mkhwanazi

      3 drag races 👌

  2. R2 Debo Avatar
    R2 Debo

    putting both of them side by side I realized how much prettier the previous 2-series was ;(

    1. Inline Six Avatar
      Inline Six

      It really makes me mad that they made the 2-Series that ugly!
      It seems to be a very good handling car with an awesome engine. But I wouldn’t buy one just because of the looks.

    2. Brody Bros ® Avatar
      Brody Bros ®


    3. Josh Avatar


    4. chi ngwe Avatar
      chi ngwe

      it looks glorious

  3. EnzoNotFerrari Avatar

    Is it just me or does the M240i actually look way better than the M2?

    1. V. S. Avatar
      V. S.

      This one is slightly modified. But normally I prefere the M2 by a lot.

    2. Kiwi EvilBirb Avatar
      Kiwi EvilBirb

      I like the rear so much more

    3. manos zervas Avatar
      manos zervas

      Definitely agree

    4. Ray Munashe Avatar
      Ray Munashe

      Way better

    5. Tom Avatar

      @V. S. Lol the front of the M2 looks shite

  4. MarShorts Avatar

    Carwow should try totally similar cars to actually see how other drivers at carwow compete with Mat Watson

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yep. Like FIA WTCR spec cars?

    2. Bryan Powell Avatar
      Bryan Powell

      Or just swap cars for the same number of runs.

  5. cris Avatar

    Moral of the story, get a m240i tune and downpipe and save 20k

    1. Beastnappy Avatar

      It’s not all about straight line speed……… little man.

    2. Mathew M Avatar
      Mathew M

      @Beastnappyu can spend 10k making it go around corners better the m2. After all it’s already lighter.

    3. Jack Ward Avatar
      Jack Ward

      Stick a tune and a down pipe on the M2 and you be handing out train lengths

    4. Mynus Avatar

      ​@Mathew Mso agree with this

    5. Ray Charles Avatar
      Ray Charles

      ⁠@Beastnappy by that logic, do you think people is gonna treat a public road like a circuit “little man”?

      Most people on the road do roll races. Your comment is useless, unless people have the time and money to constantly compete on a track.

  6. Razvix Avatar

    Not sure what to think, but the M240i looks a bit better than the M2

    1. MrMegacurie Avatar

      “a bit” 😂

    2. Paul davies Avatar
      Paul davies

      It’s a no brainer ,
      For the UK the 240i is way more useable & 20k cheaper😮

    3. Ravenheart Avatar

      You’re right

    4. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      @Paul davies 240i will have the wobbly soft suspension for daily

    5. Kronos Avatar

      Quickest is the person unfortunate enough to see BMW’s design running to the bathroom to throw up

  7. Affy Avatar

    That m240i with the JB4 box is an insane combo. The way it launched at the end with the tuning box on is crazy

    1. Batu Han Avatar
      Batu Han

      Eventuri air filter,aftermarket exhaust…

    2. Turbo S Avatar
      Turbo S

      @Batu Hanlol those do barely any difference chill

    3. Kobe Avatar

      @Batu Hanthey do nothing with stock tune, and jb4 is the worst piggy back you can have for the m240 lol

    4. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Batu Hanwhat about modded Racing Tyre on it?

    5. Mr_Wht Avatar

      Awd vs Rwd no brainer

  8. InternetEntity Avatar

    Not much of a BMW fan, but I must thank them for proving straight-six engines are perfectly reasonable for modern cars.

    1. Duffy Don Avatar
      Duffy Don

      What are you even saying?

    2. Trlalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala Avatar

      I’d rather be driving Yugo, then BMW.

    3. Muhammad Abdullah Avatar
      Muhammad Abdullah

      @Duffy Don i6 is gud

    4. Muhammad Abdullah Avatar
      Muhammad Abdullah

      @Trlalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala yugo?

    5. Duffy Don Avatar
      Duffy Don

      @Trlalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala no worries, you’re not a top G!

  9. One of a Kind Avatar
    One of a Kind

    Tuned M240i with aftermarket exhaust is dope.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yep. Same goes with BMW 1 Concept Series Tii.

    2. Quattro_Joe Avatar

      Warranty out the window. Your correct that it would sound great but your gonna need that warranty

    3. I S Avatar
      I S

      @Quattro_Joe JB4 is removable and service center will never know

    4. ScottK329 Avatar

      Tuned M2 would be awesome as well. So much potential for the b58 ans s58 engines

  10. Maik L Avatar
    Maik L

    I once thought Mat would not take the faster car💀

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Agree. I also thought Matt drove a Mini Cooper S.

    2. ssn jr Avatar
      ssn jr

      he takes the coolest one

  11. Radostin Angelov Avatar
    Radostin Angelov

    The 240i with a inexpensive minor tune is a banger and the interior looks better, also you can save so much money by not going for the M2, great value for money.

    1. Chris Avatar

      bye bye warranty

    2. Burak Sarikaya Avatar
      Burak Sarikaya

      @Rubber Duckin the Netherlands any software modification is instant denial of warranty and bmw told me that they can see the logs and the values are off. You could argue a not working window but any engine warranty is gone.

    3. PrinceBarin Avatar

      @Chrisright. And nightmare to insure too. M will also hold its value better. Not knocking the M lite but if you want the performance, there’s no substitute for the real deal.

    4. Mostbeautifulroads Avatar

      A car is more than straight line performance though.

  12. Rob Snow Avatar
    Rob Snow

    The M240/340 and even 550 are sooooo good. You could just get a CPO with low miles, and really be very content without a full M. Considering how much better it is to daily, which is what most people do.

    1. Alex V Avatar
      Alex V

      I got a f22 240i in 2018 with 3k miles for £26k. Absolute steal, however I would still take an f87 M2comp over it 😂

    2. Michael Daniël Schutte Avatar
      Michael Daniël Schutte

      I got an F32 440i. Did a decat downpipe, has the MPPSK exhaust, did intake, got a stage 2 tune. Now it will walk away from stock M4s. And for 2/3 of the price of an F82.

      Allows me to save up for an R8 or M5 for my next car while not really giving up much in terms of performance. And sounds nice.

      Handling wise and interior wise it’s no M4 though unfortunately.

    3. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Alex Vthe F32 440i has more software warranties.

    4. Charles M Avatar
      Charles M

      those Dutch lads did the M3 vs RaceChip M430i and came to a similar conclusion.

      Personally though I’ve got a G21 M340i and that too fast in standard trim as it is. Give more power and you’d just have to use it (and likely lose the driving licence).

    5. th.b. gruen Avatar
      th.b. gruen

      Yes. Last 30 years always the biggest 1/2, 3/4 and 5 series under the M with M package….. ❤

  13. Ahmed HishamDr Avatar
    Ahmed HishamDr

    The cost difference between the two could not be explained with the performance results!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan


    2. Engage RC Avatar
      Engage RC

      Performance is more than these little straight line races.

    3. MegaEssin Avatar

      ​@Engage RCTrue, time attack on a short track makes more sense. But just perfomance wise, it does prove a point.

    4. MKM Avatar

      Yeah you can compare the depreciation in a couple of years and think about that comment again;)
      Especially, if you get a manual gear box for the M2, they will hold their value very well for sure.

    5. Miles G Avatar
      Miles G

      @MKMSo you buy a car planning to sell it?

  14. S Avatar

    Damn the B58 with that exhaust sounds absolutely sweet.

  15. Stefan Pitcher Avatar
    Stefan Pitcher

    Yanni and Sam are definitely my two favourite guests who join in on these videos

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan


    2. Ashraf Dikko Avatar
      Ashraf Dikko

      Nick is pretty entertaining too

  16. Michael Mazani Avatar
    Michael Mazani

    Even if I had an unlimited budget, I’d still go for the m240i

    1. SpookyReaper Avatar

      The b58 sounds so much better. S58 sounds better after very expensive upgrades

  17. HalbBlutsTante Avatar

    I think it would be very interesting how M3 v M340i and M4 v M440i would perform. Maybe in future videos.

    1. Mumei  Avatar

      i just wanna see a drag race between 23 m340i vs 23 supra lol

    2. Эрхан Рахманалиев Avatar
      Эрхан Рахманалиев

      ​@Mumei too much cars + there’s no that much huge wide space

    3. Moeketsi Seseng Avatar
      Moeketsi Seseng

      The airstrip would take all 4 cars..

    4. Moeketsi Seseng Avatar
      Moeketsi Seseng

      I totally vote for this idea…

    5. Solly Kramer Avatar
      Solly Kramer

      Stock m3 runs low 11s even a high 10. M340i even with a tune will struggle against an xdrive m3

  18. RetroJB Avatar

    A glimpse of what a 4wd m2 could be (if it lost a little bit of weight too). That 240i is great value

    1. jkliao648 Avatar

      Very unlikely, don’t think BMW is gonna make an M2 that is faster than their own M3, would rob sale.

    2. Chris G Avatar
      Chris G

      Take in mind this one is also modded by Autoid. Its not normal at all

  19. Gregor Mendaš Avatar
    Gregor Mendaš

    I’m watching these drag races for a few years now, and it struck me only today how much can happen in proximity of 11 seconds. 30 seconds worth of happening! Through the power of editing of course…

  20. Victoria Penelope: Your new girlfriend 💝 Avatar
    Victoria Penelope: Your new girlfriend 💝

    I’m constantly amazed by your creativity and originality. Your videos are a true delight. Keep up the fantastic work and keep us coming back for more

    1. Solly Kramer Avatar
      Solly Kramer

      Enter the bots 😂

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